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Top 16 Best Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android Devices

Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android Devices: Instagram undoubtedly occupies the top spot on any list of the best photo-sharing platforms. It is a Facebook-owned free photo and video-sharing app. Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users at this time. The positive aspect of Instagram is that, in addition to photo and video sharing, it also offers a few other features. Additional features that can be accessed on Instagram include Reels, IGTV, Stores, and more. Many users started using Instagram Reels after the TikTok ban.

What Are Instagram Reels?

You can create and share brief videos with the help of Instagram Reels, a recent feature. It closely resembles TikTok. Most Indian users have started using Instagram reels to showcase their creative abilities since TikTok was banned. You’ve come to the correct article about Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android if you’re a content creator searching for the best ways to edit Instagram Reels.

Top 16 Best Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android Devices

The best Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android will be shared in this article. To create viral videos, let’s examine the best reel editing app for free.

1. Splice – Video Editor & Maker

Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android

The best app for creating Instagram slideshows is Splice. You can quickly create Instagram Reel videos of professional quality using the app. It can crop existing Instagram reel videos or create new ones with the appropriate aspect ratio. You can combine clips, trim or delete portions, add text and a soundtrack, and more with the video creator. Additionally, you can share a video directly on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok after it has been created.

2. Lightroom Photo & Video Editor

Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android

The best free photo and video editor for capturing and editing videos and photos is Adobe Lightroom Photo & Video Editor. To create exclusive Instagram Reels videos, you must purchase the app’s premium edition, even though the app includes all the fundamental video editing features. The Lightroom premium edition grants users access to an extensive collection of more than two hundred meticulously crafted preset filters created by professional photographers to eliminate objects from photos and videos.

3. Mojo — Stories & Reels maker

Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android

The Mojo—Stories & Reels creator is an Android-compatible Instagram reel video editor with the highest rating. The templates are the most conspicuous aspect of the app. There are templates available for every conceivable platform. To create an Instagram reel, edit your videos using the Reels template. You can merge, reduce, and cut clips, apply filters and special effects, insert text, and perform additional operations in video editing.

4. FilmoraGO

Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android

You can create amazing viral short videos with FilmoraGO, the best app on the Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android list. FilmoraGO has been included because it resolves the video playback issue. FilmoraGO offers more speed modification options than Instagram, which only lets you reduce the video speed by 0.5x or 0.3x. For instance, imagery can be slowed down 0.1x or sped up by 5x. After completion, the video can be exported directly to Instagram.

5. KineMaster

Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android

KineMaster is a one-of-a-kind app that enables you to create captivating Instagram reels quickly and easily. This app is the best for video editing because it contains all the essential and potent editing features. Advanced video editing is possible using a wide variety of instruments in KineMaster. You can easily edit, trim, Splice, merge multiple videos, zoom in on individual clips, and more. KineMaster enables users to modify colors, incorporate sound filters, apply transition effects, and more to produce captivating Instagram reels.

6. InShot

Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android

Those frequently viewing Instagram Reels may know that the platform predominantly comprises vertical videos. The best results won’t be obtained if you publish landscape videos to Instagram Reels. Look for ways to transform your landscape video into a vertical one to make the app more alluring. The video editing app Inshot resolves the issue with your landscape videos. By the aspect ratio that has been chosen, InShot augments the original video with a dynamic background consisting of a blurring rendition. The best Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android, then.

7. Adobe Premiere Rush

Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android

The Google Play Store features the comprehensive photo retouching app Adobe Premiere Rush. Adobe Premiere Rush solves the issue of converting a landscape Instagram reel video without losing any significant data. The app has a feature called “Auto Reframe” that analyzes the video automatically and identifies the object in the middle, allowing you to improve the reframe’s efficacy by dividing the video into multiple segments. In the segmented video, you can apply various effects using the app. However, a premium purchase is required to use the app to its fullest capacity.

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8. Funimate

Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android

Android users can find Funimate, one of the best free video editing apps for Instagram reels. Unique features such as transitions, custom animations, text and video effects, and filters are available in this app to enhance improvisational videos. Overlays, decals, and backgrounds can be added to videos using Funimate. The best Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android are available right now.


Popular Android app VITA is primarily used to superimpose videos on top of other videos. VITA offers a comprehensive video edit interface, which is a positive. The video editor allows you to modify audio levels, resize and rotate the video, and more. The app can be downloaded and used without incurring any concealed fees.

10. VN Video Editor

Whether you are an expert or a novice, VN Video Editor has some editing tools for you. VN Video Editor is a leading music-based Instagram reel creation app. VN Video Editor Pro enables the modification of videos using timelines with multiple layers. A green screen/chroma key is also provided for altering the background.

11. YouCut

YouCut is the only app you need if you are searching for a video editor/movie creator or a video trimmer & joiner for Instagram. With the app YouCut, you can edit videos like a pro. With YouCut, you can quickly and easily create videos from photos or clips. It is watermark-free and available for free download and use on edited videos.

12. GoPro Quik

GoPro Quik and Instagram Stories are the best Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android. It converts your cherished memories into cinematic audio edits with a single tap. It offers a variety of straightforward yet potent video and photo editing tools to meet any editing need.

13. Promeo

Among the best Instagram Reels Editing Apps for Android is Promeo. Currently, Promeo offers more than 10,000 social media-specific templates ready to use. You also receive an extensive library of royalty-free music, stock photos and videos, decals, filters, and more, in addition to the video templates. To create incredible Instagram reel videos, Promeo has everything you need.

14. Vidma

Vidma is an incredibly lightweight and user-friendly Android app that edits music videos. For your Instagram profile, you can use it to create stunning reel videos. Its comprehensive video editor and creator offers a large library of music and video effects. The effects available on this app can improve the content of your videos in no time and make them stand out on social media platforms. Vidma’s essential video editing capabilities include video pruning, merging, transition effects, and additional fundamental features. The most appealing features of the app are the fashionable filters and effects. In no time, Vidma’s exclusive filters and effects will make your videos appear more vibrant.

15. ShotCut

Android users can use ShotCut, a comprehensive music video editor app, to create videos for Instagram reels, YouTube, WhatsApp Status, and more. The app offers editing tools for pruning, cropping, merging, and dividing videos. There is also an extensive collection of transition effects and filters available. The ability to record voice, extract audio from video, and add track annotations are a few additional features of ShotCut.

16. Videoleap

The best Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android are Videoleap and Reels. This app is a video editor, similar to the other Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Android discussed in the article. With just a few presses, Videoleap can transform the sensation of your videos thanks to some new AI features. One can transform videos by applying AI filters and effects. Videoleap can be used to create YouTube shorts, edit films and stories, and apply the edited content to reel videos, among other things.

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The following are some of the best Instagram Reels Editing Apps for Android. With these free Instagram Reels Editing Apps for Android, you can quickly edit your Instagram reels. Furthermore, please inform us in the remark section below if you know of additional Android Instagram Reels Editing Apps.

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