11+ Best Games Like Hollow Knight 2022 To Play

The game by Team Cherry is an exceptional independent title. It’s simple to see why you’re searching for additional games like Hollow Knight. This is an independent experience. There’s no precursor, no sequel, and no franchise. Even though the game may be played for around 40 hours, it has finished forever. The eerie Knight experience began with a crowdfunding campaign, so a part of its enchantment stems from its personal, passionate evolution. However, games like Hollow Knight may or may not be independent releases.

Choosing Games Like Hollow Knight

Finding games like Hollow Knight is routine for us. However, it requires comprehension of the entry’s elements to locate similar alternatives. So, games like Hollow Knight were determined to have various characteristics.

Genre – Hollow Knight, is a 2D action-adventure/platformer game with elements of Metroidvania. You play the role of a Knight, an anonymous warrior traversing a wide, linked map. Here, you battle both enemies (insects) and bosses.

Skills – As you progress through the game, you unlock new skills and abilities. The goal of them is movement, combat, and the unlocking of new areas.

Protagonist – The warrior has neither a name nor a voice. He is a quiet protagonist, a dark canvas that explores a story but not itself.

Combat – Combat is a 2D experience. It focuses on using melee weapons to attack enemies from close range. The character can dash, cut, and dodge. In addition, the Knight acquires spells for long-range strikes over time.

NPCs – The NPCs contribute to the attractiveness of the game. Well, as players explore the map, they find NPCs with lore and story information, items to trade, and services to purchase.

Character Progression – The Knight improves minor character development. In addition to acquiring skills, the player discovers “mask shards” that increase his HP. In addition, players may upgrade their primary weapons, gain new combat items, and adorn Charms for modest bonuses.

Rebirth Mechanic – There is a soul-like rebirth mechanism. The player gets “Souls” by engaging in combat with enemies. Souls can heal or power a character’s spells. When the character dies, he loses numerous Souls and his currency. Players must reclaim both their Souls and their currency.

Save Spots – Another element from the Dark Souls series is the ability to save your progress. Unfortunately, the game cannot be saved in any other manner.

Optional Bosses – The game offers optional boss encounters. The use of a specific item grants accesses to these players.

Hardcore Mode – Players can unlock the Steel Soul game mode after completing the game for the first time. It is challenging gameplay with permanent death.

Map Details – The game only readily provides part of the map with its symbols. Before marking areas on a map, players must find certain NPCs and explore the surrounding region. In reality, the player can access many mapping tools for marking areas and landmarks.

Tone – The game’s overall tone (music and visuals) is dark, creepy, and sorrowful.

Score – Hollow Knight features a unique composition with intimate and eerie melodies. The music evokes epicness, grandeur, melancholy, and devastation; these are the game’s themes.

Art – Finally, the art is of outstanding quality. Each enemy and NPC in the game is animated frame-by-frame. In addition, the creators sketched each landscape by hand to create strange and macabre scenery.

Games like Hollow Knight feel like a refreshing mix of the old and the new. The independent title is a conventional side-scrolling adventure with souls-like and Metroidvania-like elements. Due to its art, the result feels strange and eerie, smooth, majestic, and beautiful. Finally, the gameplay is challenging for platforming but ultimately fun.

11+ Best Games Like Hollow Knight 2022 To Play

Games Like Hollow Knight to play in 2022.

1. Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night

Games Like Hollow Knight

The term “Metroidvania” is not exclusive to Metroid games. The Castlevania series is the second component of this name. Because Capcom’s story combined exploration, region unlocking, and physical combat with dark surroundings, this is the case. ArtPlay created a ritual of the Night as a spiritual successor to the Castlevania series. The inventor is Koji Igarashi, a former Castlevania producer for Konami and one of Symphony of the Night’s major creators. This is one of the best Games like Hollow Knight to try.

The inspiration for Ritual of the Night is Symphony of the Night, one of history’s most significant video games. Nonetheless, it adds contemporary touches to keep the game new. The story takes place in 18th-century England and focuses on Miriam, an orphan with extraordinary abilities. In a game similar to Hollow Knight, Miriam can upgrade his abilities to explore a 2D world that is linked. The whole experience focuses on exploration. It is a side-scrolling action RPG packed with content and foes. The story is about rescuing humanity, and the climax is challenging, dark, and violent.

2. Ori And The Will Of The Wisps

Games Like Hollow Knight

The Ori and the Will of the Wisps is the second Ori video game series installment. It significantly improves the original game, Ori and the Blind Forest, while retaining the title’s essence. Both are 2D platform-adventure games with elements of Metroidvania. In addition, both games offer a beautiful art design, endearing NPCs, and amazing scores. Ori also comes from an independent developer. The Moon Studios has its headquarters in Vienna, and individuals worldwide helped develop the series. The visuals of the sequel were vastly improved due to the expanded scope. Specifically, they combined hand-drawn 3D character models with 2D hand-drawn backdrops.

You play the role of Ori, a ghost, on a journey to preserve the forest and his companions. The land is afflicted, but he may heal it by understanding his purpose. In a game similar to Hollow Knight, you must traverse a wide, linked map using dashes, slashes, and skills. You unlock skills, spells, and items to aid NPCs in gaining access to new areas and defeating bosses. However, Ori contains additional elements that distinguish it from Hollow Knight. For instance, it lacks soul-like characteristics. The game also has a “shards”-based character growth system, similar to Final Fantasy games. In addition, it contains a central center, a woodland town that you may assist your friends to develop to unlock new quests. As a result, Ori and the Will of Wisps feel simpler and lighter, yet it meets the highest genre standards.

3. Blasphemous

Games Like Hollow Knight

Blasphemous is a 2D Metroidvania with soul-like gameplay. Everything in the game is horrifying, gruesome, and difficult. This is a nightmare-themed action platformer with hack-and-slash combat. Despite the setting, Blasphemous is fun due to its smooth combat and engaging story. You play the role of the Penitent One. The setting is the world of Cystodia, which resembles environments from Diablo games, such as Tristam. Here, you can dodge, dash to avoid attacks, attack, and employ ranged combat skills. It is a challenging system willing to penalize your errors and set you back to death.

A game similar to Hollow Knight; upon death, you lose something. In this instance, the Penitent One loses the items he’s wearing; thus, he loses any available stat enhancements. He must return to his body without dying to retrieve it. There are other small methods for the character to advance, and the game will gradually unlock these options over time. Aside from combat, you explore a 2D world that is linked. You must find items, magical spells, and mobility skills to access some areas. Most areas have new enemies, items, boss battles, riddles, and platforming difficulties. Overall, it is a challenging action platformer with a highly oblique tone on penance and religion.

4. Ender Lilies: Quietus Of The Knights

Games Like Hollow Knight

Ender Lilies is a 2D platform adventure game with most of the elements listed. Notably, the setting is a dark fantasy, and the game has Metroidvania-style elements. In addition, the game has choices, repercussions, and three alternative conclusions. You play as Lily, a priestess who has survived in a devastated land. Unfortunately, the rain transformed the living into the undead. Lily awakens in a cathedral with no recent memories. On her journey, she explores the source of the rain and learns the ability to cleanse the undead.

The setting starts with 2D side-scrolling gameplay. Next, you play many combat, puzzle, and object collection scenarios. As they progress, players explore a linked map and unlock new areas with new skills. Specifically, combat abilities let players strike, dash, avoid, and employ ranged and magical abilities. Then, combat consists of cleansing the undead and employing their spirits as warriors and guardians. Thus, combat involves the use of fallen souls against undead beings. Similarly, players may increase Lily’s attributes by locating relics and other items. Due to the challenges, map design, and monster battles, a woman’s journey with cursed knights is ultimately quite challenging.

5. Shovel Knight Series – Treasure Trove

Games Like Hollow Knight

Shovel Knight is the primary Hollow Knight competitor. Fans see these titles as mainstays of the side-scrolling platformer genre. Therefore, if you enjoy darker platformers, you will also enjoy Shovel Knight. The Shovel Knight series began in 2014. Four sequels are included in Treasure Trove, which we are providing. King of Cards, Shovel of Hope, Plague of Shadows, and Specter of Torment. In addition, it includes Shovel Knight Showdown, a four-player local PvP mode. Both games employ similar game mechanisms. This is one of the best Games like Hollow Knight to try.

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These are nostalgic 8-bit action platformers with distinctive characters and refined gameplay mechanics. As the Shovel Knight, you sprint, leap, and jump in close combat. You easily use the Shovel Blade to combat enemies on many major quests against nefarious characters. These games lack Metroidvania elements; they are platformers alone. However, Mega Man and Castlevania are their primary inspirations. Consequently, these titles feature riddles, challenging combat, and dramatic boss fights. In addition, the Knight may use the shovel to jump on top of enemies, similar to how the Hollow Knight uses his Nail sword.

6. Dead Cells

Games Like Hollow Knight

A game similar to Hollow Knight, Dead Cells incorporates elements from other genres into its 2D action platformer. The result is challenging, fun, and unique. Additionally, this game is at least as challenging as its competition. Fundamentally, it is a side-scrolling hack-and-slash game with Metroidvania elements and Souls-essence combat. In addition, the setting, a castle, evolve through time. The absence of checkpoints is how the creators brought roguelike elements to the game. You kill monsters, die to monsters, learn how to do it better, and repeat the process.

This studio’s mix is known as “Roguevania.” It refers to the ongoing exploration of a linked, ever-changing world. Concurrently, it indicates permadeath mechanisms with challenging combat, weapons, spells, dodging techniques, and dashes. All this is accomplished through a nonlinear progression that enables you to unlock permanent abilities and areas at will. The game features several secrets, concealed paths, and adorable scenery. Unfortunately, the game lacks a major plot. It’s all about combat and exploration.

7. Returnal

Sony’s newest exclusive IP is only accessible to PlayStation 5 owners. The title uses a AAA budget to combine third-person shooting, roguelike design, RPG elements, psychological horror, and minor Metroidvania elements. Selene, an astronaut investigating the extraterrestrial planet Atropos, is the title’s protagonist. She is searching for the strange “White Shadow” signal. She falls, however, into a time loop, which enables roguelike and counter mechanisms. As a result, Selene must essentially dungeon-crawl her way out of the loop, although several exits and branching pathways exist.

Its sci-fi gameplay involves the usage of several advanced weapons and outfits to escape the loop. Selene is resurrected after each death to try again. To proceed, she must then find the pattern on the maps, defeat the enemies, and defeat the world’s bosses. Unlocking abilities and weapons are also necessary for evading the loops. These abilities and weapons can unlock new areas for progression, and new areas contain more new enemies. Additionally, you frequently require certain weapons to defeat enemies who impede your way. Lastly, the environments are highly smooth, the enemies have superior AI, and the combat is quite fluid.

8. Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread is the most recent installment in the Metroid franchise. Fans and reviewers agree that it signifies a return to form. However, it may be the most challenging entry in the series, for better or worse. This is an action-adventure/platformer game with “Metroidvania” elements. In addition, the game features 2D backdrops with 3D character models and movements. The result is a smooth blend of the new and the contemporary. You play the role of Samus Aran, a recurring bounty hunter. The narrative of Dread begins when she travels to planet ZDR in quest of a mysterious signal. The story takes place after 2002’s Metroid Fusion. It preserves the traditional side-scrolling action while including stealth elements.

The elements of stealth are also highly significant. Due to your initial lack of strength, you must employ the Phantom Cloak to slip past enemies. Samus has a tiny opportunity to perform a counter and escape if certain enemies capture her; otherwise, she is killed. Then, you can only defeat this enemy with a single item. This gameplay loop is repeated throughout the journey to provide a challenging experience. In addition to stealth and combat, Dread has several puzzles, platforming challenges, fast-paced boss encounters, and brutal combat. This is one of the best Games like Hollow Knight to try.

9. Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter includes a top-down camera angle and a futuristic setting/style. These elements may describe the story of a different game than Hollow Knight; however, both games have similar qualities. Even though this is not a Metroidvania game, it is nevertheless an unforgettable experience. Specifically, you explore the remains of the City of Tears. As you ponder the remnants of a once-powerful civilization, you will discover dark scenery, eerie music, and an overall melancholy tone. The game’s entire premise and story are reminiscent of 2D action platformers.

Well, your weapons are a blaster and a sword, and you play as a lone traveler. The land is strewn with clues of a violent and dark history. But, under bloodstains, there lie buried riches. In a 16-bit action-adventure RPG, you, the player, learn the game’s secrets. You travel the regions of Buried Time as the Drifter in pursuit of knowledge. The goal is to find a treatment for an illness slowly killing the character. Along the journey, you encounter NPCs with the hand-animated conversation, challenging enemies, and nasty bosses. In addition, you will upgrade weapons, develop skills, find equipment, and travel a branching map.

10. Cave Story+

Cave Story+ is an independent Metroidvania title focusing on fast-paced combat and exploration. The game transports players to vast subterranean civilizations where they must destroy enemies and bosses. The emphasis of the game is on exploration and rewards. It is a gaming loop that quickly provides new weapons, power-ups, and maneuvers. The controls are then fluid and smooth. Consequently, combat is fierce, frantic, and enjoyable. This occurs in a 16-bit platformer action-adventure title with Metroidvania elements.

The story centers on a teenage hero who focuses on a secret paradise. He soon discovers he is the only one capable of saving the mystical Mimiga race from extinction. But, first, he must position the clues as he obtains narrative knowledge and lore from numerous NPCs worldwide. Cave Story first appeared as shareware. However, because it has become a successful independent time, it is no longer free. Nonetheless, you can find it on GoG, Epic Games, and Steam, among others. However, it’s worth the price: Cave Story+ is a brilliant combination of platforming, exploration, and shooting.

11. Nobody Saves The World

The next option is the most recent game on the list. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can access it (PC and console). It shares few similarities with Hollow Knight, yet it is an exceptional action RPG from an independent developer. Additionally, it has a silent character. But instead of Metroidvania, it features Diablo as a central part. You play as Nobody, a lumpy, undifferentiated character with the same name. Well, you suffer amnesia and are accused of a crime you cannot recall committing. You soon find yourself in a dungeon with the power to turn into a rat. This unlocks the game’s primary system: No one can shapeshift into other entities at any time. However, you will unlock these forms and their respective skills as you progress.

As you can see, playing dungeon-crawler RPGs such as wizards, rogues, and warriors is fun. However, Nobody can also transform into a rat, a horse, a ghost, a zombie, a bodybuilder, and a monk, among other things. Each form has benefits, drawbacks, passives, and skills. In addition, you may mix and combine skills from other classes to tackle the many dungeons in the game. Then, you explore a wide-open world filled with procedurally created dungeons. This is the light rogue-lite / permadeath mechanic, so you must start from scratch if you die in a dungeon. You must manage your 15 unique forms to survive and combat over 30 different enemy kinds. Through a set of quests and side quests, the final goal is to assist the world deal with the Calamity.

12. Megaman Zero: Legacy Collection

Hollow Knight would not exist if not for its ancestors. Megaman is an ancestor of the action-platformer genre. The newest title contains intense melee combat and challenging boss battles. The previous Megaman games are similar in that they include hard yet rewarding 2D combat but with a directional shooting mechanism. The Zero Legacy collection includes six Megaman games. The Mega Man Zero 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as Mega Man ZX and ZX Advent. The collection concludes with Z-Chaser, a game mode peculiar to the set.

The majority of Mega Man games would feel strangely similar to Hollow Knight. In particular, combat, boss battles, and combat are of essential importance in both franchises. The Zero series is notoriously difficult, so players of Hollow Knight will feel right at home. Even without your youthful prejudice, you would see that the Mega Man games have withstood time. Well, it’s some of the best experiences Capcom has to offer, and we anticipate them to release new titles soon. This is one of the best Games like Hollow Knight to try.


This is the list of the best games like Hollow Knight that you can play in 2022. If you know of games like Hollow Knight, please let us know. And have an excellent day.

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