Top 14 Best Free Live TV Apps For Android Users

The media streaming sector is experiencing consistent growth, particularly since the introduction of Netflix. Although you can watch an infinite number of videos on media streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., they do not provide live TV functionality. You can also watch Live TV while traveling without paying additional fees with the Live TV apps for Android. Users can watch TV content for free by downloading one of the many Free Live TV apps for Android available on the Google Play Store.

Top 14 Best Free Live TV Apps For Android Users

We’ve chosen to share a list of the best Live TV apps for Android in this article. By using these Live TV apps for Android, you can watch TV on the go. Thus, we shall investigate.

1. AT&T TV

Live TV Apps For Android

You can watch sports, news, shows, events, and all other forms of video content directly from your phone, thanks to the AT&T TV app. Live TV is an app that allows users to watch live sports or news events. Despite being a premium service, there are a variety of pricing tiers. There are roughly 65 live TV channels in the tier below. Elevated tiers have access to more than 140 channels. Although the premium plan is quite pricey, it offers an exceptional selection of channels.

2. Xumo Play

Live TV Apps For Android

Look no further than Xumo Play for a free and legal app for Live TV Streaming TV & Movies. The app grants free access to more than 300 channels. Watch exclusive movies and TV shows, listen to local news, and get weather reports with this app. This app is free on the Google Play Store; linking a credit card, subscribing, or registering are unnecessary. Download and install Xumo Play from the Google Play Store to stream TV shows and movies immediately.

3. Pluto TV

Live TV Apps For Android

The best free Live TV apps for Android are Pluto TV and Live TV. Predictably, what? You can watch more than 200 channels and 1000 movies for free with Pluto TV. The benefit of Pluto TV is that it is compatible with Android TV apps and Chromecast. Because it is a free service, no channels demand exorbitant subscription fees. You have the option of paying a fee to access certain exclusive channels. In addition, Pluto TV offers more than 45 channels in Spanish, including telenovelas, movies in the original language, and more.

4. Sling TV

Live TV Apps For Android

Sling TV is one of the best and most well-known Live TV apps for Android that can be downloaded right now. You can watch various live TV channels through this app, which features an aesthetically pleasing interface. Sling TV offers Live TV channels in nearly every genre, including comedy, sports, and children’s programming. In addition to all of the above, Sling TV supports Chromecast.

5. Hulu

Live TV Apps For Android

Hulu is one of the best and most well-known Live TV apps for Android. You can watch ancient TV shows, seasons, movies, and much more using the app, which has been downloaded over ten million times. Additionally, the app contains a limited selection of Live channels, including Showtime, HBO, and others. To watch Live TV, however, requires a subscription to a Live TVPlan. With a premium subscription, you can watch on-demand and live TV from over 75 channels, including live news, sports, and more.

6. Hotstar

Live TV Apps For Android

Hotstar caters specifically to Indian audiences. Watch the most recent TV shows, films, Live Sports, and more on Hotstar. The Hotstar app is free to use. However, the ‘Premium’ section of the app contains numerous videos. This free app lets you watch over 100,000 hours of drama and movies. The app covers a variety of TV channels, including Star Plus, Star Bharat, Fox Life, Nat Geo, and Star Sports.

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7. Plex

Live TV Apps For Android

For streaming movies and TV shows, Plex is an excellent Android app. With no subscription required, the app offers access to over 200 live TV channels. The app offers, in addition to TV Streaming, TV Series and Shows, Live News from the Financial Times, Euronews, CBS, and more.

8. nexGTv HD

You can watch Live TV, watch the newest movies, and watch TV shows on the app with nexGTv HD, which is free to download. You can watch popular Live TV channels such as Pogo, News X, Aaj Tak, and more on nexGTv HD. Additionally, the app keeps up a sizable collection of video-on-demand content featuring English and Hindi films.

9. YuppTV

For Android users to watch Indian TV shows, YuppTV is one of the best and highest-rated Live TV apps. Yupp TV is fantastic because it covers over 200 Live Indian Channels. In addition to TV shows, the website features films and programs from various disciplines, including news, sports, comedy, and more.

10. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer fulfills all of your streaming requirements in a single location. Watch the most recent BBC documentaries, TV shows, and sports with the app. Regarding Live TV, the app will provide live content such as music, sports, and major sporting events. You can construct a playlist, download your preferred shows for offline viewing, and more with a premium subscription.

11. JioTV

You can access Jio TV’s content without paying extra if you reside in India and use Jio services. One notable feature of JioTV is its extensive selection of more than 600 TV channels, including over 100 HD channels in 15+ languages. In addition, Jio TV offers plenty of movies, music videos, sports videos, and more.

12. Peacock TV

Look no further than Peacock TV if you’re looking for an Android app to stream exclusive originals, fresh movies from theaters, and well-liked TV shows. Thousands of hours of TV series, hundreds of movies, Peacock channels, and more are accessible immediately via Peacock TV. Additionally, The Peacock Premium covers live sports and events. In addition to live sports and current-season NBC favorites, you can also watch WWE premium events.

13. Plex: Stream Movies & TV

Plex is an excellent Android app for streaming free TV shows, savoring movies, and watching live TV. With more than 600 channels, this one is a subscription-free streaming website. Live TV Shows, Free Movies, and Free TV are among the 600 channels it offers. Live streaming news from prominent channels such as CBS, Financial Times, and local TV channels is another feature of Plex: Stream Movies & TV, in addition to live TV.

14. Tubi

Watch movies, TV shows, and Live TV with the free Android app Tubi. Without attaching a credit or debit card, you can watch almost all Tubi TV content for free. Regarding Live TV, Tubi TV enables you to watch Free Live TV with three times fewer advertisements than cable service. In addition, it provides a convenient guide detailing what is happening and when. Fox Sports also allows watching live sports, interviews, and talk show programming.

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Currently, these are the best Live TV apps for Android. If you believe an essential app still needs to be added to the list, kindly inform us in the following remark section. I sincerely trust that this article was beneficial to you. Additionally, please share it with your peers.

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