13 Best Easy Minecraft House Ideas You Must Try

Looking for the best easy Minecraft house ideas? Then this article is for you. A Minecraft house or foundation is required for survival in the game. It’s usually where you move your spawn point, store materials you’ve collected, and craft, brew, or enchant goods. You may create a Nether portal nearby if you like, but having a place to return to and one that can keep monsters out is essential.

13 Best Easy Minecraft House Ideas

A Minecraft house may be as simple as a cube with a door and a window or as complicated as a multi-story structure with many levels, rooms, windows, a skylight, and even a waterfall if you’re feeling adventurous. To build a Minecraft house, you may use any sort of block. Some blocks are more effective than others at defending you from monsters, while others are more aesthetically pleasing. If you’re new to Minecraft and are still learning how to use all of the blocks, it’s better to start with simpler dwellings. Here are five fantastic yet easy Minecraft house ideas.


1. Oak & Spruce Wood

Minecraft House Ideas

This house is worth a look if you want something easy to build but yet appealing to the eye. It’s largely built of wood, which is one of the most prevalent block types in Minecraft. It may be built with a variety of woods, but oak and dark oak look the finest. Other blocks, such as cobblestone and glass, are also utilized, although they are easy to obtain or craft. The sole disadvantage of this house is that it is largely made of wood, which is easily harmed by mobs. Special shaders have been utilized in the image below, so your house will look different based on the shaders you’ve installed.

2. Survivalist Farm House

Minecraft House Ideas

For beginners, we recommend this design. It’s easy to make using everyday materials like wood and cobblestone, and it’s easy to expand on. More rooms may be added to the design without looking out of place. You also have an open farming space and an easy means to get to it without leaving the house or traveling late at night. Well, Make sure you keep it in good condition.

3. Single Large Room

Minecraft House Ideas

Because the dwellings on this list are small, you won’t need a lot of resources to get started. The most difficult item to obtain for this build is the stone slab steps, which can be easily created from cobblestone. To smelt it all, you’ll need coal (or wood, but it’ll take longer), and you’ll end up with a lot of space. If you desire, you may divide the house (add rooms) by erecting walls. Because the décor is up to you, this is a versatile design. It will take some time to build, but you will be pleased with the results.

4. Stylish And Compact

Minecraft House Ideas

Stylish and Compact is a modern yet small house with space for a bed, a crafting table, and a chest. It is built of simple blocks such as wood and stone slabs. Well, You’ll learn a thing or two about designing a good-looking house while you build it. The video covers suggestions for making stacked chests more accessible, as well as how employing different block types improves the aesthetics of a build. There are also ideas for enlarging the house if necessary.

5. Simple Starter House

Minecraft House Ideas

Simple Starter House has a stone foundation, generally accessible wood blocks, an attached farm, two floors, plenty of space, and a lovely view. You won’t be able to finish this house in a single day, so make sure you have a place to stay while you work, but it will be well worth your time. The materials are easy to obtain. You may design the interior any way you wish, and you can forego the lamp in favor of torches.

6. A Sturdy Stone House

Minecraft House Ideas

If you don’t want to build a house out of wood since it is considerably less likely to endure damage, this basic stone house is worth making. It frequently uses accessible blocks, such as stone, and adds a few block modifications to make the final build look good, i.e., not simply a stone cube. The house is pretty large, and you will be able to live in it for quite some time before deciding to renovate. It’s also not the kind of house you feel awful about leaving because you put so much work into it.

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7. Tree House

Minecraft House Ideas

Tree House provides a novel, simple house design for novices. The resources you gather are few and easily accessible. You may use any sort of tree/wood you like, and if you’re willing to experiment, you can create a second floor to this design.

8. Simple Birch Starter House

The Simple Birch Starter House by Folli is built primarily of birch, one of the most prevalent wood types. You’ll need a good axe to acquire the wood and some time to build the house, but it’s large, lovely, and has enough space for a farm. You may make off making pots and lanterns until you have the necessary clay and iron. The house will give refuge and a storage place for your materials, as well as a crafting table, stove, and a few bookcases.

9. Modern House

Modern House is made of concrete; therefore, it is not the simplest to build; however, the concrete may be substituted with a smooth stone. You’ll need a lot of coal to complete all of this, but the house is huge, and you might never move. You’ll need to gather a lot of wood and sand, but they’re plentiful enough that it won’t be a problem. The build also makes use of birch wood, which is popular, and black glass panes, which need the employment of black dye. Again, plain, colorless glass can be used. The design is rather good and will allow you to experiment with material modifications easily.

10. Small, Modern, Two-floor House

Well, This is easily one of the most difficult buildings, and the resources will take some time to gather, but if you want a big-ish house that is robust, this is the way to go. The house features two floors as well as a pool. You may switch things up and transform the pool area into an easily accessible farm. The use of concrete, especially white concrete that requires bonemeal makes this house challenging to craft. You’ll have to slay a few skeletons to get it. You might also create smooth stone blocks and utilize them in their place. The house may not look as good, but it is still a fantastic design. Shaders were used in the following image. Your final build will look depending on the shaders and texture packs you use.

11. Modern House

Taking a break from the strictly cottage-core path, I’d like to present you to one of the first Minecraft modern house ideas on the list — this Modern House. It sneakily uses regular and dark Quartz blocks to conceal the easily found timber blocks that are heavily employed in this Minecraft house build. That’s not to imply the logs make the build look awful. It only goes to show that with proper design and layout, you can make anything look good. And, of course, the appropriate blocks!

12. Simple Wooden House

This Simple Wooden House is a big wooden home that uses Stripped Logs and Door Panels to create a fresh, woodsy, and modern look. The front is illuminated by many lamps, while the interior is illuminated by natural sunshine streaming through the big Glass Pane windows. The hanging vines beside the balcony add a great finishing touch to this design. This adds a beautiful touch to the home, particularly when combined with the dominating brown tones. This house appears secure and comfortable for a Minecraft base. Perfect for returning after a long day of sightseeing!

13. Aquarium House

Let’s take it up a level and look at something very imaginative. This Aquarium House is a two-story aquarium with fish, plants, and marine life as far as the eye can see! The aquarium complements the overall design of the house. The climbing front-door staircase, the lush and ordered garden plants, and the striking contrast between black, white, and grey – all of this comes to life in this contemporary-looking aquarium home. In the spirit of aquariums, here are some more furniture ideas you can add to your home to make it more interesting.

The Bottom Line: Easy Minecraft House Ideas

Minecraft homes combine aesthetic and usefulness. The homes on this list may look tough to create, but once you learn how they’re built, you’ll be creating your own designs or changing them to meet your own needs in no time.

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