18 Best Nintendo Switch Racing Games To Play

Are you a racing fan who enjoys playing games on the Nintendo Switch? Then, why not blend them both? If you have not looked for Nintendo Switch racing games, you could miss out on some addictive races. From the fun kart racing with Mario to the tough racetracks of Need for Speed, you can discover a few of the best racing games on the good ol’ Switch. So, what are we awaiting? Let’s skip right to the best Nintendo Switch racing games.

18 Best Nintendo Switch Racing Games To Play

Nintendo Switch Racing Games to play. Despite your inclination, Nintendo offers a flexible gaming experience, whether you like to race with your friends for pleasure or destroy your opponent in an action racing game.

1. Burnout Paradise (Remastered)

Nintendo Switch Racing Games

Burnout Paradise offers urban street racing to your portable console. This game brings chaos to your fingertips, whether you enjoy racing on a motorcycle or burning out the tires on your car. The remastered version is properly optimized for Nintendo Switch and delivers a smooth 60 frames per second. You may experience mind-blowing images as you ruin your friends online or create anarchy across the streets, wrecking everything in your way. The remastered version features cross-play between PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

2. Hot Wheels Unleashed

Nintendo Switch Racing Games

One of the best Nintendo Switch racing games ever created is Hot Wheels. The legendary game includes great challenges and racetracks that wait for you. The loops, twists, and turns give you some exhilarating moments that give Hot Wheels its hallmark. Master all of the racetracks and then create more of your own. The game allows you to create and share obstacles online for other players to experience. You may also play the game in split-screen mode or duel mode online. Unfortunately, although you can play with friends on the same platforms, this game does not support cross-platform play. So what’s preventing you from going bonkers and running amok?

3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Nintendo Switch Racing Games

If you’re a Nintendo Switch gamer, you must be familiar with Mario Kart and require no further explanation. The game has been around for a long, and this latest version makes racing with Mario and friends even more exciting. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe offers cartoony, humorous, and challenging races, whether alone or with friends. So get your karts set, hit the throttle, toss banana peels or turtle shells at the enemies, and come out triumphant.

4. WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship

Nintendo Switch Racing Games

The FIA World Rally Championship is a rally race that may quickly become addicting. With realistic weather effects, it offers a stunning dynamic weather system. But the weather also has an impact on your race. As a result, the game requires you to manage all the parameters, including traction and tires. The game also includes a car mode with many management parts. Also, the game provides a fresh weekly challenge that allows you to compete against players worldwide. The game features seamless multiplayer and over 100 distinct levels.

5. RiMS Racing

Nintendo Switch Racing Games

With its incredible attention to detail and realistic riding experience, RiMS Racing brings you a one-of-a-kind motorbike racing experience. Unlike traditional motorcycle races, RiMS brings you some of the most potent superbikes seen on actual city streets. You may also customize your bike, check your bike while riding, and add real-life stock components. In the game, you may find top-tier bikes like the Ducati Panigale V4, Honda CBR 1000RR, and Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR. You may also race at some of the best car tracks in the world, like Silverstone, Paul Ricard, etc. You may fully customize your rider and your motorbike to get the most out of the game. As if that weren’t enough, the game also features a career mode and management gameplay, giving you a complete racing experience.

6. TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2

Nintendo Switch Racing Games

TT Isle of Man is one of the best motorcycle racing games for the Nintendo Switch. It features stunning graphics and an open-world experience. The game delivers cutting-edge riding simulation on the most powerful bikes available. In addition, the game has gyroscopic control to give you even more precise cornering. Similarly, the ability to maintain and repair your bike gives the game an even more realistic experience than it currently has. So put on your helmet, then hit the gas! The Snaefell Mountain Course is awaiting your ascent.

7. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (Remastered)

Nintendo Switch Racing Games

The Need for Speed franchise needs no introduction. The racing game has made its impact since its debut release in the 90s. And now, one of the series’ most popular games, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has made it to Nintendo Switch consoles. While the game is over a few years old, the remastered version boasts smooth controls and good graphics. One of the key features of this game, the ability to play as a cop and a racer, provides Hot Pursuit with a genuine mark in the racing game market. Regardless of your platform, you may also play the game with your friends online. If you wonder where the game is accessible, you can find it on Android, PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360, Wii, and iOS. Now put on the seatbelts and get hold of the steering wheel. It’s time to race!

8. Road Redemption

Nintendo Switch Racing Games

Do you miss Road Rash, a legendary, brutal motorcycle racing game from the early days of PC gaming? You can now experience an enhanced game version called Road Redemption on your Nintendo Switch. The spiritual leader of the iconic video game Road Rash features a plot and good graphics. If you don’t like these games, they can be bloody and violent. In the game, you can use various weapons, from a crowbar to a shotgun, to bring down your enemies. You may race against your friends in split-screen mode or ride down the road with four of your friends in cooperative mode. If you enjoy destroying your opponents and riding motorcycles, Road Redemption may be the game for you.

9. Moto GP 21

Nintendo Switch Racing Games

The Moto GP racing game has existed for some time. And the Moto GP 21 is one of the best two-wheeler races. It brings you the best motorcycles in the world and more than 120 official riders from the Moto GP. The game also offers features for controlling your tire wear, gasoline, temps, and so on, giving you a more realistic experience. Several gamers have complained that the racing mechanics in Moto GP games are not as realistic as they may be. But Moto GP 21 undoubtedly provides you the sensation of realism that you may not get from other motorcycle racing games in the market, particularly those developed for Nintendo Switch.

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10. GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport is one of Nintendo’s AAA racing games. It combines great graphics and fantastic gameplay and will hook you to your Nintendo Switch like no other racing game. The game provides a wide range of features that make your gameplay as engaging as possible. It includes a lot of game modes you may try your hands on, whether standard time trials or demolition mode. You may play with a broad range of cars in the game. Whether you enjoy track racing with hypercars or street racing with streetcars, the game delivers. Similarly, the five game difficulty modes and the custom difficulty, where you may make up the game to your liking, give you a wide range to test your tires. Did I mention that GRID Autosports features online and local multiplayer options? There is yet another motivation to play the game. However, it is best to remember that you cannot cross-play between PC and Nintendo Switch or other platforms.

11. Super Street: Racer

Super Street: Racer may be worth checking out if you enjoy constructing cars to your specifications. You get everything you want from a racing game in this game. With spectacular graphics and complete control over car modification, you may play the game with your friends on split-screen or complete over sixty missions in career mode. However, if you are concerned about realism in the game, you can take a big breath. Some large car tuning groups promote the game, such as Hot Import Nights and Super Street. You may thus feel confident that the game will give you a genuine car experience with actual cars and their components.

12. Horizon Chase Turbo

Are racing games from the 1980s and 1990s your favorite genre? If so, Horizon Chase Turbo can give you a satisfying smell of nostalgia. The game brings you an arcade-like playstyle with improved graphics and is influenced by early racing games such as Rush, Top Gear, etc. Horizon Chase Turbo will undoubtedly transport you back to when you visited the arcade to demonstrate your domination on the (virtual) racetrack. In addition, the game features split-screen and multiplayer gameplay options, so you can invite your friends to experience the same nostalgic feeling.

13. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Have you ever felt Mario Karts could use extra flair on the racetracks? Look no further, as Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit allows you to create your racetracks. No, you do not require any programming skills. Instead, you can use the game to create a Mario Kart circuit at home. The game brings Mario and his kart mates to your home via augmented reality. You may create obstacles, operate the toy kart with your Nintendo Switch, and observe how it reacts to everything, from being hit by a shell to gaining speed. The best feature, though, is that you can view everything on your screen, including the animated version of your car. In addition, you may purchase the game with the karts to create the best circuit for burning rubber.

14. RISE: Race The Future

Do you wonder what the future of racing may look like? RISE: Race The Future will provide some of your desired answers. The game features many futuristic gears for the cars that allow you to fly over all terrain, including water. There are a lot of races in the game, so you will stay energized. Similarly, the game features 60 FPS and ambiance-rich environments. You may also play with a friend since the game features a split-screen mode for two players. So get the game and start drifting the way people will in the future!

15. Speed 3: Grand Prix

Well, the formula racing game racing for the Nintendo Switch ranks among the best racers, packed with adrenaline-filled races and violent takedowns. Nonetheless, if you are not a lover of formula one car, worry not. The game also includes many car types, like supersport and muscle cars. Speed 3 lets you race internationally and triumph, taking down your enemies. The game features multiple seasons to compete against other players to reach the top rank. Like the Nintendo Switch Racing games above, you may play in split-screen mode with your friend.

16. V-Rally 4

There are fantastic Nintendo Switch games for folks who enjoy rally racing. And one of them is the V-Rally 4. To bring you the best rally experience possible, the game sends you through treacherous off-road and demanding situations. In addition, the game flaunts various real-life rallies and racing cars you may gather and enhance. V-Rally 4 also provides extremely realistic control over treacherous roads and sharp curves. You may also play in split-screen mode with your pals or challenge other players online.

17. Fast RMX

Another racing game with a futuristic and sci-fi setting. To race throughout the planet, you receive highly aggressive-looking anti-gravity cars. But cars are not the only sci-fi elements in the game. You may even race across future cities with very insane nitro boosts. But the best part about Fast RMX is that you can play multiplayer locally and online with up to seven players in 60 FPS in HD. Additionally, you may play split-screen with up to four players.

18. Gear.Club Unlimited 2

Club Unlimited 2 is a game that supercar enthusiasts will enjoy. It features over 50 licensed cars, including the Dodge Viper, McLaren 720s, 918 Sypder, and more. To enjoy a wide variety of places and race to your heart’s content, the game also features the ability to customize these cars to your desire. Similarly, you may also create clubs where your friends can join and race against other drivers all across the globe. The multiplayer mode is another feature that racers adore. You can also play up to four players on split-screen and online.

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This is the list of the best Nintendo Switch Racing Games you can play. Please let us know if you know of Nintendo Switch Racing Games.

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