12 Best Habit Tracker Apps for Students & Employees

Habits have a significant impact on our success and failure. While it is tough to sustain healthy habits, it is even more challenging to eliminate negative habits. Habit tracker apps can make a significant difference if you want to transform your life.

Best habit-building apps help you recall various habits at various time intervals. Tracking your progress increases your accountability. So many apps are available, so selecting the ideal app for habit tracking might be difficult. This blog discusses some of the best habit tracker apps that help you maintain your schedule on the fly.


What is Habit Tracker Apps?

Habit tracker apps are a digital method for defining a list of habits, receiving reminders, and monitoring how well you adhere to them.

It can be challenging to record multiple habits over an extended period in a journal and carry them everywhere. You can install habit tracker apps on your mobile device, watch them online, or even download them for your Mac, Windows, or Linux system. While habit tracker websites are compatible with all devices, the best habit tracker apps are easier to use and update. Moreover, it allows you to avoid missing days owing to your hectic schedule.

Best Habit Tracking Apps and Software to Stay Organized

Here are the top-rated habit tracker apps to help you follow your routine:

1. Habitica

Best For: Gamifying life goals & achieving those in a fun way

Lets talk about the best Habit Tracker Apps with unlimited habits. Habitica allows you to input your daily routine and gamifies your daily goals to help you achieve your objectives. As rewards for creating an avatar and completing activities, you earn talents, things such as pets, and more.

You can form teams with relatives and friends to increase your accountability. On this app, you can also connect with people who share your aims and hobbies.

2. Streaks

Best For: Offline tracking of incomplete tasks on a consecutive day

Streaks is an easy-to-use habit tracker that allows you to list various habits and receive reminders to adhere to them. Besides, you can set the time the reminder will be sent. Once a task has been completed, you can tap “Yes” on the reminder notification. With the streak counter, you can determine precisely how long you have maintained an activity.

3. Habitify

Best For: Viewing completion rate of timeline-based goals

If we talk about the best free Habit Tracker Apps, the Habitify habit app helps you track and maintain habits through several reminders and in-depth weekly or monthly reports. Habitify’s interface is straightforward. You only need to set a list of habits to follow, and the software will organize them depending on your daily schedule. For example, with Habitify’s Today widget, you can receive an overview and easily mark chores as completed to sustain streaks.

4. Momentum

Best For: Dividing time between habits & other activities with a Balance mode

Momentum makes it simple to add and track daily habits. It is one of the Habit Tracker Apps that motivates you with enticing backgrounds and quotes. You can watch your favorite images or phrases and tailor the dashboard to your specifications. You can also watch the current local weather conditions.

5. Strides

Best For: Pre-defined customizable habit tracker templates

This free habit tracker app with unlimited habits, allows you to set limitless reminders to track daily, weekly, and monthly excellent and poor habits. It provides more than 150 templates to pick from based on the sort of task being monitored. In addition, you can watch progress reports and charts containing success rates, streaks, etc.

6. Notion

Best For: Organizing your work habits & collaborating with your team for projects

With Kanban boards, to-do lists, calendars, and more, the Notion program facilitates the planning of activities and workflows. While exploring, you can clip material from any website or drag and drop files to add them to your task lists. This best habit tracker app free supports various content formats, including to-do lists, photos, etc. It is simple to add as many lists as desired and synchronize them with different devices.

7. HabitHub

Best For: Including post-midnight habits as part of the daily routine

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If we talk about the top-notch Habit Tracker Apps, HabitHub enables you to set habits, integrate your habit history from other tracking apps, and classify them for improved follow-up. Red, yellow, and green indicators display the progression of hourly, weekly, and monthly habits. In addition, this best free habit tracker app Android provides a reminder system, home screen widget, calendar watch for habits, and even alternative themes.

8. Loop Habit Tracker

Best For: Detailed charts and analytics for habit tracking

Are you still seeking the best habit apps in 2022? Loop Habit Tracker allows you to construct easy to-do lists and track your progress in a journal. The home screen widget allows you to follow your habits without entering the program. Loop Habit Tracker also allows you to pause or reject activity reminders.

You may monitor monthly progress with a detailed calendar view, charts, and statistical metrics. You may also export your data for analysis to a database or spreadsheets.


Best For: Coaching & community support for maintaining habits

Next in our list of the best Habit Tracker Apps free is It enables individuals to track habits and maintain motivation and accountability with the community’s help. Your goals can be broken down into small steps, and you can receive personalized plans from your coach.

Moreover, this best habit tracker app Android is one of the best apps for habit tracking and increasing productivity. The app also displays your progress and milestones. If you have questions, you can receive responses within the app.

10. Beeminder

Best For: Managing critical habits

Adding a monetary incentive to your critical goals is one-way Beeminder can assist you in achieving them. The app is one of the best habit trackers because it quantifies your habits and plots your progress as a yellow brick road. You must pay the pledged sum if you deviate from the designated route or lose your winning streak.

11. The Done App

Best for: Tracking multiple habits & setting periodical goals

If we talk about the best Habit Tracker Apps Android, the Done App is a simple and sophisticated method for keeping track of many daily habits. The app provides reminders, streaks, and the option to establish objectives. In addition, this best habit tracker app reddit provides comprehensive metrics regarding your progress over time and tracking of streaks.

12. Stickk

Best For: Making contractual commitments & community discussions

Stickk is a unique habit-tracking app that enables users to create pledges and goals and then hold themselves accountable by adding money to the pot — providing additional incentive to stay on track. In addition, Stickk provides recurring progress tracking and the ability to establish any form of habit through creating commitment contracts.

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Habit tracker websites & apps can be great if you stay motivated. Depending on the compatibility of your device, you can choose any of the previously stated habit-forming apps.


Which habit tracker app is best?

There’s no one best habit tracker app. Instead, different apps offer various features that may appeal to multiple individuals. Strides, Loop Habit Tracker, and Stickk are some of the best habit tracking apps.

How much do habit-tracking apps cost?

Habit tracking apps vary in price. Some apps, such as Strides and Loop Habit Tracker, are free to download and use. Others, such as Stickk, require users to put money on the line to sign a binding agreement.

Are there any free habit tracker apps?

There are a variety of habit-tracking apps available, some of which are free. The best free habit tracking apps are Strides, Loop Habit Tracker, and Habitify.

How do I track my daily habits?

There are numerous techniques to monitor daily habits. Some individuals use pen and paper, while others use apps or digital tracking solutions. Consider using a habit tracker app 2022 if you want a straightforward way to monitor your habits. Again, there are numerous solutions accessible, some of which are even free.

Does the habit tracking app work?

Yes, habit Tracker apps can be helpful for people who want to better their health or kick harmful habits. Numerous apps available offer diverse functions to fulfill the demands of various consumers.

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