16 Best MyP2P Alternatives For Live Sports Streaming Online

MyP2P is a sports streaming website that provides free access to live sporting events. Using, you can browse this site and view games from all over the world. Unfortunately, Myp2p EU and other variants are illegal and potentially dangerous to stream. If the website is not working, you can use Bosscast, MamaHD, or Sportlemon as alternatives.

Wouldn’t you like to gain access to a website that allows you to view a plethora of sports-related content without fail? Wouldn’t you like a platform that provides you with live score updates and free sports streams without charging you a dime?

If you want all of these things to happen, it’s time to visit this website. The application is one of the most stable streaming collaborations out there, connecting sports fans with free sports-related content.

What Is MyP2P?

MyP2P is a streaming platform that allows you to keep up with the erudition associated with sports. Whether it’s the ability to provide you with live streaming events or never-before-seen footage;

Be it any newsworthy of informing viewers or providing them with a space where a plethora of tournaments of various sports can be detected. Further, Here are some of the distinguishing characteristics that make it worthwhile to spend our time.

  • The application supports a wide range of sports, including cricket, soccer, volleyball, and basketball.
  • You can change the video resolution based on your internet connection.
  • The application’s interface is laid out straightforwardly, composing the operability accessible.
  • This website is completely free to use.

Is MyP2P Safe?

Well, It is not safe to use the website without a VPN because many scripted ads on the website can add some application or extensions to your browser. You should also be aware that it is a pirated website. So, if you want to keep your system safe, don’t use it without a VPN.

16 Best MyP2P Alternatives – Sites like MyP2P

MyP2P Alternatives – Sites like MyP2P that you can use.


1. MamaHD


MamaHD has a plethora of streaming benefits available on the site; the application will provide you with a plethora of add-ons to enhance the viewers’ experience. MamaHD is free for use. Determining that no subscription fees must be paid and that no registration process must be eliminated. It will provide you with an abundance of content ranging from tournaments to events, from sports news to video highlights; you can watch live sports streams here for free.

With the scheduled system, you can quickly determine which game will be streamed live on the application. This website easily provides access to various channels, ranging from Football to Hockey, MotoGP to Soccer, Boxing, and Cricket; you will be able to keep yourself updated on almost everything. On this website, there’s a chat feature that allows users from all over the world to build a sense of community in which they can interact and engage positively.

2. VIPBox Sports


VIPBox is a popular sports streaming site with millions of users. Football, baseball, hockey, UFC, WWF, and many other games were widely available through it. All of these sports are free to watch. Simply by tapping on a specific sports icon, you can learn about the live streams that are available at this time.

The site also includes an in-built search bar, making it easier to find one’s favorite game. Rather than searching for your favorite game one by one in a list, use the built-in search bar. Let us begin successfully accessing all of the popular games through it.

3. goATD


goATD is acknowledged as one of the best choices in the crank most utmost of the dilemmas stop working. Nonetheless, this one-of-a-kind channel can be used as one of the most reliable websites that never goes down. You can quickly browse the content on this site without worrying about being disconnected from the server.

Though the site’s list of sports isn’t as extensive as it could be, the options available are among the best. In addition, it included some major sports content, ranging from football to baseball, hockey to soccer, so you’ll stay up to date on major sports.

The application includes a range of matches in a higher video resolution. You can easily alter the video’s property from 780p to 1080p. The user interface is simple to use. The titles are scribbled, and the application is easily accessible. While goATD is only available in the United States, those who do not live in that country can use it by installing a VPN application.

4. feed2all


The website is an excellent alternative to MyP2P soccer because it is based on WizWig’s live channel. Here are some of the site’s redeeming features, many of which are similar to the relevance. Feed2all has partnered with leading sports streaming and live channel offering websites; the application provides the user with a plethora of options for watching sports. The collaborative effort provides multiple sports channels.

You can be confident that the marks will be streamed indefinitely. Because the project involves numerous decisions, you will receive continuous streaming services of sports events and activities throughout the day. You can adjust the video quality based on your internet connection.

The user-friendly interface will give you all the information you need about upcoming matches. The schedules of the matches are listed on the homepage for your convenience. The link between all of the games is designed for simple and efficient use. By clicking on it, you will be able to access the games.

5. StreamHunter


Let us now learn about the specifics of StreamHunter. Sports fans can watch multiple games or sports at the same time, thanks to this fantastic website. Whether you use a Smartphone/tablet or a system, never compromise on delivering high-quality media content. After successfully navigating to the site, you can select the game you want to play and have fun accordingly. Features such as the time frame and schedule of sports to be carried down or on the flow will be updated on a daily basis. Furthermore, it provides a free service for successfully watching a variety of live sports online.

6. RedstreamSport


Picks that will blow your mind are considered one of the ultimate options when it comes to operating MyP2P alternatives. Redstreamsport collects links to games and events from other websites. In their respective channel, you will be able to obtain free content, such as sports, events, tournaments, never-before-seen footage, and news about various sports. In addition, this application allows you to picket live sports. This web-based service records the streams submitted by the site’s webmasters and regular users.

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7. Sportlemon


SportLemon is another site where you can watch live sports for free. This website is fantastic because it eliminates the need to search to see if your favorite team is playing. The homepage displays a live list of all ongoing events as well as those that are about to begin. To find out what’s on, simply scroll through the homepage. SportLemon should be added to our list of sites like MyP2P because of its large selection and user-friendly website.

8. StopStream


Stopstream is a popular and well-known sports website with millions of visitors. The site has multiple servers, which makes it very easy to watch favorite sports. There is also the option of live television, which fills the more lavish entertainment in your day-to-day life. If you want to use the StopStream website, start using it right away.

It broadly supported sports such as baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, and many others. As you can see, the site will be updated with the most recent information every day. It also includes time zones, allowing everyone to learn effectively. But, of course, it’s also from the app. This is a popular platform for watching live telecasts and sports streams.

9. BossCast


Well, One of the most popular live streaming sites, where you can choose to watch the match or series without losing track of time. BossCast will enable you to manipulate the content without incurring financial costs. That is, you do not have to spend any money to use the application. There are no signup or registration fees. It has more than 130 content-related channels. As a result, you’ll never run out of things to watch. Here, All you’ve to do is navigate to the application.

You will be given the opportunity to plan out what you want to manage. You can organize the entire plan while remaining polite. Also, You can watch a variety of sports here, from golf to baseball, racing to soccer, famous to obscure; you can even keep track of the scores.



Check out ATDHE for more free sports streaming. This website is minimalistic, but when all you want to do is watch a big game, there’s no need for extra flair. Here, You’re only one click away from seeing something new. Unfortunately, ATDHE is not available in the United Kingdom or the United States. If you live somewhere else, you can enjoy all of the free sports you want on websites like MyP2P. If the first thing you try doesn’t work, try something else. One of them will eventually work.

11. LiveTV


LIVE TV is much more than just a free sports streaming website. This website also has a plethora of videos about your favorite games and players, team trivia, and live scores, even when you aren’t watching the game. LIVE TV is one of the best sites like MyP2P because you can watch multiple games at the same time and not miss a thing. The big decision you’ve to make now is whether to pursue boxing, racing, or basketball.

12. Streamwoop

Streamwoop is a fantastic website and a fantastic alternative to The platform features a wide range of live sports content, including cricket, volleyball, football, rugby, handball, boxing, and many others. It is an excellent choice for all sports fans because it provides some of the most extensive sports content on the platform. Not only does the content have a clean and simple interface, but so does the website.

It has a well-organized system that allows you to easily find your favorite sports category. Streamwoop is a fantastic choice for all sports fans out there, offering everything from live scores to sports highlights. This is yet another popular addition to sites like MyP2P.

13. StrikeOut

One of the best MyP2P alternatives, it allows you to watch live sports streams without any problems. As soon as you open the website, you will see the various categories of sporting events listed. Choose the one in which you are involved or use the search box to find one.

The platform also offers high-quality video streaming, and the audio is quite good. One of the best features of the StrikeOut website is that there is no need to sign up or register in order to watch your favorite live sports stream.

14. FirstRowSports

FirstRowSports should be added to our list of MyP2P alternatives. This addition to sports streaming sites is fantastic. FirstRowSports is extremely simple to use and offers a wide range of sports to choose from. For example, you can watch a soccer match in Brazil followed by a hockey game in Germany. There are also a plethora of sports categories on this website; why not stream one now and watch a sport you’ve never heard of before?

15. WiziWig

Well, Wiziwig is one of the best sports streaming websites, primarily used to stream sports such as hockey, cricket, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and so on. It is regarded as an ideal site like MyP2P for streaming soccer matches. The website is well-designed and well-organized. It is an open-source website where you can download free videos. This website’s code is clean and interactive. You can watch high-quality videos with clear audio effects.


On ILEMI, you can participate in a variety of sports ranging from tennis to rugby to volleyball. If it’s considered a sport and is filmed while being played, chances are it’ll be available on this website. As a result, ILEMI is one of the best MyP2P alternatives. Every game on this site has been submitted by a user and is one-of-a-kind. You can watch the game from a variety of perspectives. As you watch your favorite game through the eyes of another fan, join the first-class lounge.

The Bottom Line:

My task has been completed. The entire list of online streaming sites like MyP2P is operational and allows you to watch various sports live for free. All of the MyP2P alternatives listed here have been thoroughly tested and are completely safe to use, allowing you to easily access any website. However, because all of the listed live sports streaming sites are free, you may encounter various advertisements and popups.

Also, To stay safe online, it is recommended that you use a VPN network connection. Furthermore, these MyP2P Alternatives allow you to live stream in order to watch any sports live broadcasting worldwide from anywhere in HD quality. If you’ve any questions about these alternatives, we are here to assist you and ensure that you understand them correctly.

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