IsoHunt Proxy & Mirror Sites + 13 IsoHunt Alternatives

IsoHunt began in 2003 as a Bit Torrent site. This is an online torrent provider listed on the Bit Torrent peer-to-peer torrent system. Well, Online is a collection of torrent files in the music genre, images, movies, databases, apps, services, applications, and much more.

In this case, visitors can explore torrents indefinitely and download as many torrents as they want from Iso Hunts without restriction in the files form. IsoHunt indirectly entertains millions of torrents through its website and provides simple methods for downloading torrents on a regular basis.

Several people, who want to post their files moving the Torrent, as Iso Hunt has a program to upload torrent data? The torrent file-sharing policy doesn’t stop with the torrent file upload system. Iso Hunt provides its users with the option to generate and distribute torrent files, among other things. It’s IsoHunts’ entire torrent service provider system.

What Exactly Is IsoHunt?

Iso Hunt was a torrent file search engine that allowed visitors to browse, download, upload, and search torrent files of various genres, primarily entertainment. The original IsoHunts site,, billed itself as “the most advanced BitTorrent search engine.”

Although IsoHunt was taken down in October 2013 due to legal action from the MPAA (Motion Pictures Association of America) for violating copyright rules, Iso Hunts has always been one of the most well-known sites for browsing various torrents.

Why Was IsoHunt Blocked?

Well, The executives discovered it in record time, and the laws were suspended. Further, It was unable to meet the needs of its users. While IsoHunt didn’t have a copyright database model, it redirected users to a website that contained the required element.

The network proxy, on another hand, conceals and reveals the IP code. Unlike VPN, it has no security measures. Also, It means you’ll be caught in some situations with legal ramifications.

Working IsoHunt Proxy List

Here’s where the IsoHunt proxy comes in. Proxy servers are generally used for privacy and security reasons. When visiting any suspicious sites, the user should use a proxy to protect his private information, such as his IP address.

Further, Another reason to use IsoHunts proxy is that IsoHunt can be blocked in many countries, and in order to circumvent the restrictions, the user can use proxy to hide their identity and act to be in another country where Iso Hunt is available for use. There are countless free IsoHunt proxies available on the internet. For example, assume some users in the United Kingdom want to access IsoHunt, but it’s blocked in their country.

Also, Many IsoHunts proxies in the UK are available here. As a result, those users can gain access to the restricted site by using an IsoHunt proxy in the United Kingdom. Some of them are listed below:

Is It Worth To Use IsoHunt Proxy?

If you want to work with major torrent websites, IsoHunt was founded over a decade ago, and you’ll be disappointed with the results. Well, 

Different top brands have achieved current versions, transcripts, and shutdown. Also, This applies to Iso Hunt. The advantage of the IsoHunt proxy is that it allows you to find amazing content while also reducing annoyance.

13 Best IsoHunt Alternatives – Sites like IsoHunt

The IsoHunt mirror sites such as and arose shortly after the original IsoHunt website was taken down. As a result, there are numerous fake copies of Iso Hunt, such as IsoHunt Alternatives or Sites like IsoHunt are listed below:




RARBG is a very precise website. Well, Almost all of its content is reliable and free to download. This site is pretty straightforward and user-friendly. The entertainment content on that website is always up to date, with new movies being added on a regular basis.


2. TorrentProject


Well, One of the most popular torrent search engines, with 85 million live torrents in its index. TorrentProject will quickly locate the Torrent you are looking for in its database.

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3. ExtraTorrent


It is a digital media index of entertainment, media, and software. Extra Torrent is one of the top 5 torrenting websites in the world, according to BitTorrents indexes. It has a large collection of the most recent movies in high quality, games, TV shows, and much more.


4. LimeTorrents


LimeTorrents isn’t a tracker website. It’s more of a torrent file search engine. Well, Their database is made up of torrent websites from around the world. So it is now very simple to find any torrent file that you could not find on other sites.


5. Torlock


Torlock offers high-quality movie torrents as well as many other torrent files from various categories such as movies, anime, eBooks, and TV shows. You can immediately download any torrent file without any problems. The site’s interface also displays the health score of any torrent files, allowing you to determine how active that torrent file is.


6. 1337X


The 1337X is one of the most popular torrent sites in recent years. Well, Its extensive content includes the most recent movies, games, books, videos, music, and much more. Their UI is also very impressive, with clearly labeled sections.


7. KickassTorrents


KickassTorrents has been a dependable favorite among torrents for over a decade and is still going strong. Although it’s now blocked in some countries, such as Australia, we discovered that it was easy to gain access from anywhere in the world by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


8. Zooqle


Zooqle has you covered when it comes to finding trusted torrent files because it only provides verified torrent content. To begin torrenting at Zooqle, all you need is a working computer and a high-speed internet connection.


9. The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is widely regarded as the best torrent site on the internet. In addition, it’s the oldest torrent website. Well, It took a long time to get to the internet, but it now has the most users. Its users range from amateurs to professionals.


10. YTS

YTS is a peer-to-peer release group known for providing high-quality movies for free download. Well, Their releases were distinguished by high-quality video in a small file size, which drew a large number of downloaders.


11. Torrentz2

Well, This is one of the most well-known and widely used torrent proxies. There are numerous intermediaries that can be used to access the torrentz2 web index. In addition, there are numerous storm web crawlers that can assist you in finding the Files or movies that you require.


12. Demonoid

The Demonoid is a BitTorrent tracker and website that includes file-sharing-related discussion forums as well as a searchable tracker index. In addition, the website contains a massive collection of files ranging from movies and games to TV shows and much more.

Well, These websites resemble the original, as do the categories, which vary across multiple genres. Selecting any torrent from these websites, on the other hand, will take you to another landing page where you’ll be asked to download their specific torrent client.


13. YourBittorrent

Here, This is a file-sharing website founded as my BitTorrent. Well, The newer version of your BitTorrent is the result of an ownership split in 2009. The website is a torrent tracking website for the Person-to-Person BitTorrent network. It doesn’t host files on its server, but it does host information regarding the location of these files in an indexed torrent file. So a client on a person’s PC can read these torrent records.


Wrapping Up:

The original IsoHunt website,, was a complete game-changer in the internet world. It drew a massive amount of traffic. Well, This was due to the content as well as the user-friendly interface. However, many more IsoHunt mirror/proxy sites have emerged since IsoHunt was taken down. Despite the fact that many of them are restricted in many countries, people can unblock IsoHunt sites by using the IsoHunt proxy listed above.

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