Google Home Max White Speaker Complete Review

When thinking about house audio with its Google Home Max Speaker, Google altered the perception that it doesn’t immediately come to mind. Although earlier models primarily functioned as speakers, the Nest Mini (once the Home Mini) was not exclusively engineered for music consumption. These devices can query Google Assistant and may also be employed to control smart home appliances occasionally. This is where the Google Home Max diverges from the norm. Dimensional in size, the Google Home Max White speaker is an intelligent device. It is distinguished from the rest of the lineup by its attractive design and the fact that it was created specifically for music consumption. Although the Google Home Max has been officially discontinued, is it still advantageous to acquire one if one is available at a discount? Let’s investigate!

Google Home Max Speakers: An Overview

Well, Google Home Max White is a smart speaker offering exceptional audio clarity and a fashionable, contemporary design. The Home Max uses two 0.7-inch tweeters and two 4.5-inch high-excursion woofers to produce a robust sound. It features an integrated Chromecast that lets you stream audio from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, including podcasts, music, and other audio content. As a result, additional cables or connections are not necessary to use the Google Home Max White to listen to your chosen music and podcasts. Google Assistant technology is also integrated, allowing voice commands to control smart home appliances, play music, and more. Its straightforward and minimalist design makes the Home Max an ideal complement to various interiors.

Google Home Max Speakers Specifications

Speaker Name Google Home Max
Price $218.90
Connectivity Technology and Special Features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, wireless
Model Number GA00222
Voice Assistance Google Voice Assistance
Weight 5.30kg
Waterproof No
Dimensions 19.00 cm x 33.60 cm x 15.40cm
Warranty 1 year
Light White LED
Color White
Manufacturer ā€ˇGoogle

Design & Build Quality

In contrast to the original, more compact Google Home speaker, which resembles a scented candle or air freshener, the Home Max is aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated. The rounded corners and smooth contour of the attractive fabric speaker grille harmonize with the surrounding matte plastic to the point where it appears to be a single component. The canvas has a faint luster, and white LEDs illuminate behind the surface to indicate the volume level. The illumination is regulated in intensity using an ambient light sensor. Submerged beneath the cover are two 4.7-inch woofers and two 0.7-inch tweeters that generate the sound. Class D amplifiers supply these drivers with power.

The dimensions of the Google Home Max White are 7.5 by 13.3 by 6.1 inches (HWD) and are available in black/grey (“charcoal”) or white/light grey (“chalk”) configurations. Despite its 11.7-pound weight, it is acceptable because it is not intended to be mobile. The touch-sensitive surface on the upper panel of the speaker can be used to adjust the intensity. Use the left-sliding finger to adjust the level. These levels collaborate with the master levels of the mobile device when connected via Bluetooth. The play/pause icon is situated precisely in the center of this panel, delineated by a thin, linear distinction. Although the Google Home Max speaker can be operated simply by speaking, we discovered the controls to be exceptionally responsive.

The microphone and speakerphone for Google Assistant are activated and deactivated via a microphone switch located along the rear panel. The speaker uses a configuration comprising six far-field microphones to facilitate remote speech commands. Connectors for the provided power cable, a USB-C connector (which, oddly enough, can also be used to connect to the internet via an adapter), and a 3,5mm socket are located beneath the rear panel. The USB-C interface supports neither external audio sources nor additional storage.

Sound Quality

The Google Home Max speakers are distinguished by their exceptional fidelity of sound. Google recognized the significance of audio quality when designing a speaker of this magnitude to facilitate music listening. It partially accomplished this by incorporating its algorithms, which enabled the speaker to self-adjust its EQ in response to its placement using six internal sensors. The sound was consistent enough that I could not distinguish between placing the speaker on top of a marble countertop or a table in the rear of the room, even though the Google team defines this feature as “Smart Sound.”

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Generally, placing the lower portion of a speaker in a corner will amplify the sound, analogous to placing a smartphone in a cup. The Google Home Max White, on the other hand, self-corrects to preserve sound fidelity. This is beneficial if you prefer to avoid manually equalizing your music, as you will not have as much control, but it is detrimental if you do. Conversely, the Google Home application provides only basic controls for adjusting the bass and treble.

Google Assistant

Without a doubt, the Max is not merely a speaker. It functions as a Google Assistant device. After configuring it through the Google Home app on your iOS or Android phone, you can use the voice command “Hey Google” to play music, control smart home appliances, conduct web searches, or access answers to questions. Amazon maintains its lead over Google in the supported smart home companies list. Amazon also demonstrates superior calendar information management for G Suite account users.

However, Google Assistant is excellent as a whole-home solution. It can synchronize audio between rooms, distinguish up to six distinct voices associated with different Google accounts, and even send messages to every Google Home device in your home. Also, the assistant plays songs from Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Red, or Pandora. While the Google Home Max White supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Chromecast links, and audio cables for music transmission, voice activation of locally stored music or your personal music collection is impossible.

Smart Home Connectivity

Increasing numbers of individuals are looking for ways to increase the intelligence of their homes. Connectivity to smart homes is gaining popularity as individuals seek ways to conserve energy and improve comfort. The Google Home Max white allows you to leverage voice control and wireless connectivity to manage the lighting, thermostat, and other interconnected devices within your household effectively. Your house will look fantastic after you do this. Due to its powerful speakers, voice control, and wireless connectivity, it is the ideal device for creating a smart house.

Pros & Cons


  • Acceptable acoustics.
  • Internal sensors are capable of self-adjustment in response to their environment.
  • It operates as a standalone mono speaker, a stereo pair, or an individual component of a home music system.
  • Elegant concept.
  • Google Assistant is advancing continuously.


  • Aural purists find the bass to be excessive.
  • Lossless music options could be enhanced.
  • Loud music makes it difficult for microphones to capture speech.
  • Significant Cost.

Who Should Buy Google Home Max White?

  • Google ecosystem participants can control their speaker to cast content to their TV via Chromecast without remote control. The aforementioned pertains to YouTube and YouTube Audio.
  • Consistent users of the Google Voice search assistant continue to deliver the most accurate responses among personal assistants. Furthermore, it will continue to improve if you are anything like me, which requires constant reminders of basic facts.

If, in the future, you wish to remain with Google products even after the Google Home Max is discontinued, the Nest Audio speaker will be your top choice. The best part is that it is available for only $99 and features an attractive minimalist design and outstanding sound. It’s fantastic that two of these can be purchased and used in stereo. If you are more interested in Amazon hardware, consider the Amazon Echo (4th Gen); it compares favorably to the Home Max.


In conclusion, the Google Home Max White is an exceptional audio fidelity smart speaker with a contemporary, minimalist design. Another feature is Smart Sound, which automatically modifies the audio to correspond with the environment and your actions. In addition to supporting a vast array of voice commands, the Google Home Max White is compatible with many smart devices. Google Assistant enables users to perform various tasks, including setting reminders, checking the weather, and controlling music using voice commands. Few options are available if you are looking for a smart speaker with excellent sound. While the Google Home Max speakers’ microphones struggle to pick up your voice during boisterous music playback, the device is nonetheless impressive. Although, unfortunately, Google Home Max has been discontinued, numerous smart home-enhancement speakers are equally good as this difficult-to-find alternative, so there is no need for concern.

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