19 Best Games like Genshin Impact – Genshin Impact Alternatives

Games like Genshin Impact – Genshin Impact Alternatives: Well, MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact was released in September, and it quickly became the most successful new IP by a Chinese developer, becoming the most successful new IP by a Chinese developer in just two weeks. Of course, it’s no surprise that this PS4 and mobile crossover is so popular, as it’s a “gacha-style” action RPG that borrows its brilliant Combat from The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

With many characters and secret areas to discover, as well as an intricate combat system that provides tonnes of entertainment, this game takes time to complete. On the other hand, some truly dedicated players may have already built the teams they desire and accomplished everything they believe the game has to offer. So, for any Genshin overachievers, here are some titles that will help the comedown and scratch the same itch, whether for a mobile gacha RPG or a sprawling open-world console adventure.

19 Best Games like Genshin Impact – Genshin Impact Alternatives

There’s no denying that Genshin Impact had a significant impact on the gaming community. It has demonstrated to the industry how successful a free-to-play title can be if the proper amount of love and care is put into creating a stellar product. Genshin Impact is undeniably addictive, and those looking for more games in the same vein should check out the games like Genshin Impact listed below.

1. Sdorica

Games like Genshin Impact

The Sdorica is a gacha game that will give players an amazing story in spades. Well, The game appears simple on the surface, but players who delve deeper will discover the Combat to be an intricate puzzle to piece together. The game also includes character artwork by renowned artist NullGhostArt and general artwork that creates a lovely old-school RPG feel. In addition, Rayark, the game’s developer, has previously created rhythm games, so remember to jam out to the game’s fantastic soundtrack!

2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Games like Genshin Impact

Whether it’s the new Netflix series or the stories of Geralt of Rivia told by scores of older gamers, 3rd person action RPGs are pretty much the same as The Witcher 3. Players take control of Geralt of Rivia, a magical mutant designed to hunt monsters and become entangled in the world-shaping struggles that have come to define fantasy tales like these. It’s a fun combat experience with a juicy and enticing world, many characters to schmooze, millions of conversation trees to navigate, and more than a few monsters to slay. Any player looking to get their teeth into a fantasy RPG should look no further than Geralt of Rivia’s third installment.

3. Moonlighter

Games like Genshin Impact

Moonlighter has one of the unique premises in video games, and that’s saying a lot! Characters in this top-down action RPG take control of a shopkeeper named Will. Will leads a normal life during the day, tending to his wares, and then transforms into a vigilante knight/Batman/Link at night. It’s a charming story about someone daring to dream and having to live up to their dreams, with classic 2D third-person action gameplay. It’s a hack, slash, and sell (if such a thing exists) and a great follow-up to Genshin’s action-packed fun.

4. The Alchemist Code

Games like Genshin Impact

The Alchemist Code, the next mobile RPG on the list, is a tactical, turn-based RPG with almost too much going on. Menus are cluttered, players are constantly receiving new items and rewards, and daily updates and challenges must be considered. So, yes, it’s quite loud. But it’s a well-designed combat system with a full story and many reasons to keep playing. And, like the other games like Genshin Impact on the list, The Alchemist Code serves as a constant reminder of the capabilities of mobile gaming, as well as how little respect the genre receives (despite examples such as this).

5. Public Domains Gacha Game

Games like Genshin Impact

The bad art may initially fool gacha fans, but players who try Public Domains Gacha Game will find that it’s all part of the game’s charm. Haunted Bees Productions created the game, which contains numerous satirical jabs at gacha games and a storyline that makes fun of Disney’s ongoing issues with public domain laws. A game created specifically for April Fools Day has to be funny. After hours of grinding other games, the Public Domains Gacha Game is free for anyone looking for a good gacha-related laugh.

6. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Games like Genshin Impact

The MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact was heavily influenced by Breath Of The Wild, even going so far as to make Genshin’s Combat a direct replica of the combat system. But how could it not be, given that the influence in question is also one of the most significant achievements in video game history? What can be said about this game that has yet to be said? It has one of the most expansive and alive open worlds ever created, full of secrets, enemies, characters, weapons, armor, and hours of spellbinding fun. If players still need to play this title, they know they’re missing out. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first list they’ve heard of it.

7. Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2

Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2

Well, Fans of the Shin Megami Tensei series will adore this game. Are you unfamiliar with the series? This game is still a good starting point before the fifth game, which is due out soon. While providing a solid turn-based combat system, the game allows players to summon and fuse demons into wild combinations. Not to mention, for gacha fans looking to try something new, this game has an augmented reality mode. Players who dive into Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2 will find a wonderful game.

8. Cross Code

Games like Genshin Impact

Radical Fish, the developers, began working on Cross Code in 2012, resorting to crowdfunding at one point to keep the project alive. Finally, at the end of the decade, PC and console gamers can enjoy this complex story and layered gameplay reminiscent of some of old-school gaming’s greatest hits. The Players take control of Lea, a girl in a coma in the real world and can only maintain consciousness in this game world, in an in-game MMO called “Cross Worlds.” The story is intriguing and intellectually challenging, and the gameplay is immersive and challenging. This title is a great choice for any gamer, especially someone who has just finished Genshin Impact.

9. King’s Raid

Games like Genshin Impact

Well, The typical gacha trope of having to buy characters is turned on its head in King’s Raid. Here, All of the characters in the game are easy to obtain, so players can easily have their favorite characters on their team. The difficulty is acquiring powerful enough equipment to put it to proper use. With the recently released Lil’ Raider update, players can join their crew just in time to add new line friends.

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10. Marvel: Strike Force

Marvel: Strike Force is a remarkable game for any superhero fan because it includes every character under the sun. From Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Star-Lord to Iron Man, Ant-Man, and even Luke Cage, there’s a superhero for everyone. In this game, anyone can play. While it is yet another mobile gacha game to make this list, it is also on par with other definitive Marvel video games in terms of quality. Well, Combat is a turn-based experience in which players must assemble a team of heroes and villains capable of synergistically using their unique attacks, abilities, and ultimate abilities. Further, It’s a surprisingly deep and strategic system for a mobile game, and with 75 playable characters to unlock and grow into a team, there’s plenty of replayability.

11. Rumble Road

One of the best aspects of Genshin Impact is that it is free to play and easy to enjoy on mobile devices. How about a turn-based RPG that can be played in a web browser for free? Rumble Road, created by indie game designer Sean S. LeBlanc for the GBJAM 5, is highly stylized to look like an old Gameboy game. However, the game is also quite long for having been created so quickly, allowing players to relax and enjoy it.

12. Another Eden

Another Eden is a turn-based JRPG created by some of the same people who worked on Chrono Trigger. It is one of several outstanding mobile games on this list. It is also one of the most story-driven mobile games ever created. There are hours of main quest to be completed, multiple timelines with their distinct characters, and a handful of side missions. The game also includes well-written characters with voice actors, various difficulty levels, an intricate leveling system, post-game content, and a fluid turn-based system that gives the experience a classic JRPG feel. Another Eden may not have invented the wheel, but it demonstrates unequivocally that it works perfectly on a mobile platform.

13. Hyper Light Drifter

Heart Machine’s Hyper Light Drifter is a top-down hack and slashes adventure with tonnes of 2D carnage that is a great follow-up to any third-person action game. It may be lacking in RPG elements, but it offers a truly challenging experience in a unique world. The way this title handles storytelling is what makes it. The story is told in a very Souls-like manner, with much-inferred lore, backstory, and mythology scattered throughout the world. If players want to learn the game’s aching history, they must diligently find hidden hallways at the screen’s edge. Enjoying the game is unnecessary, but it’s a lovely example of alternative in-game storytelling.

14. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the most recent entry in one of Nintendo’s oldest franchises, and it’s a fun step forward in the series’ tactical turn-based RPG gameplay. Players will assemble a party of warriors, cavalry, magic users, archers, and various other units and lead them into a continental conflict, as is customary. The game, set in the kingdom of F√≥dlan, pits a monastic teacher against forces of political evil while introducing several new mechanics. Well, For the first time in a Fire Emblem game, players can choose between multiple story paths, and there are numerous mechanical upgrades (such as battalions) along the way. It’s a deep strategy and role-playing experience that’s a slightly more cerebral follow-up to Genshin Impact.

15. Honkai Impact 3rd

The Honkai Impact 3rd, another gacha-style mobile game from MiHoYo, is a sleeper hit for one of the last ten years’ most popular and well-received mobile games. The Impact has players level their valkyries through in-game purchases or a well-designed leveling system before taking them into a fun, exciting third-person combat system. The Impact is widely regarded as having one of the best combat systems in a mobile game, with hack-and-slash fare reminiscent of some of the greatest JRPG action titles. As a result, this title is a great choice for players who want to slash on the go or spend hours developing a tiny, sword-swinging lady.

16. Dragalia Lost

There is no doubt that Nintendo produces high-quality games, and Dragalia Lost is one of them. The game has an excellent story, and the fact that it is free to play makes it accessible to all players. In addition, with a Monster Hunter crossover planned for the future and a Persona 5 crossover, players will have many new characters from their favorite franchises to explore within the game.

17. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age

Discussing JRPGs by mentioning the illustrious Dragon Quest series would only be possible. Although meanwhile, the popularity of this IP in the West may have been low for a long time, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age ended up changing that to a large extent. The Dragon Quest series exploded into the mainstream as one of the greatest franchises ever. Echoes Of An Elusive Age has a likable cast of characters and some truly enjoyable combat, making the game an incredibly entertaining romp from start to finish.

18. Persona 5 Royal

The Shin Megami Tensei series has a slew of spinoffs, but nothing compares to the Persona series’ massive popularity. So Persona 5 Royal, the latest traditional game in the series, takes everything established in the previous two games and cranks it up a notch. This highly polished and stylistic JRPG is a blast from start to finish, with the balancing act of turn-based combat and social sim interactions being quite entertaining.

19. Final Fantasy XIV

This MMORPG got off to a shaky start before reversing course and cementing itself as one of the best games in the series. The Final Fantasy XIV is a game that should be played by anyone who enjoys multiplayer games or JRPGs. It has an amazing and unprecedented turnaround. Shadowbringers, the most recent expansion, is an excellent addition to this game’s lore, elevating the quality of this title to a whole new level.

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Conclusion: Games like Genshin Impact

So these are some of the 19 best games like Genshin Impact that you can play. As you can see, only a few games provide a visually stunning experience comparable to Genshin Impact. Nonetheless, I mentioned games with a similar combat system, Gacha mechanics, and other features. So, what are you holding out for? Just go ahead and start playing the game. And if we’ve missed any other games like Genshin Impact, please let us know in the comments section.

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