17+ Best Open World Multiplayer Games 2022 To Play

In Genshin Impact, is it not fun to explore the expansive plains of Tevyat? Or to ride around GTA V’s roads? These open world games provide a map that does not need to load as we go from one area to the next. Nor does it force you to make a particular path to finish the story. The concept of exploration and freedom is fundamental to open world games. However, the multiplayer component of open world games transcends their exhilarating gameplay. You may experience the large, (nearly) borderless map to its fullest with your friends, whether competing with you or riding beside you. Ultimately, “two is better than one,” correct? These games will undoubtedly give you an engaging gameplay experience with incredible stories and sidequests. You may always bring along a friend or friends.

17+ Best Open World Multiplayer Games 2022 To Play

Open World Multiplayer Games 2022 to play.

1. Terraria

Open World Multiplayer Games

Terraria is remarkably similar to Minecraft, except that it is not Minecraft. The game mechanics are identical, such as mining, crafting, constructing, and fighting creatures. However, that’s about all. Terraria is a 2D sandbox game with graphics comprised of tiles. The ability to craft an unfathomably vast assortment of items makes this game exciting. You can craft physics-defying grappling hooks and armor sets; the possibilities are boundless. With the randomly produced procedurally generated map, “endless possibilities” feels like an understatement. You may easily host the game and invite others to join. Whether it is an invite-only game for a restricted group of friends or an open-to-all map, your friends will always be able to join you in slaying these enormous animals.

2. Minecraft

Open World Multiplayer Games

The game Minecraft requires no introduction. With exploration and crafting as its primary gameplay elements, the game’s dynamically generated map allows you to travel as far as you choose. Although the game’s 3D graphics feature low-resolution pixel art, it will compel you to make it. You may establish servers and invite friends to participate in building mining, crafting, and monster combat. Minecraft features an in-game chat feature so that you may quickly communicate with your friends. Therefore, obtain a pickaxe and start mining. Diamonds are in the wings!

3. Raft

Open World Multiplayer Games

Raft is another survival game to make a list. You may explore the ocean with your friends while playing this game. Correct, most of the game is set on the water. You must collect resources while floating and upgrade your raft, occasionally landing on little islands. It is a fun game to play with friends. As the game advances, you will also play through its narrative. However, there is no urgency to finish the game. You may upgrade your raft as much as possible, anytime you want (as long as you have resources). If you are a survival player, you and your friends should try this game. You will surely enjoy it to the fullest.

4. Rust

Open World Multiplayer Games

Rust contains everything in survival games, from rudimentary stone tools to hefty machine guns. The game begins with the player sleeping on a beach with nothing but a light and a rock. To become stronger, you must acquire resources and craft items. Why grows stronger? Well, the game is also a multiplayer online game. There will be a large number of other players competing with you. And some may be unfriendly as well. The game places the player in an open world survival situation where anything can occur. Therefore, hold on and survive. Oh… certain areas of the island also contain radioactivity. Good luck

5. 7 Days to Die

Open World Multiplayer Games

7 Days to Die is an open world survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies. The only thing to say about this game is that it is incredible. During the day, you must explore, craft goods, and fight staggered zombies. But the night is when the real fun begins. You and your companions (who join the game with you). You will need to construct zombies and protect yourselves against zombie hordes. The number of zombies increases as time passes, and their strength only grows. During the period of the blood moons, the situation is drastically altered. Craft and explore, but more all, avoid death!

6. No Man’s Sky

Open World Multiplayer Games

Never will No Man’s Sky fail to make the list of open world multiplayer games. No Man’s Sky allows players to explore the universe and galaxies, craft, and fight. Like Rust, you may play the game online with many other people. When your friends are close to you in their exocraft, you may trade, fight, or team a coalition, among other activities. Well, this game features over 30 hours of gameplay, which can be completed solo or with friends. Furthermore, this immersive game is entirely VR-compatible, giving it an immersive experience. Therefore, board your spacecraft, go as far as the eye can view, and uncover the mysteries of the universe.

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7. Genshin Impact

Open World Multiplayer Games

If you have played Genshin Impact, you may be curious as to why this game is included in the list of multiplayer games. You may choose to withhold judgment on this matter. The game begins in single-player mode, advancing the main story and side objectives. There is no multiplayer option displayed. However, this changes after the character reach level 16. You can join other people on the same server when you acquire the rating mentioned above. Then, you can complete all tasks and missions or enjoy the dungeons. You cannot progress your story in multiplayer mode if you have joined another player’s game. However, you will still have great fun exploring the world of Tevyat and defeating various monsters.

8. The Forest

Open World Multiplayer Games

The Forest is another open world game you and your friends can enjoy together. Well, it is a first-person survival game set in an island environment. You are the sole survivor of the plane disaster, and your objective is to locate your lost son. As indicated previously, you may also play the game in multiplayer mode. You may progress through the story with the people who join you, craft defenses and shelters, and fight the island’s cannibals. As a player in this game, you have remarkable freedom. In a nearly accurate physics simulation, you may cut down trees, hunt animals, and more. Those who desire a fascinating open world game to enjoy with their friends will be satisfied with The Forest.

9. Red Dead Online

Open World Multiplayer Games

Another gem from Rockstar Games, Red Dead Redemption 2, now includes the Red Dead Online multiplayer feature. You may join millions of other players in RDR2’s open world Wild West, where you can make gangs, hunt, and discover bounties, among other activities. It is not necessary to possess Red Dead Redemption 2 to play Red Dead Online, which is a terrific game. You may purchase a standalone version of Red Dead Online to experience the multiplayer game’s splendor.

10. GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto has provided open world gameplay for quite a few years (thank you, Rockstar Games). And GTA Online, which is a portion of the single-player game GTA V, features everything GTA stands for. From robberies to defeating the police, GTA Online allows you to do everything you want, even with your friends! There are also numerous other players in the game. Each has its vehicle and arsenal. You may establish a party and participate in bank robberies and other missions the game provides. There is a great lot to do with your friends in GTA Online. So make sure you don’t miss out.

11. Valheim

As a selected warrior of the Valkyries assigned to preserve the world tree, Valheim allows you to explore the world. Well, the survival game is set in an open world, requiring players to continuously explore new territories, build bases, and craft weaponry. In addition to being a terrific game with an intriguing plot, the multiplayer option is the game’s other highlight. You may invite friends to join you and continue exploring and surviving on this Nordic road together.

12. Forza Horizon 4

Put on your brakes, racers! Because if you are unaware of Forza Horizon 4, you are losing out on a fantastic game. Although this is a racing game, it provides an open world experience in the arcade racing genre. You can travel to any place and still have a great time. Along the road, the game provides various vehicles that may be customized according to the plates. Forza Horizon 4 offers much more features that make it an extremely immersive and entertaining game. This game features an online mode as well. You may play in events with many other players or cruise with them. Except for a tiny number of NPC roads, the vast majority of automobiles on the road belong to other real-time players. In addition, the game has a feature that allows you to explore historic Britain without interference from other players.

13. Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is a game about zombie survival. It indicates great action, excitement, and things to do. Due to the game’s open world design, you have the option to explore anywhere you like. Dying Light supports co-op for 2-4 players, allowing your friends to join in and start murdering immediately. As you play this game, you will uncover a multitude of secrets. The game frequently issues community challenges; there is always more to accomplish in the game. However, you must first be able to accomplish one thing: remain human.

14. Satisfactory

The game Satisfactory is about establishing factories. It is an open world first-person game set in an extraterrestrial world. Exploration is what improves this game. You must explore the entire world to get resources and build your factory. You may craft a wide variety of items and vehicles. Yes, including crafting vehicles. You may play with your friends in cooperative mode. You and your friends may impose authority over the world and its species by demonstrating your battle prowess. Therefore, make that your factory operates efficiently.

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15. Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 offers one of the best gameplays of all time. This game’s story, graphics, and features are very captivating. Far Cry 5’s open world multiplayer mode is the best feature overall. You can team up a coalition with other players to combat the cult that has been terrorizing Hope County. Explore and attack the opponents with all your strength. The game’s dynamic AI is another feature that sets it apart from others. The AI monitors how you play the game, and then the NPCs mimic your actions. This will certainly give you a task, even if your friends assist you.

16. Watch Dogs 2

In this 2016 game, rebel as a phenomenal hacker. The entirety of the game hinges on your parkour and hacking skills. The gameplay in Watch Dogs 2 is immersive and set in an open world. You can instantly steal automobiles and hack cameras. And it is even more enjoyable with friends. Watch Dogs 2 contains both co-op and feature-versus-player modes for your entertainment. You can engage in epic combat with a friend or work together to complete missions. In addition, you can do parkour in all areas.

17. Riders Republic

Riders Republic, one of the newest entries to the gaming world in 2021, is a game for individuals who love (virtual) excitement. It features a breathtakingly gorgeous open world and a big multiplayer platform. Each individual doing a stunt is a player. You have the choice to race against them, compete in various events, or accomplish incredible exploits. In addition, Riders Republic has ensured that players may experience the game in 4K while participating in various outdoor activities.

18. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 features an open world that may be explored from a first-person perspective. The game features a spectacular plot and stunning visuals. There is truly no need to elaborate on how great the game is. The game’s co-op AND competitive modes make it even more enjoyable. You may collaborate with your friends to delve into Destiny 2’s plot, or you can engage in competitive clashes against other players in team arenas. The choice is yours to make.

19. Borderlands 3

On the list is another story-driven first-person game. Borderlands 3 features an incredible arsenal of weapons and stunning graphics. The many game types make to the game’s excitement. There is even a multiplayer feature for vault seekers that enjoy interacting with other online players. The game has everything, from an online multiplayer platform to a vast open world gameplay experience. It is a must-play if you love FPS games in an open world.

20. Scum

Scum has grasped the core of open world gameplay. This is immediately apparent when starting the game. Scum offers players so much freedom from the outset. It offers significant character customization (music to our ears) and skills management. Scum is centered on multiplayer survival, implying that other players will participate. Will you fight them in combat? Or befriend them? Those who love multiplayer games massively will not want to miss out on this game.


What Are Open World Games?

The simplest way to comprehend open world games is to imagine an unlimited map. In contrast to linear story-driven games, in which only a part of the map is accessible, and the rest is inaccessible, open world games provide you the freedom to explore and interact with your surroundings.

Why Are Open World Games So Popular?

Instead of linear exploration, open world games provide the freedom to explore. As a result, no player’s overall experience with the game is identical. Since everyone has their playing style, every game will be unique. This concept captivates players since it closely resembles the real-world experiences that we all have.

Are Open World Games Multiplayer?

Not all games with an open world feature multiplayer modes. However, this feature is present in several open world games. Since open world games are so popular nowadays, most contemporary open world games incorporate a multiplayer component.

Are All Open World Games RPGs?

All open world games can be role-playing, but this is not the case. The large games that dominate the market are of the genre. But the reality is that open world games come in various genres, including survival, arcade racing, first-person shooters, and RPGs.

What Is The Difference Between Open World And RPGs?

While experience-playing games are mostly story-driven, open world games emphasize exploration and allow players to do what they want and return to the story anytime they like.

Conclusion: Open World Multiplayer Games

This is the list of the best open world multiplayer games you can play in 2022. Also, if you know of open world multiplayer games, please let us know. And have an excellent day.

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