8 Best Gramho Alternatives in 2023

Gramho Alternatives 2023: An Instagram analysis and viewer tool called Gramhir, formerly known as Gramho, enables you to analyze various profiles. For example, you may examine a profile’s popularity score, average likes and comments, the time between postings, and more.

You can use Gramhir to discover information on the posting practices of competitors whose Instagram accounts have grown successfully. Additionally, it helps examine your profile. Additionally, the program allows you to view profiles anonymously, even without an Instagram account.

Gramho is only sometimes accurate; for example, it frequently fails to recognize stories or videos posted by a profile, falsely indicating that the profile has no stories when it has, making it less effective as an Instagram viewer tool.

In addition, although Gramho Instagram offers a tab for researching hashtags, I needed help to work when I attempted to use it. When a search term with a hashtag, like “#internetmarketing,” it just brought up a 404.

Thankfully, other alternatives are more efficient. Today, I will demonstrate alternatives to Gramho for researching Instagram.

Best Gramhir (Formerly Gramho) Alternatives

1. Bigbanggram

Lets talk about the popular and best Gramho Alternatives for Viewing Instagram Stories. Explore and compare various Instagram accounts with the free Instagram analyzer tool provided by Bigbanggram. You will see how many posts they publish every day and week, as well as graphs illustrating how the average number of daily and weekly articles has fluctuated over time.

You’ll also see the time of day and week they produce the most content. It will then display the most popular hashtags, description terms, and interests for the Instagram account you are studying.

Additionally, the tool displays the posts with the most likes & comments (based on the last 100 posts).

2. Inflact

If we talk about the top-rated and Best Apps like Gramhir in 2023, Inflact is the best alternative to Gramho. It provides a significantly greater variety of information and data than Gramhir.

Enter an initial username. You will first see basic statistics, such as the number of posts, followers, & average user activity on the account.

Average user activity is a measure that can help you estimate a profile’s actual popularity and level of involvement. For example, a profile with a low user activity rate may have purchased many false followers.

It also displays the average number of posts published daily, week, and month. In addition, you will observe how these measures have evolved in the current month compared to past months.

There is a chart displaying the average number of posts a profile publishes per weekday and time of day and the average amount of activity the account generates per weekday and time of day. Compare these two charts to determine the optimal posting times.

Another graphic indicates the profile’s most popular posting hour and the days on which the account publishes the most frequently.

Posting at the optimal time is essential for boosting interaction since it increases the number of people who see your content. Conversely, your content will receive less visibility if you post with fewer followers online.

However, the optimal posting time depends on your intended audience and niche. Observing what successful influencers in your field are doing and when they post is beneficial.

If you are in a similar niche, you can duplicate the top 100 terms used in the profile’s captions over the last 100 posts. In addition, you will observe the user’s primary interests based on matches in their captions & post descriptions.

To view the user’s posts with the most comments, scroll down. It allows you to determine which posts generate the most interest and engagement.

The Instagram Story Viewer by Inflact displays stories in real time. In addition, there is a download button beneath each story.

Instagram itself lacks a download option for stories. Additionally, the person who posted the story will be able to know that you have viewed it if you view it.

The Inflact program permits anonymous narrative browsing and downloading.

The User Search feature assists in locating profiles. You can enter such details as:

  • A keyword
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website URL

The tool will then display relevant business and individual profiles. For example, you can filter results by the number of posts, followers, gender, location, and category.

The User Search tool might be helpful when researching to identify the most prominent influencers in a particular niche. Then, you can study each profile separately.

3. Toolzu

Toolzu is another excellent alternative to Gramho. Enter any profile to view the subsequent information:

  • Number of uploads
  • Number of adherents
  • Most popular post day
  • Engagement and user activity
  • Number of posts based on weekday & time
  • Popular hashtags
  • The most common terms in captions
  • Top user interests
  • Top commented posts
  • Top loved posts

With more than ten metrics, Toolzu provides deeper insights into a user’s profile than Gramhir, which offers a small amount of additional information compared to Instagram.

This top-notch Gramho Alternative provides additional growth-oriented Instagram apps. For instance, the Hashtag generator is quite helpful in finding high-quality hashtags to target.

One of my favorite features of Toolzu’s hashtag generator is that you can produce keywords based on a keyword you provide, your website or blog post URL, or even an image. The program will analyze the uploaded image and provide suggested hashtags.

The Hashtag Generator will provide you with a list of suggested hashtags and each one’s rating difficulty score (low, medium, or high) & volume, allowing you to determine the hashtag’s popularity and whether it’s worthwhile to target it.

Toozlu maintains a list of the 100 most popular Instagram hashtags across all categories. However, it is only suggested that you use two or three in your posts.

It is because these hashtags are typically not niche-specific. So even if people do follow or search for certain hashtags, it isn’t easy to rank for them or target the correct audience.

There is also a list of the most popular like-driving hashtags, such as #like4like and #follow4like. Toolzu’s Instagram Downloader tool is also quite useful. It is possible to save images, videos, tales, IGTV reels, profile photos, and even full profiles.

Last but not least, a search feature allows you to locate the top profiles in particular niches. You can enter a keyword, choose a category, and filter by minimum and maximum follower count and gender.

Toolzu is a mobile app for generating hashtags, which is helpful given that most Instagram users are mobile.

4. Path Social

Path Social provides a free Instagram analysis tool that may be used to investigate any Instagram account. It includes fundamental information, such as the account’s number of followers and uploads, and extra insights that Gramhir does not.

For instance, it displays the account’s most popular hashtags and description terms, which you can replicate if you wish to achieve comparable interaction rates. Additionally, the profile’s most popular post time is displayed.

Path Social even provides a graph illustrating the number of posts the account publishes per week.

In addition, Path Social’s additional tools make it more useful than Gramhir. For example, Instagram Viewer lets you see a profile anonymously. At the same time, the Fonts Generator enables you to select over 100 font styles on your Instagram to stand out, be unique, and attract attention.

The free hashtag-generating and analysis tool is one of the most valuable tools. Type in a hashtag to find:

  • The number of Instagram posts that presently contain the hashtag.
  • The number of new posts posted every day with the hashtag
  • The score, from 1 to 100, of the difficulty of ranking at the top of the Discovery page if you use this hashtag.
  •  A chart showing new post activity
  • Related hashtags you can use to increase engagement.
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5. Analisa

Analisa is the best free Instagram analysis tool that offers more comprehensive data than Gramhir. Enter any username to view the subsequent information:

  • Engagement rate
  • Like rate
  • Comment rate
  • Average likes per post
  • Average comments per post
  • Average total engagement per post
  • Total posts
  • Average number of posts per day, week, & month
  • Words most used in captions

If you’re willing to pay a fee, this best Gramho Alternative will provide you with even more in-depth information. Analisa Pro Analytics displays such information as:

  • Follower demographics (age, gender, and location)
  • Follower authenticity
  • Total video views
  • Tags and mentions
  • Types of posts
  • Posting activity
  • Locations tagged
  • Average engagement rates

You may now run hashtag reports in addition to profile reports. You can export either report as a PDF for free if you create an account; however, an account isn’t required to run the report itself.

6. Social Monitor

If we talk about the highly-rated sites like Gramho, Social Monitor’s Instagram profile analyzer is significantly more sophisticated than Gramhir’s. You must register and make an account, but you will receive numerous free credits.

The instrument creates a report for each profile that includes the following:

  • Engagement rate
  • Average likes
  • Average comments
  • A historical graph depicting the growth of the profile’s followers over time (you can select your date range)
  • Another historical graph this one illustrating the number of accounts the profile follows.
  • A chart displaying 15 recent snapshots from the account, including the date, number of followers and uploads on that day, and the increase in followers since the previous snapshot.
  • A historical graph depicting the engagement rate of the profile over time
  • Using historical data predicts how many followers and posts the account will have in the following 30 days, 60 days, three months, six months, etc. (up to two years).
  • Top mentions
  • Top hashtags
  • Average engagement rates on Instagram depend on follower numbers and how the profile in question compares to the average for its range of followers.
  • A summary of the ten most recent postings, including the posting dates, captions, likes, and comments.
  • A historical graph displays the number of recent posts’ likes, comments, and caption words.

That’s a lot of information! Additionally, the complete report can be exported as a PDF.

Additionally, you can track profiles and receive automated monthly reports through email.

Unlike Gramho and most other apps, Social Monitor includes a comparison analysis feature. As a result, it enables you to evaluate two distinct profiles side-by-side, albeit with fewer metrics than the standard analysis tool.

It permits the comparison of the following metrics:

  • Engagement rate
  • Average likes
  • Average comments

In addition, it provides historical charts illustrating the engagement rates and follower growth of the two profiles over time.

You may run analyses on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter profiles in addition to Instagram.

Social Monitor also keeps an index of influential Instagram users. You can filter them depending on the number of followers, engagement, bio keywords, and more.

Overall, Social Monitor is a convenient tool for spying on competitors and tracking one’s Instagram numbers. Both options are available; all your reports are accessible from your dashboard.

The disadvantage is that it is not free. When you sign up, you receive three credits, which are only good for three reports.

The free account is sufficient if you are only interested in analyzing your personal Instagram profile.

You can even add funds to your account. One credit typically costs $1, making Social Monitor a bit pricy, but you can view the most recent pricing information here.

7. Sweetagram

Sweetagram is an Instagram analysis tool that is a wonderful alternative to Gramho. On the site, there are Editor’s Collections, which are compilations of the top profiles in several categories, including:

  • Brands
  • Celebrities
  • Comedians
  • Science
  • Fashion
  • Wildlife
  • Kids
  • Animals

It has prominent animal profiles, primarily dogs, cats, and other pets. Suppose you wish to create a successful Instagram account for your dog, lizard, cat, ferret, or other animals. In that case, observing the activities of the most popular animal profiles is helpful.

The same rules apply if you want to establish a personal brand as a comedian or if you need to create an Instagram account for your child.

However, you may also input the profile you wish to monitor. You will see their most often-used hashtags and their most recent posts and captions.

Additionally, this popular Gramho Alternative offers a hashtag search engine that allows you to find the top profiles for a particular hashtag.

8. inBeat

inBeat’s Fake Follower Checker enables the auditing of a profile’s account. Like Gramhir, it offers information such as total followers, average likes, the ratio of comments to likes, and more.

The program analyses the profile’s followers and estimates the proportion of actual versus fraudulent followers. For example, approximately 44% of Kim Kardashian’s followers are actual, while the remaining 187.7 million are inactive profiles.

It is common knowledge that many influencers purchase phony followers to increase their status and number of followers.

In addition, this famous Gramho Alternative provides a score for your audience based on total interaction, likes, and comments, as well as how they compare to industry norms. For example, Kim Kardashian scored 4.4 out of 10, indicating that her audience needs to engage more actively with her content. It is likely because the majority of her followers are likely phony.

What benefit does this knowledge provide? For example, suppose you plan to launch influencer marketing campaigns to improve your exposure. In that case, you’ll need to ensure that you’re receiving value for your money and not overpaying for an account with many phony followers.

In addition, it enables you to determine whether competitors are worthy of imitation.

Suppose you are researching what successful competitors are doing to replicate their strategies. However, if their big follower counts result from purchasing fake followers, their followers are not a result of the hashtags they use or the time of day they publish.

Lastly, suppose you’ve purchased an Instagram account or are going to do so, regardless of whether you’re purchasing just the account or an account that comes with a website or company. In that case, it’s essential to verify that the account’s followers are authentic.

Additionally, inBeat offers a QuickSearch Influencer Search Engine that enables you to identify influencers to follow and evaluate quickly. You can filter by gender, location, number of followers, engagement rate, and language.

You can then add influencers individually or in bulk to your research list. After that, you may analyze each influencer to uncover information such as:

  • Contact details
  • Average engagement
  • Average likes
  • Average comments
  • Influencer progression
  • Sponsored post statistics

Additionally, you can use the DeepSearch feature to discover several Instagram influencer profiles and their contact information.

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Enter your search parameters, such as several followers, location, gender, etc. The tool will then provide thousands of profiles that are similar.


Inflact is the best alternative to Gramho owing to its user-friendliness, superior statistics, and other valuable tools, such as the hashtag research tool.

However, there are plenty of other free alternatives to Gramho described above that you can also try. The majority of them are skilled at their jobs.

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