18 Best Games like ROBLOX to Create Your Own Game World

This article is regarding Games like ROBLOX that you can use to Create Your Own Game World. When considering a game’s long-term prospects, it’s important to remember that gamers remain interested because of the freedom, tools, and depth that a game provides. In addition, gaming is all about allowing players to be creative and assisting them in opening and expanding the portal of their imagination. ‘ROBLOX’ is one such game that allows you to do just that.

Since 2005, ROBLOX has provided all tools necessary for players to create and share their own games in a game. However, if ROBLOX isn’t enough to get your creative juices flowing, here’s a list of 18 games like ROBLOX that give you a similar level of freedom while allowing you to test your creativity and build your game world. Also, check ROBLOX App (here).

18 Best Games like ROBLOX – ROBLOX Alternatives

The following is a list of games similar to ROBLOX or games like ROBLOX that we have mentioned in this article.


1. Terasology

Games like ROBLOX

Terasology is an open-source game that offers the player a beautiful sandbox with elements from various genres. Even though this ROBLOX like game, is still adding new features, it already has some unique ideas when compared to other games in the genre. This is a game that provides a similar experience to Minecraft in that players can create their worlds for other players to visit.

Availability: Windows

2. Boundless

Games like ROBLOX

This ROBLOX like game transports you to a hostile world teeming with aliens. You get to explore various realms, similar to what you do on Roblox. You and your friends will build an empire within that world (definitely something you will do with Roblox).

As you move through the terrain, you’ll be able to communicate with either the first or third-person view and receive special information and gifts. The gifts and information lead you into a crafting world where you end up building an entire city. You must withstand the elements while honing your crafting skills.

For a more immersive experience, try Boundless with a few friends. Does this ring a bell? Yes, indeed. The Roblox adventure.

Some companies will be beneficial as you embark on your journey of survival beyond the bounds. And that isn’t all. Of course, you’ll enjoy the graphics and colors as well!

Availability: PlayStation 4, Windows

3. Minecraft

Games like ROBLOX

Minecraft is 1 of the most well-known and widely played titles in the world-building sandbox genre. In the game’s procedurally generated world, players can construct buildings. It not only allows players to use an unlimited number of resources to create and build beautiful bases, but it also includes exploration, crafting, and combat to keep healthy while also surviving.

Minecraft also has a multiplayer layer in which players can create and share different maps to play.

Availability: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Linux, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS

4. CastleMiner Z

Games like ROBLOX

CastleMiner Z, the sequel to the popular Xbox Indie title CastleMiner, immerses players in a procedurally generated world inspired by Minecraft in which they must survive against all odds. Despite the fact that the game was primarily released as a survival title, requiring players to craft weapons and defend themselves against horrifying monsters, it also includes a Creative Mode in which players have complete freedom to construct vast structures using a variety of different blocks.

The game was initially available on Xbox 360 and PC but is now only available for PC players. In its current state, the game has four different game modes: Endurance Mode, Survival Mode, Dragon Survival Mode, and Creative Mode.

Availability: Windows

5. Animal Jam

Games like ROBLOX

This ROBLOX like game is extremely popular among children. Especially when they have to make an animal, live a virtual life, play various games, and customize characters with shop items. Building in both Animal Jam and Roblox is done with 3D blocks.

Animal Jam enables children to learn about the natural world around them. They feel compelled to defend that world from spoilers, dungeons, and other threats. It also includes features such as going on adventures and adopting more animals. It’s no longer just about the kids. So, try it out today and see if you don’t drown in it as well!

Consider customizing your den with one-of-a-kind furniture, partying, shopping for new clothes, or socializing with other players. There’s always something to do at Animal Jam. The best part about this ROBLOX alternatives is its top-notch online security, which keeps young players safe.

Availability: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

6. Trove

Games like ROBLOX

Trove combines MMO arena and sandbox gameplay, and it offers players an adventure in its vast universe. This allows players to enter various worlds via the HUB area and enjoy the various dungeons, loot, and build their own ‘cornerstone’ home. Additionally, this games like ROBLOX provides players with a variety of classes to choose from, and the characters gain abilities based on the classes they choose.

Along with creation, multiplayer gameplay, and adventures, the game provides a wide range of customizable items to players, allowing them to change the appearance of their in-game avatars constantly.

Availability: Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

7. Cubic Castles

Games like ROBLOX

Cubic Castles, as the name implies, allows you to pack your bags and embark on an adorable adventure to the “Cubic Castles.” The players construct the world one cube at a time. A player’s journey, creating realms, gathering resources for crafts and other high-quality materials, and building many structures is central to the gameplay.

Every creator secretly wishes to be praised and admired for their efforts. Cubic Castles allow players to visit each other’s realms in order to gain inspiration and build even better castles.

Availability: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

8. Garry’s Mod

Games like ROBLOX

Suppose you’re looking for the ultimate physics sandbox adventure. In that case, you should check out Garry’s Mod, a game with no real goal, allowing players to do almost anything they want, similar to ROBLOX but with better graphics. You can spawn a wide range of objects, weld them together to form new objects, spawn characters on said objects, and then laugh at the stupidity that ensues.

The game has a large community that constantly adds new content that you can access even if you aren’t much of a builder yourself. There are a plethora of mods to enjoy, as well as a number of elaborate games within this ROBLOX like game and some exceptionally silly experiences.

Availability: Windows, macOS, Linux

9. Lego Worlds

Games like ROBLOX

Well, If you’re a big Lego fan and have always wanted an unlimited number of blocks to create your own Lego wonderland, you should check out Lego Worlds – a Lego-themed sandbox game that will allow you to do just that, albeit with virtual Lego blocks.

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Lego Worlds’ sandbox mode is one of the best sandbox experiences available, allowing you to create whatever you want using all of the available materials and character design options in the game.

Availability: Windows, Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

10. The Blockheads

Games like ROBLOX

Well, The Blockheads is a free sandbox game that takes place in a 2D block-based game set in a procedurally generated world that is constantly evolving. Further, The players take control of characters known as ‘Blockheads,’ who can build and destroy blocks as well as craft materials to create eye-catching structures. This ROBLOX alternatives also allows players to explore mountains, deserts, oceans, and underground caves in a variety of weather and season conditions.

Availability: Android, iOS

11. Minetest

Games like ROBLOX

Minetest is yet another fantastic open source voxel game engine that will allow you to play one of the many already available games, modify the available games to your liking, or create your own game to play with other players online. This games like ROBLOX includes massive maps that are 6200062000 blocks in size and give players the ability to dig down to 31000 blocks down or build 31000 blocks up to create their maps.

Some epic texture packs will allow you to change the look and feel of your map, as well as some great automatic map-generators that will generate new maps for you based on the parameters you specify.

Availability: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android

12. Mythruna

Games like ROBLOX

Mythruna combines world-building with extensive crafting and a dash of role-playing to make the gameplay even more enjoyable. In Mythruna, you can make beautiful voxel-shaped worlds for a fun sandbox role-playing experience.

Further, This ROBLOX alternatives has been in development for quite some time, but it is still playable and enjoyable. Meanwhile, it doesn’t appear that the game will be updated anytime soon. It’s a game worth checking out if you want a games like ROBLOX with some RPG elements thrown in.

Availability: Windows, macOS, Linux

13. Growtopia

Games like ROBLOX

This ROBLOX alternatives is for you if you’ve been looking for a multiplayer creative sandbox platformer to get lost in a while traveling without having to invest in a portable gaming device. This games like ROBLOX works flawlessly on smartphones (Android and iOS), and it is also available on Windows and macOS.

The Growtopia is a 2D multiplayer game that allows you to build, play, trade, and explore with your friends. This game’s two-dimensionality doesn’t detract from its colorful classic pixelated style, which more than compensates for it.

Availability: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

14. KoGaMa

Kogama, like Roblox, is a free browser-based game that allows players to create and design various types of games and levels that they can then share and play with their online friends. In addition, players can use the terrain and logic to create their own gaming experience. The ability to create various games of various genres is what makes this game a must-play for fans of 3D multiplayer sandbox construction games.

Availability: Browser

15. Rising World

Now, if you want a voxel-based open-world sandbox that isn’t based on simple blocks and is looking for something a bit more graphically advanced, you should check out Rising World. This games like ROBLOX, which is still in early access, gives players the same freedom as ROBLOX in a stunning procedurally generated world.

Players can completely alter the environment by using over 200 different building materials, 200 different furniture and fixtures, and 200 items. Furthermore, the developers continue to add new content to the game with regular updates, which is always a good sign.

Availability: Windows, macOS

16. Creativerse

Creativerse is a fantastic free-to-play sandbox survival game that takes the concept of block-based worlds to a whole new level by providing a tremendous amount of detail. This ROBLOX alternatives takes place in a procedurally generated world of blocks where players can interact with the plants and animals around them, craft items, collect materials, and build shelters to survive.

Further, Another feature that distinguishes Creativerse from similar games is the way it handles the building mechanics. The game gives players a lot of control over the building materials, including full-block rotation, blueprints, an autofill feature, wiring, and logic gates. There are even some fantastic paid DLCs to enjoy once you’ve completed the base game.

Availability: Windows, macOS

17. Terraria

The Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game that you will enjoy if you like sandbox games. It’s one of the best ROBLOX like games that you can play right now. The vastness of this game is its best feature. It’s vast in size that it would take a substantial amount of time to investigate and to have fun with it.

Terraria is the perfect combination of action games and sandbox mechanics. That means you can be creative while also having fun while playing the game. In addition, the company releases expansion packs on a regular basis, so you’ll never get tired of the content. I prefer Terraria to Roblox and Minecraft, so I highly recommend it.

Availability: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Nintendo Wii U

18. Wurm Unlimited

Well, Wurm Unlimited is a standalone version of Wurm Online, a fantasy sandbox MMORPG that allows players to customize how the game plays out completely. In this games like ROBLOX, players are in charge of server management, which allows them to customize skill gain rates, action speeds, creature count, and much more.

Wurm Unlimited, like most other MMORPGs, allows players to do everything from gather materials from the outside world to build their own homes in-game. In addition, the game provides PvE and PvP experiences in a beautiful environment that can be customized to your preferences.

Availability: Windows, Linux

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Some Cool Games like ROBLOX:

All of the games listed above are very similar to ROBLOX, and if you’re looking for some fun world-building games with a twist, this list has you covered. These ROBLOX like games give players the freedom to explore the sandbox created by the developers and to create their worlds within it. For example, you can build your utopia in a virtual world using the tools provided by these games, where everything can be built from the ground up, block by block or brick by brick. So, give these games like ROBLOX a shot and let us know which one is your favorite world-building game.

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