18 Best MovieRulz Alternatives To Watch Movies Online

MovieRulz is gaining popularity among movie buffs due to its extensive library and coverage of a wide range of movie genres. On Movie Rulz, you can watch blockbuster movies for free. Moreover, MovieRulz offers not only movie streaming but also popular TV shows, dramas, videos, and other forms of entertainment in HD quality. Initially, Movie Rulz only offered its users the ability to stream and download Tamil language movies from India.

MoviRulz has recently improved its services by delivering a wide range of movies from various studio productions, including Kollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood, and Mollywood, in formats ranging from 1080p to 720p, 420p, and 360p. This free streaming site is also available on Android as the MovieRulz APP.

The app allows you to not only stream but also download most movies for free. However, it is illegal to watch and download movies from this free streaming site in many jurisdictions. As a result, it frequently switches domains. Please check with your local authorities to see if movie streaming is legal in your area.

What Is MovieRulz?

Movie Rulz is a free movie streaming site where you can watch the latest movies. MoviRulz also enables you to download movies. The site is from India, but people all over the world enjoy using it because there are so many movies to choose from. There is no concrete evidence regarding the release date of Movie Rulz. However, according to archive data, the official domain went live in the latter part of 2012 and remained popular until 2020.

MovieRulz Unblocked: What Are MovieRulz Proxy And Mirror Sites?

The MovieRulz Proxy and Mirrors are the best ways to unblock MovieRulz.

MovieRulz Proxy Sites And Mirror Sites
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High-Quality 300MB Movies Download

Well, There are hundreds of sites that offer free movies, and most of them will work with your devices. But what distinguishes Movie Rulz from the competition? One of the things that distinguish MoviRulz is its ability to provide its users with fast downloading servers.

You can also get movies in high-definition HD and as small as 300 MB. MoviRulz offers its visitors a variety of movies in various resolutions such as 140p, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p, and HD. If you have limited storage capacity or internet problems on your device, you can download movies ranging in size from 150 MB to 250 MB, 700 MB, and 1.2 GB. If you use a VPN service, you can access all platform features, including geo-restricted content.

How To Download HD Movies From MovieRulz?

The first thing you should remember when downloading free movies is to find a working domain. Well, It may take a lot of your time, but if you want to watch movies, this is the price you must pay. After locating the correct MovieRulz domain, you can directly download all of the movies you want to watch on your devices. The full procedure is as follows:

1- Open all of the domains

Because various authorities frequently block the primary domain of these free streaming sites, you must try all of the MovieRulz mirrors, including the proxy list, to find the working ones.

2- Choose the Movie

Well, Many of the most recent movies updated by the platform can be found on the first page of this free streaming site. Here, You can select the movie you want by clicking on it. Then, simply search for the download option that appears on the screen and click on it.

3- Just Wait

Because free streaming sites provide their users with a large number of good movies for free, you may encounter several ads while waiting for the movie to begin downloading. Please be patient. Ads can be vexing. However, once these ads are removed, your link download will begin automatically, allowing you to download the movie.

Small Seo Tools‘ video downloader tool is another simple way to download videos from MovieRulz.

It’s an incredible platform that offers hundreds of tools to its users for free. You can easily access the video downloader tool from any device without any compatibility issues. Once you’ve accessed this tool, copy the video link from MovieRulz, paste it into this tool, and click the download video button. The tool will process the video and make it available for download to users in seconds. You can then easily save the video to your device.

How To Download MovieRulz APK

You can get unlimited access to movies, and entertainment shows from various studio productions by downloading and installing this platform on your smartphone. You can watch the most recent Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Hollywood, and English movies. Documentaries, videos, TV shows, web series, and dramas are also available.

How To Get The MovieRulz App And Install It On Your Devices?

It is not available on the Google Play Store. Instead, you must go to third-party hosting sites to download the app. You can search for it on your phone. This app is compatible with Android 4.0 and higher operating systems.

MovieRulz App Features

MovieRulz offers several features to its users in order to make their experience when using this app as a free streaming movie app. MoviRulz has some unique features that will make your experience with this app:

1- Simple User Interface

New users may frequently find to use a new app installed on their smartphones. However, if you use this free movie streaming app to watch and download the latest movies, you will not face this problem. This app has a simple UI that allows users to make it with ease.

2- Download and Stream for Free

Well, Of course, this is the primary benefit and feature you can obtain or perhaps seek when you install this app on your devices. In addition, they offer a large number of free movies, TV shows, documentaries, videos, and other entertainment shows to users. However, as previously stated, you should use a VPN while using this app or website.

3- Very Fast Streaming

The MovieRulz APP includes lightning-fast servers that enable you to watch and download movies. As a result, you’ll not be bored or feel like you are wasting your time while waiting for the servers to download the movies for you.

4- Smoother Performance

You should download the most recent version of this free movie streaming app because it has fixed all of the bugs that you may have encountered in previous versions. The new app performs better and more smoothly.

5- Very Small Size

Do you’ve a smartphone or other device with a small or limited amount of internal memory? Don’t be concerned. Here, You can still download and install this free movie streaming app because the APK size is so small that it won’t take up much of your smart device’s ROM. It also works well on nearly all smartphones and smart devices.

Downloading and streaming movies via your mobile app is possible in this digital age. Using the app, you can easily watch any movies you want. Hollywood, Malayalam, Marathi, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada movies are available. In addition, it offers a large catalog of movies and other entertainment shows for free.

Is MovieRulz Legal?

Well, It’s a difficult question to answer because it depends on the laws where you live and what you’re doing with the content. It’s generally not a good idea to distribute content that you do not own. If you want to be safe, only access movies from well-known streaming sites (e.g., Netflix, Hulu, etc.). It may be the best solution for moviegoers who do not want to go to the theatre when a new movie is released.

The solution is to watch the movies online via some legal platforms that provide the movies. You will be familiar with industry heavyweights such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and MX Players. Also, You can access all of the latest movies through these platforms only after their official release date in theatres, which you should be able to find online.

18 Best MovieRulz Alternatives – Sites like MovieRulz

MovieRulz Alternatives – Sites like MovieRulz that you can use to watch movies online.


1. Amazon Prime Video

MovieRulz Alternatives

Amazon Prime Video is one of the sites like MovieRulz. It works in the same way that Netflix does. However, it also provides its users with some exclusive content in addition to movie streaming. You can watch the most recent movie’s screening in a variety of industries right here.

It gets closer to Netflix with exclusive web series shows. In addition, its ability to stream online movies distinguishes it as one of the best MovieRulz alternatives. Amazon Prime Video is also a paid service, but it only charges a small fee in most countries.

You can also use other premium services while shopping online, such as listening to music, watching TV, and receiving other benefits. There is a limited selection of movies, but they are all of high quality. There are no annoying advertisements either.


2. WatchMoviesFree

MovieRulz Alternatives

WatchMoviesFree is one of the best MovieRulz alternatives. You can watch movies in other Indian dialects such as Hindi, Tamil, and others. The most recent English movies are listed on the site’s homepage in order of newly uploaded videos. To access Bollywood movies in Tamil, Telugu, and other languages, go to the “Country” section and click the “India” button in the site’s upper right corner.

Well, By clicking the “Filter” button on the top right, you can quickly categorize the Hindi movies based on the most recent update, most viewed, release year, and most famous movie. The good thing about this site is that it includes a review and IMDB ratings for a specific movie, so you can get a sense of what it’s like. All in all, one of the best sites like MovieRulz.


3. Netflix

MovieRulz Alternatives

Netflix has long been regarded as one of the most popular streaming services. It provides HD movies in almost all genres, including Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Pollywood, and others. In addition, Netflix is the only place to watch some web series. It has completely transformed the industry since its inception. Netflix, unlike MovieRulez, is not free, but it is a completely legal way to stream content. In exchange, it charges you a monthly fee based on the plan you select.

In the United States, the basic plan costs around $8.99 per month. It may be more or less in other countries. It is generally proportional to per-capita income, so it will be less expensive in Brazil than in the United States or developed Europe, for example. Overall, Netflix ranks high among streaming service providers. It is also one of the best MovieRulz alternatives.

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4. SonyLIV

MovieRulz Alternatives

Sony Live is another premium MovieRulz alternative provided by Tokyo-based Sony Corporation. It is an over-the-top (OTT) service where you can watch SonyLIV originals, live TV shows, live news, popular Indian TV shows, new movies, and more. The charges are minimal. There were numerous bugs in the beginning, but the company is working hard to improve its services. In addition, you can watch online sports, including live matches of popular sports such as cricket, football (soccer), tennis, and others. Well, This could be helpful if you want to enjoy premium service at the lowest possible cost. SonyLiv is one of the cheapest HD content providers in India, particularly in Mumbai, where it has a large following.


5. OnlineMoviesGold

MovieRulz Alternatives

OnlineMoviesGold is one of the best free MovieRulz alternatives where you can watch your favorite Bollywood movies. According to the most popular movies and most recently uploaded videos on the streaming site’s homepage. You can also search for movies in various Indian dialects. You can watch some famous American movies, in addition to other dialect movies, by clicking the “Hollywood” tab. Also, You can use the website’s search bar to look for your preferred movie. You can watch some of the old movies from 1970 to the present once more. The annoying ads on the interface are the site’s downfall, and every time you click, it redirects you from another tab. Overall, one of the best sites like MovieRulz.


6. Popcornflix

MovieRulz Alternatives

One of the best MovieRulz alternatives is Popcornflix. Well, It is a free online movie streaming site. It is currently only available in the United States and Canada. If you live in one of the above-mentioned countries, it is one of the best movie streaming sites that you can use to watch movies for free. Ads that appear before watching any content on this site fully support the Over The Top (OTT) service.


7. MX Player

MovieRulz Alternatives

MX Player is also one of the best sites like MovieRulz. It began as a content player and has evolved into a streaming platform for watching online content. It, like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, offers original web series that are only available through MX Player. Well, there are many categories to choose from, including Movies, TV Shows, News, Music, Web Shows, and others.

With restricted content, MX Player specifically targets the Indian audience. On this platform, you can watch the majority of regional and Bollywood movies. Unfortunately, there is no international content available because it is restricted to India. Therefore, if you are from India and want to use MX Player, you will have to pay for the service because it is not free like MovieRulez. However, with a secure connection, you can obtain high-quality services.


8. Hindilinks4u

MovieRulz Alternatives

Hindilinks4u is a movie streaming site similar to MovieRulz, which is one of the best places to watch Hindi movies online for free in your web browser. The upper section of the website is divided into seven sections that can assist you in categorizing movies. For example, if you want to see the most recent uploads to the website, go to the “Latest” tab and click through them. You can also access all of the Hindi movies available on the website by going to the “Movies” tab. In addition, by clicking the “Dubbed Movies” tab, you can watch your favorite Hollywood movies that have been translated into Hindi.

Meanwhile, you can browse your favorite series from various streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others by clicking the “Series” tab. Alternatively, you can view a list of the actors, actresses, and directors by clicking the “Browse by” tab. Finally, you can use the search bar to quickly navigate to the movie you want to watch. It is also one of the best MovieRulz alternatives.


9. Hotstar

MovieRulz Alternatives

Hotstar is India’s largest premium streaming platform, where you can watch serials, online movies, and other streaming content. According to the website, there are over 100,000 hours of drama and movies available in 17 languages.

It includes live streaming options for all major global sporting events. In exchange, you must pay a premium to access the HotStar library. Even after purchasing a subscription, HotStar continues to display advertisements, which is unusual for a premium streaming service. However, it is a viable option for those who enjoy watching the “Star India” network.


10. Bolly2Tolly

MovieRulz Alternatives

Next on our list of the best MovieRulz alternatives is Bolly2Tolly. Aside from its catchy name, the site’s extensive collection of Bollywood videos will undoubtedly pique your interest. Also, It covers a wide range of categories, including movies, TV shows, reality shows, sitcoms, and many more. The website organizes videos alphabetically, making it easier to browse their content. It also provides free movie streaming in resolutions up to 1080p. It also updates newly released episodes of ongoing TV shows hours after they are officially released. The site’s most irritating feature is that ads appear at random, which is typical of free sites.


11. TodayPkTv

MovieRulz Alternatives

TodayPkTv is one of the most straightforward and user-friendly sites like MovieRulz. Why? It allows you to watch Bollywood videos with just a few clicks and with very few advertisements. The site categorizes the shows here as Web Series, Top Movies, Recently Updated Movies, and so on. TodayPkTv is now your one-stop shop for Bollywood movies and TV shows. Apart from that, you can watch Hollywood movies. The fact that some of these Hollywood movies are available in Hindi-dubbed form is a plus. Finally, you can use its search bar to find the Bollywood video you want to watch in a row.


12. YesMovies

MovieRulz Alternatives

The next on our list of the best MovieRulz alternatives is YesMovies. It is a website that allows users to watch movies and live stream service videos. It enables users to watch videos and other episodes from any web series. The quality of any movie or video will be completely HD. This website is loaded with users, including the ability to watch HD movies from Bollywood and Hollywood. You can use this website to watch old or new TV shows. Instead of using MovieRulez, try this website for a better movie-watching and downloading experience. These are the most popular trending alternatives for downloading movies or watching live videos. In comparison to MovieRulez, these alternatives are completely safe and secure.


13. LookMovie

MovieRulz Alternatives

LookMovie is one of the sites like MovieRulz. The website belongs to the category of well-known and legal websites where users can watch Bollywood movies and videos. One of the most important aspects of LookMovie is that viewers and users can watch HD movies and videos on it. Use this website as a substitute for MovieRulz. There are a variety of movies available here that users can download and watch.


14. Bollyshare

Well, Are you looking for a website that offers free movies? Bollyshare is one such online platform that provides you with the most recent movie collections just a few days after their official release. It’s a pirated site that leaks pirated sites and is thus illegal, but people prefer to use it because it offers all services for free. In HD resolution, you can stream and download a wide range of Hindi and Hollywood dubbed movies, as well as regional ones. Here, You don’t need to register or provide your credit card information to access the site. All download links are accessible with a single click. The movies are chosen from a variety of genres, including romance, horror, thriller, crime, comedy, and others. Overall, one of the best MovieRulz alternatives.


15. Movie4k

Movie4k is also one of the best MovieRulz alternatives. It is an online illegal torrent movie streaming site where people can not only stream movies but also download them in any format they want. The site hosts a wide range of movies, including Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, and Punjabi movies, as well as Bollywood and Hollywood, dubbed movies. Aside from movies, the site also offers popular web series, documentaries, short movies, and TV functions. All services are provided for free. Despite the fact that it is illegal, the site continues to operate via proxy servers. The site has grown in popularity due to its appealing features, which make it simple to navigate. Furthermore, the site has a fast download speed and good audio quality.


16. Spuul

Fans of Bollywood movies will enjoy this streaming service. Although the subscription fee is somewhat high, this streaming platform delivers on its promises. You can not only stream movies online, but you can also download them as you go. Spuul gives you access to everything, whether you want to watch a movie on your phone while commuting to work or have a movie night with friends. With this amazing streaming service, you can watch movies that aren’t available anywhere else and add them to your movie collection. In addition, with this streaming service, you can gain access to movie titles that many people may not be aware of and thus are not available on other popular streaming platforms.


17. BIGFlix

Finding local and independent desi movies can be difficult. But now that BIGFlix is in the picture, you won’t have to worry about it. If you enjoy watching local movies, this streaming platform is for you. Whether you desire to watch movies online or download something to watch later in the day, we have you covered. Well, This platform is the best option for you. This streaming platform brags about having a large collection of movies, and with over 10,000 titles, we have to agree! So have a fun evening watching movies from the comfort of your own home. With this streaming platform, you can watch the most recent Bollywood movies at a low cost!


18. MovieMad

Last on our list of the best MovieRulz alternatives is MovieMad. It is the best online platform for movie fans because it offers a plethora of movies in various languages for free sites and streaming. All content is available in HD resolution for free. Unlike fake sites, the site provides downloading links with a single click. Aside from Bollywood and Hollywood dubbed movies, the site also offers old and new regional movies. Not only that but dubbed versions of the origins movies are also available for streaming in any language of choice. The site is extremely well-designed, allowing anyone to easily navigate through it.


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