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How To Fix Your Laptop?

All of us rely on the laptop and the internet to do everything. As much as the internet is important, so is a computer. A laptop is no longer a luxury gadget rather it has become a necessity.  Whether you want to complete an assignment, attend a zoom meeting or work on a project, as long as you have a smoothly working laptop, and a reliable internet connection like Hughesnet español that is available almost everywhere across the US, you can do everything.

You can stay connected with the world and perform all your online activities without the slightest worry or need to be physically present somewhere. You can operate pretty much an entire business from the middle of nowhere as long as your internet and laptop are working fine.

A laptop being an electronic appliance, after all, can stop working, and it’s quite unpredictable at times. There is no real confirmation regarding when things might go wrong. Hence it is important to keep a track of your laptop performance and know-how to fix it when you can.

So without any further ado, let’s get started on how to fix your laptop:

 Is your battery charging or draining quickly?

One of the most common problems when it comes to laptops is that the battery might be draining too quickly. In almost all cases, the battery is usually the problem. How to find out if the battery has gone wrong? What you can do is detach the battery from the laptop and plug the charger into the laptop. If the laptop is doing fine and switched on, then it means that there is some issue with the battery. So you should buy a new battery according to your laptop model.

On the other hand, if your laptop does not switch on, when you have removed the battery and plugged the laptop, then that means the problem is not in the battery rather it can be the charger. You might need to replace your charger and our laptop might start working just fine.

Another possibility could be that your laptop is on but too slow, and the battery drains very quickly. It could be because of any heavy software running in the background. If multiple apps and software are consuming your battery, then close the ones that are not required. You can also switch to the battery saver mode for more effective battery consumption.

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Is your Laptop not restarting?

If your laptop fails to restart and the screen does not turn on, then you must find the fault. It could be because of a malfunctioning battery or charger. If the laptop indicators state that it’s on but the screen is not responding then there can be an issue with the display.

If the hard drive indicators show that it is active but there is no activity then press the Caps Lock key. If the laptop seems locked then it could be a hardware failure and we recommend that you take the laptop to any service center nearby.

Is your keyboard not working properly?

Generally, the laptop keys are more susceptible to having an issue. It can be a few keys or the whole keyboard that can stop functioning. You can try shaking the laptop a bit to get rid of any dust that might be causing an obstruction. This can actually work and solve the problem occurring with a few keys.

But if the entire keyboard seems to be stuck and not working, then you need to check the Device Manager. If you see a yellow exclamation mark with the keyboard icon, then you might have to download the necessary drivers again. Till then, you can use attach an external keyboard.

Is your laptop Overheating?

Overheating can cause your laptop to stop working. If you observe extra heat releasing from your laptop vents then you should download a SpeedFan which is a free tool by Windows, for monitoring the CPU temperature of the laptop.

Maybe the fan is not working fine or is clogged by dust. In case of any overheating issues, it is recommended that you take the laptop to the nearby service center and get it checked.

Wrapping Up,

If your laptop is not working properly, there can be countless reasons. The aforementioned are the most common ones and can be fixed easily. If you fail to understand the issue, it is advised to take it to the service center and get professional help.

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