11+ Best Games Like Pokemon 2022 To Play

Pokemon began as a video game before becoming an anime series. In any form, Nintendo’s intellectual property is the best-selling game franchise. Due to its influence, there are undoubtedly additional games like Pokemon. The series was introduced in 1995 by developer Game Freak. Since its inception, there have been many Pokemon games for portable and home consoles. For example, the most recent entries, such as Sword and Shield, are exclusive to Nintendo Switch. If you own a Nintendo Switch, you may feel like you need to experience one of the most iconic RPG series in the world. So, we will examine the best games like Pokemon available in 2022.

Choosing Games Like Pokemon

Nine generations of Pokemon games exist. Each game introduces new characters, Pokemon, gameplay mechanics, and locations. Moreover, a new console family line is frequently accompanied by an improvement in the console’s visual and performance qualities. Although the games have evolved, many years have remained constant. Therefore, identifying games like Pokemon requires a grasp of these fundamental elements.

Open-world Design – Each game features a unique map of an open world. To progress through the map, you must unlock items and Pokemon skills. Even though the title is open-world and you can freely go back and forth, the progression is linear and reminiscent of Metroidvania.

Exploration – You move your character, the Pokemon trainer, as you explore the world. As you explore the world, you’ll encounter random battles. In addition, scripted battles occur when interacting with NPCs.

NPCs – NPCs are full in these worlds. They tell stories, challenge you to battles, sell you items, seek your assistance, and more.

Graphics – Even though the graphics have changed, the art style has remained similar. Therefore, we would term Pokemon games classic RPGs. However, the initial titles would be retro RPGs.

Pokemon – The titular component is, of course, the Pokemons. These are responsible for turn-based RPG combat. Each Pokemon has a type, such as grass, fire, or water, and each type has benefits and weaknesses versus other classes.

Collect ’em up – Pokemon’s most significant impact on the video game industry is the collecting mechanic. As you capture and train Pokemons worldwide, games like Pokemon typically have a collection mechanic.

Turn-based Combat – Despite having a team of six Pokemon (your party), most battles are 1v1. Each player takes turns selecting one of four available attacks, items, feelings, or Pokemon. You can bypass the opponent’s turn by inflicting status effects such as stuns or possessing additional stats such as attack speed.

Advanced Stats – Pokemon may level up to increase their HP, attack, and attack speed, among other standard statistics. In addition, they can acquire new abilities when they level up and evolve into more powerful versions. Moreover, based on your decisions and battles, the Pokemon’s advanced stats may be improved by various factors.

Starter Pokemon – To begin your journey as a Pokemon trainer, pick one of three starter Pokemon. Often, the person you pick becomes your strongest companion.

Online Features – These games enable you to trade Pokemon and items with other players. In addition, they will allow you to fight in combat with other players.

Due to these elements, we are examining several Japanese titles, including JRPGs. Games like Pokemon evoke a sense of family-friendly creature collection, story, exploration, discovery, and graphics. The combat is optional, but we will provide something for fans of turn-based role-playing RPGs.

11+ Best Games Like Pokemon 2022 To Play

Games Like Pokemon to play in 2022.

1. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Games Like Pokemon

Wings of Ruin 2 is an offshoot of the Monster Hunter series. The mechanics and gameplay are significantly altered as a title, but the setting is maintained. You play as a Monster Hunter instead of playing as a Rider. Riders can easily make friends with “Monsties,” or friendly monsters. Together, they may fight alongside these beasts, explore the world, and unravel an epic story.

You are the grandson of the renowned Rider Red. Your story starts when you discover Ena, a Wyverian girl keeping an egg of the Rathalos creature. Together, your goal is to care after the egg as it awakens. In addition, you are responsible for preventing the Rathalos from becoming a global world. All of this occurs within a turn-based, open-world RPG. As you complete the game’s main objective and various side tasks, you can freely explore the world, capture other monsters, and fight other creatures. Regarding combat, you fight with your Monstie party, the protagonist, and Ena.

2. Temtem

Games Like Pokemon

Nintendo produces games for families, kids, and the general public. Pokemon is a family-friendly experience, a fantastic RPG game that allows kids to explore the genre. Temtem is a “mature” approach if you consider collecting monsters for grownups. However, I mean that the topics, difficulties, and challenges are greater. Consequently, Temtem is a 3D MMO creature-gathering adventure. You explore the islands of the Airborne Archipelago, discovering new creatures and making new friends. You will also combat turn-based combat against other trainers and Dojo masters as a Temtem tamer. The battles enable you to have five Temtem, while the enemy can ban three of your eight Temtem.

This occurs via a story campaign in which you journey around the six islands. The goal is to defeat Clan Belsoto using your Temtems. In addition, there is a permanent online world where other players may observe you or join you in a cooperative adventure. Lastly, it is possible to purchase a home and customize it. Options for customization include purchasing furniture and painting walls. Similarly, you may customize your character with hats, shirts, jeans, and other clothing.

3. Nexomon: Extinction

Games Like Pokemon

Nexomon: Extinction appears to be a Pokemon clone, but it is much more. First, it includes every element of the Nintendo series but refines them all to perfection. It also adds additional elements to the combat mechanics to make them more difficult. Specifically, it employs a stamina system that compels players to rotate their monster party. Therefore, rather than concentrating on a core team, players must manage a bigger roster of Nexomons. Nevertheless, the Nexomons have excellent design, speech, personality, and comedy.

As expected, this is a monster-capture game with an original plot and more than 300 monsters. In addition, it has an open-world “Metroidvania” area with graphics reminiscent of an HD remake of a classic Pokemon game. Lastly, it features a wealth of complex mechanics in its turn-based combat. The story’s plot follows. The world is on the verge of destruction because of the Tyrant Nexomon. You join a Tamer’s guild to stop the terrible creature on an amazing journey. From story to gameplay, Nexomon is a Pokemon game developed by a different developer. And this is not a negative statement: Pokemon fans are the precise audience they seek.

4. Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition

Games Like Pokemon

Dragon Quest is a classic and iconic RPG series perfect for fans of tactical combat. The latest installment features drawings by Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball) and music by Koichi Sugiyama (the series composer). The Definitive Edition adds more character quests, an expanded soundtrack, 2D and 3D graphic models, and Japanese voice acting. Additionally, the edition allows you to adjust the difficulty. The eleventh installment is a standalone experience; therefore, prior knowledge of the series is not required. According to several Japanese media outlets, it is also the best in the franchise. For instance, the iconic Famitsu magazine awarded it a flawless score of 40/40. For instance, the combat mechanics are basic and complex enough for beginners for veteran fans.

This is a coming-of-age story in which you play with your childhood buddies as a young man. He learns he is reincarnated as a legendary hero. The kingdom, however, views him as an enemy. The classic RPG adventure traverses an open world to face an ancient evil and achieve salvation. In Dragon Quest, there are no monsters to collect but plenty to defeat. It is an epic tale filled with twists, action, and adorable graphics. Also, it is a classic, open-world, turn-based RPG with a family-friendly tone and a party of intriguing allies. Finally, it is an adventure game with over 100 hours, plenty of side material, and dozens of minigames.

5. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Complete Edition

Games Like Pokemon

Digimon and Pokemon are eternal rivals, much as Ash and Gary are. In the 1990s, these two series dominated the kid-friendly anime landscape. Both remain relevant years later, and Digimon is highly famous in Japan and the West. Cyber Sleuth is among the best games in the Digimon series. In addition, the Complete Edition adds the events of Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory.

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You may play as either a cyber investigator or a formidable hacker. The goal is to unravel a deadly secret involving Digimon. This occurs in a fascinating adventure between the physical and virtual worlds. You can capture and train over 300 Digimons for battle as you progress through the story. Then, you may construct your Digimon party to engage in the turn-based battles you’ve come to expect from the series. These battles include innovative RPG systems. However, they are easy enough for beginners to comprehend. Cyber Sleuth is, therefore, one of the best games like Pokemon.

6. Digimon World: Next Order

Games Like Pokemon

Digimon is unquestionably Pokemon’s greatest competitor in anime and video game series. The digital monster franchise, often known as Pokemon, has been around for decades, honing its recipe each time. Digimon World: Next Order emphasizes Digimon breeding and training. It resembles a modernized version of the Digital Monster game, a Tamagotchi-like digital pet spanning the Digimon franchise.

You can simultaneously train two Digimons in an open world. You train them through interactive mechanics. For instance, you may build ties with pets by feeding, praising, correcting, and giving them presents. If the Digimon conditions are not met, they will collapse, die, and be reincarnated as a new egg. Over time, they level levels. As a result of their progression through levels, they get additional stats for real-time combat (not turn-based). You explore the world and engage in combat with enemy Digimons from a third-person perspective. In circular arenas, battles are fought in real time. Your companion Digimons will automatically move according to the AI approach you choose. In addition, you offer precise instructions for victory.

7. Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is all about catching them all; however, the creatures in this game are slimy. You play as Beatrix LeBeau, a rancher using a Vacpack to explore the land. As a pack and gun that can absorb and fire things, the Vacpack is both a tool and the game’s primary mechanic. The Slime Rancher is an open-world game where you collect creatures and solve puzzles using this mechanic. You locate Slimes jumping about the world and absorb them with your gun. Then, you relocate them to your ranch and ensure their happiness. Slimes also drop “Plorts,” the in-game money.

There is no combat, though. Instead, the game focuses on caring for your Slimes, similar to tending to a farm. Slimes evolve and grow. In addition, you may develop your Slimes over time, with many possible variations. Nevertheless, some Slimes can attack you, and only your gun can save you from their trap. Also, Slime Rancher is a first-person sandbox. The courageous rancher protagonist overcomes obstacles, minigames, and chances as she amasses wealth and expands her farming enterprise.

8. Ooblets

Ooblets is an Animal Crossings-like game with Pokemon elements. First, you manage a farm, develop relationships with NPCs in the town, and collect oddball creatures known as Ooblets. Next, you train and cultivate the Ooblets. They are little, charming, and can accompany you as you explore the weird land of Oob. Here, you’ll comprehend the game’s primary mechanic: Ooblets can face dance battles with other Ooblets for experience points.

Then, upon returning to your farm, you may create a house, personalize your characters, develop your land, and sell your products for profit. It’s a standard farming simulator with Ooblets to care for. You can specifically sow Ooblet seeds and raise baby Ooblets. Oob is an open world featuring a variety of biomes, locations, vegetation, and characters. You can also join Ooblet clubs and purchase seeds, furnishings, and equipment.

9. Yokai Watch 3

Yokai Watch is the most recent entry in the anime video game series. These are further available RPGs for Nintendo consoles. Each entry as a Pokemon game launches in many versions. In Japan, the “Tempura,” “Sukiyaki,” and “Sushi” versions of Yokai Watch 3 debuted. The third installment is a must-have for Pokemon fans, as it is an identical game. Yo-Kais are spirits that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You, as the protagonist, capture them down in an open-world land.

Nate and Hailey are the protagonists of the narrative. Specifically, Hailey operates a Yo-kai detective agency. They capture around 600 spirits together. After a battle, you may also befriend the Yo-Kais and catch them. Then, you train these spirits for grid-based turn-based battles, each with distinct systems and orders. You explore a world filled with full-combat minigames, main missions, challenges, and interacting NPCs. Everything the game offers is family-friendly fun with a touch of difficulty.

10. World of Final Fantasy Maxima

World of Final Fantasy is reminiscent of the beloved classic Pokemon role-playing games. The game adds Nintendo franchise elements with the series’ distinctive JRPG narrative. You play as amnesiac identical twins Lann and Reynn. The purpose of their journey is to regain their history, but the journey places them in danger. The land of Gymoire is filled with Mirages, similar to Pokemon. All this occurs inside a story that adds characters and allusions from past Final Fantasy games.

You explore an open-world 3D map with adorable graphics to complete the adventure. Here, you will face both random and programmed battles against other Mirages. In battle, you command a party of characters against a monster using the classic turn-based system from Final Fantasy. Characters can use skills, magic, close-combat attacks, and items. Then, monsters have certain resistances and weaknesses based on their class types. The enhanced version is a reissue. It adds enhanced graphics, additional Final Fantasy characters (such as Noctis and Lightning), and additional Mirages. Overall, it is an excellent option for young fans of Pokemon, Final Fantasy, turn-based, or traditional RPGs.

11. Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise is a classic JRPG brimming with full features. Impressively, the world’s graphics shader imitates anime and watercolor painting. It indicates that the world is visually appealing, with subtle sights and full impacts. Then, you explore the expansive world of Dahna. It has both natural and indigenous habitats. The game allows unrestricted movement around the landscape, including swimming and climbing. In addition, activities include campfires, preparing meals, and forming relationships with NPCs.

As you explore the world, you will encounter lots of combat. It features real-time combat with various powers, a party of allies, and many mechanics. The systems include altering combinations, Boost Attacks, synchronizing partner attacks, and more. Tales of Arise is a popular JRPG that is easygoing and easy for beginners. It is entertaining and light enough to be family-friendly and focuses on the evolution of a party of characters. The story is then about developing together, and the central subject is overcoming obstacles.

12. Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden is not precisely a Pokemon game, but it is something Pokemon fans would appreciate. Both series use fundamental JRPG mechanics. And it’s partly because Persona 4 is a game for younger consumers that features adolescent characters. This is a story about coming of age. The protagonist and his companions are conducting a murder series. During the journey, you will observe how the game combines traditional RPG systems with social simulation elements.

The gameplay focuses mostly on the protagonist’s regular life and the strange TV World. Daily, the character interacts, forms friendships, attends school and acts out planned events. Players are tasked with rescuing victims, investigating murders, and combating another universe. Personas, which are avatars expressing inner selves, are the primary emphasis. Each Persona battles with a unique set of skills and stats. They can also gain levels and make up your adventuring party. However, combat in the TV World is conducted using a rapid turn-based system. You play several dungeons, levels, and enclosed regions instead of an open world.


This is the list of the best games like Pokemon that you can play in 2022. If you know of games like Pokemon, please let us know. And have an excellent day.

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