Best HackerRank Alternatives & Competitors in 2023

HackerRank has been in operation for over a decade and is one of the most sought-after platforms by employers and developers.

The site is well-known for offering numerous coding tools, examinations, and challenges. However, many individuals dislike its user interface for coding tests.

HackerRank offers tools for screening and hiring developers. It enables employers and businesses to send technical test invitations to prospective candidates. However, these exams are typically difficult to develop, use, and administer.

Fortunately, many more excellent platforms can supply you with the same services as HackerRank, and often even more. The best HackerRank alternatives will be examined in this post.

Consider the alternatives below if you want to use something other than HackerRank.

Best HackerRank Alternatives

Here is the list of the popular Alternatives & Competitors to HackerRank Developer Skills Platform.


AlgoExpert is one of the most entertaining alternatives to HackerRank for software professionals seeking FAANG jobs. However, unlike HackerRank, this platform lacks user-submitted answers and leaderboards.

Instead, the program provides algorithmic coding tasks while teaching you about concepts such as Big O notation. This program was created by a software developer who formerly worked for Google and Facebook. It is a hybrid immersive coding playground and learning platform.

The increased flexibility of interactive IDEs and in-depth video tutorials is provided to users.

The coding environment features four panes that function as the algorithm command center for the user. The user must read and comprehend the code question, execute their answer, and submit work that passes the platform’s testing.

With over one hundred fifty questions, this platform prioritizes quality over quantity. It contains questions about heaps, dynamic programming, recursion, strings, well-known algorithms, linked lists, sorting, graphs, arrays, binary search trees, searching, and stacks, among others.

The company’s co-founder, Cl√©ment Mihailescu, also produced the solution videos. In addition, solution files for nine programming languages, such as Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, Swift, TypeScript, Kotlin, etc., are available.

Always introducing new features and upgrades, AlgoExpert. The newly added portions consist of Coding Interview Assessment and Behavioural Interview Preparation, among others.

2. Triplebyte 

It is a rapidly expanding tech screening and recruitment tool similar to HackerRank, which was established more than five years ago. It offers technological solutions to expanding businesses and allows programmers and developers to demonstrate their expertise and skills.

Although small and medium-sized organizations can use this platform, its services are better suited for large enterprises with extensive resources.

Triplebyte market claims to be a hiring marketplace. Still, it asserts that it differs from HackerRank and other platforms in that it eliminates inexperienced or unqualified applicants through extensive and comprehensive technical screening tests.

Unlike platforms such as HackerRank, access to Triplebyte is restricted. Instead, the hiring managers’ screening procedures include online coding challenges, phone interviews, and online tests.

The system and networking design questions ensure that only qualified candidates reach the final stages of the recruitment process. As a result, companies and enterprises can register and locate the required talent, such as DevOps, back-end or front-end developers, and iOS software experts.

3. CodinGame

Want to benchmark software engineers accurately and objectively while providing excellent candidate experiences without using HackerRank? Then CodinGame is the product you should strongly consider.

This platform, founded over a decade ago, provides technical assessment services that enable employers and businesses to swiftly certify the technical skill sets of various candidates for various technical professions.

People with no technical knowledge appreciate how simple it is to evaluate coding skills. Those with technical expertise, however, appreciate the ability to level up with shared live code editing features and bespoke questions.

This platform’s user-friendly integrated question editor is one of its most intriguing features. The platform makes it simple for users to create tests that recruiters and companies can use to create customized screening assessments and coding challenges in several languages.

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In contrast to HackerRank, this software performs the technical screening using a gamified approach, which is also one of the app’s most distinctive characteristics.

Their development team, comprised of individuals who formerly worked in the video game industry, uses their skills and experience to create imaginative and new code exams that are tech-friendly and excite developers.

4. CodeWars

With CodeWars, the fun begins as soon as you register. However, you can only create an account once you answer the platform’s coding challenge in your preferred programming language.

However, do not worry excessively. If you cannot answer the question, a simple Google search will suffice to provide the answer. For software engineers looking for excellent alternatives to HackerRank, CodeWars is jam-packed with features and capabilities.

CodeWars is identical to its counterpart HackerRank. Users can access various coding tasks, receive rankings, and much more, similar to HackerRank.
This platform is arguably the most language-diverse available, allowing you to choose from popular languages such as Java, JavaScript, and Python and less common languages such as PureScript and Idris.

5. LeetCode

This platform comprises over 1,500 technical assessment questions, making it one of the most comparable alternatives to HackerRank. With over a million active users, it is also a popular location for developers and programmers seeking FAANG-level employment.

The platform gives users access to fourteen programming languages with feature-rich coding environments. Within these coding playgrounds, users are able to execute, compose, test, and debug their programs.

There are various questions and answers, company-specific questions, debuggers that allow you to set breakpoints, endless coding playgrounds, and interview simulators, among other features and tools.

The basic membership should suffice if you only want access to some of the platform’s most frequently asked questions. However, if you are set on securing a position with a FAANG company, you may wish to invest in the Premium subscription.

6. TestDome

TestDome was introduced in 2013 and provided its users with cloud-based technical competence evaluation solutions for enterprises. This software, like HackerRank, can screen prospects and assist with recruitment.

This platform for pre-employment testing employs evidence-based recruitment to enhance the hiring process. Recruiting managers may use standardized tests that cover everything from general knowledge to programming.

In addition to comprehensive reports, batch invitations, multi-user accounts, anti-cheating, and grading, TestDome offers several intriguing features. In addition, the platform provides API access so businesses can interface with other applicant-tracking platforms, such as SmartRecruiters.

TestDome falls short compared to HackerRank and many others because its assessment tests are often brief and concise; they frequently need more depth and serve primarily as initial filters.

There is a free trial if you want to see what the service is like before paying for it, and a free version if you are okay with a severely limited account.

7. Grokking the Coding Interview

Are you still seeking the top-rated HackerRank alternatives reddit in 2023? If your primary objective is to pass FAANG software engineering exams, consider this excellent alternative to HackerRank. This course was developed by a group of former Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Lyft, and Google senior engineers and recruiting managers.

These professionals have interviewed over 300 software developers and engineers collectively, and this program is a direct outcome of all of their real-world experiences. And, unlike HackerRank, this site does not compete with users against one another or display peer-based options.

Instead, the software teaches users how to recognize particular patterns, which assists them in solving any code difficulties encountered during the interview.

In addition, rather than digging into hundreds of individual implementations and challenges, Grokking the Code Interview introduces 16 coding patterns that may be used to solve various coding questions.

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After you’ve mastered each pattern, the platform will push you to solve other coding tasks inside the course. There are 220 illustrations, 125 challenges, 1,000 code playgrounds, and 184 tutorials, among the interactive and visual features.

Graph (Topological Sort), Sliding Window, Subsets, Two Pointers, Merge Intervals, Tree Breadth First Search, Two Heaps, and Top ‘K’ Elements are some patterns the user will learn. And if you are unable to tackle the problem, visit the solution snippet to obtain the correct response.

All the coding playgrounds provide alternatives to Python 3, C++, Java, and Javascript. You can also pay an annual subscription fee to access’s extensive course catalog.

8. Codility

Codility is one of the most resilient alternatives to HackerRank and has been around for over a decade. This platform is intended for large enterprises requiring robust compliance and employing teams with limited technological skills.

As with HackerRank, you may use this platform to build your tests or use one of the provided templates. It also offers excellent anti-cheating capabilities, such as online checks for probable instances of plagiarism.

One of the primary distinctions between HackerRank and Codility is that Codility offers a location to hire senior managers, so if you’re searching for young and fresh coders, you may need to go elsewhere.

Even though Codility offers customizable exams, some developers believe that the platform’s assessments must provide realistic and relevant overviews of the requirements for particular professions.

9. DevSkiller

Founded in 2013, DevSkiller, like HackerRank, is a candidate assessment platform that simplifies the talent recruitment process for corporations and organizations.

This program evaluates candidates’ knowledge and competence of the company’s libraries and frameworks and their coding abilities.

DevSkiller is created for technical leaders and talent management teams. Its features enable hiring managers to identify their needs, generate personalized tests, and select pre-made exams that reflect the company’s work environment.

Candidates can complete the examinations either on the site or by downloading the instructions and finishing them offline. Then, hiring managers can evaluate these assessments and determine which candidates will advance to the subsequent phase of the recruitment process.

The majority of features consist of sophisticated reporting, coding challenges, staff evaluation, and talent management. This tool is ideal for tracking staff performance and raising morale while obtaining data for technical skill management decisions.

However, one of the most significant distinctions between this platform and HackerRank, which most would regard as a downside, is that it lacks a slick and intuitive user interface.

10. CodeChef

CodeChef offers both coding challenges and competitions. A challenge winner can receive more than $600.

It is a viable alternative worth investigating. There are various coding and programming issues, a user-submitted solutions section, and numerous coding languages, ranging from Perl6 (Raku) to JavaScript, PHP, and Fortran.

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In addition, among all the choices on this list, CodeChef may be the most accessible to international users. For example, all issue statements are available in Vietnamese, Bengali, Chinese, Mandarin, Russian, and Hindi.


The fact that HackerRank has more than seven million active users can be both a blessing and a curse. Unfortunately, more users will frequently result in more substandard responses to inquiries.

In addition, it can result in receiving irrelevant info and more distractions on your programming and coding path. Some of the best alternatives to HackerRank provide comparable or even superior overall experiences.

However, CodinGame is undoubtedly the best solution out of all the options available. One of the primary causes for this is that evaluating programming and coding skills on this platform is relatively straightforward.

CodinGame is, therefore, the closest alternative to HackerRank that you can find. You can now experiment with something other than HackerRank.

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