11+ Best Games Like Diablo 2022 To Play

Too frequently, I have played Diablo II and Diablo III. Every time I rejoin the franchise, I wonder if I would appreciate other games like Diablo as much. The Diablo series is highly addicting, yet it dates back decades. Diablo III made its debut in 2012. That’s years of doing the same thing, and the number of possible constructions and weapons is limiting. In September 2021, the latest release in the series, Diablo II Resurrected, was released. However, owing to recent controversies with Activision Blizzard, it failed to gain popularity, and no one appears to be talking about the remake. Microsoft just acquired Activision-Blizzard for $69 billion. Late in 2022, Diablo Immortal will be released, while Diablo 4 will be released in 2023. However, we have yet to determine how this drastic change will affect the result of these titles and the series. Therefore, there is no better time to seek Diablo alternatives. There are other engaging and time-consuming games like Diablo.

Choosing Games Like Diablo

To choose games like Diablo, one must be familiar with the elements of the dungeon crawler series. Therefore, the selected options contain a combination of the following characteristics.

Genre – Diablo games are action-RPG dungeon crawlers with hack & slash combat.

Gameplay – The gameplay consists of point-and-click mechanics. The mouse is used to move, aim abilities, and use skills and attacks. In addition, the mouse is used to interact with the environment, items, and NPCs.

Combat – As a hack&slash game, Diablo’s objective is to fight an increasing number of enemies. Your character levels up, gains skill points and stat points (not available in Diablo III) and acquires gear. There are several minibosses and bosses in each act.

Skills – The Diablo characters learn skills; however, the system in Diablo III is different than in Diablo II and I. In any case, you unlock skills as your level increases. You then assign these skills to your quick-action buttons.

Classes – Each game features a variety of classes, each with its own set of unlockable skills and arsenal of weapons and armor.

Loot – A complex item system classifies gear by class and level. Diablo emphasizes finding better weapons and armor, as there is an abundance of loot.

Maps – Diablo games follow a linear progression across maps and settings. These maps are generated at random to maximize their replayability. Items are likewise generated at random, albeit unique items have certain qualities.

Online Features – The majority of Diablo games are single-player. However, these titles support co-op play for the campaign and end-game instances.

Graphics – Diablo’s graphics are isometric, meaning that 3D characters, objects, and enemies exist on 2D backgrounds.

Settings – The setting is a dark fantasy revolving around a war between Hell, Heaven, and Earth.

Atmosphere – The atmosphere matches the setting with spooky music, horrible voice acting, and a depressing set design.

Finally, games like Diablo should have a high replayability rating. This is due to the game’s hack & slash combat, skills, loot, classes, and random map generation. We anticipate memorable games due to their engaging combat and eerie settings, even if they are not replayable.

11+ Best Games Like Diablo 2022 To Play

Games Like Diablo to play in 2022.

1. Last Epoch

Games Like Diablo

Last Epoch is both challenging and friendly to newbies. Over time and with perseverance, the character’s numerous tiers are revealed. Thus, the player can consult external sources in order to construct viable characters. It is deeper than Diablo 3 but less challenging than Path of Exile. On the Last Epoch, you start as one of five basic classes, and each class offers three additional mastery classes. Then, you may improve your gameplay by leveling up and customizing your skills. As each Skill has its augment three and each class and mastery has its skills, this gives you over 100 options for every character.

The setting and storyline are undoubtedly the best aspects of the game. You play in the gloomy fantasy world of Eterra, which features randomly generated maps and an ominous soundtrack. The narrative progresses from chapter to chapter as the hero travels across time to save humanity from an impending time. Finally, Last Epoch is an Early Access action RPG. This means that the single-player campaign is unfinished. Even so, it provides around 15 hours of gameplay, a robust end-game system, and regular patches and updates to keep the game fresh.

2. Torchlight 2

Games Like Diablo

Max Schaefer and Erich Shaefer, co-founders of Blizzard North and other developers, founded Runic Games in 2008. Because they aimed to develop a spiritual successor to Diablo II, they produced Torchlight (2009) and Torchlight II. There is also Torchlight III; however, the 2020 version contains flaws; therefore, we do not suggest it. RPG fans like Torchlight II, the series’ crowning game. It is so similar to Diablo that it features the same composer, Matt Uelmen, to create music reminiscent of Tristam. And aside from the original soundtrack, the setting, lore, plot, and maps are remarkably similar to Blizzard North’s classic RPG.

Torchlight 2 is also a dark fantasy in which you play control of one of four classes (Engineer, Outlander, Berseker, and Embermage). Before it’s too late, you, as the hero, must stop The Alchemist, a crazy scientist. Nevertheless, this is an open-world map, a massive overworld with various pathways, hub cities, and landscapes. The randomization of maps means that you will see a different layout every time you log in. There is also the gameplay through randomly generated maps and dungeons, players combat hordes of monsters for loot and experience. Combat is extraordinarily fluid, with a lighter tone and cartoonish isometric graphics. Day/night cycles, weather, a New Game+ mode, and co-op play. The game features extensive mod support via Steam Workshop, ensuring its longevity.

3. Remnant: From the Ashes

Games Like Diablo

Remnants: From the Ashes is the game. This is not an a-RPG, however. Instead, it is a third-person action shooter with Diablo and Souls-like elements. First, it is a dungeon crawler with a single hub world. This means that you can avoid enemy attacks, a key ability. Next, you obtain greater loot and fight over randomly generated maps and instances. Then, you learn skills by doing particular acts and finding specific skill books. Finally, you gain skill points and can invest them in any unlocked passives.

These elements give superb combat. You carry two weapons plus an active skill that you stuff into one of them. There are no hordes of mobs, but there is a wide range of enemies with different abilities, skills, and actions. You fire, avoid, flee, use your skills, run weapons, seek cover, and loot repeatedly. Regarding bosses, you attempt to avoid their damage while finding the optimal moment to attack them. Overall, the gameplay is enjoyable, memorable, and extremely challenging. However, the story could be more memorable. You are the hero of suffering humanity, and your journey takes you through different universes to find evil’s origin. This is irrelevant, though, as you may play the campaign several times with any of the three classes in cooperative mode.

4. Path of Exile

Games Like Diablo

Path of Exile is enormous. It has nine lengthy acts, a compelling plot, fluid combat, an abundance of skills, and an eternal end game. It is an MMO, so you may join a party at any time or explore the world independently. The world comprises randomly generated maps and unique instances for each player. Even after the game, the game presents new mechanics and ways to improve your character. Path of Exile is a hack&slash action RPG with seven playable classes. Each begins with unique stats and takes a distinct position on a massive passive tree. Thus, the Witch begins in the north, close to magic-related nods. Then, each time you gain a level, you will receive a skill three to purchase a passive node and continue to advance across the grid. It’s easy to botch up a character without a tutorial because the system is so expansive and difficult.

There’s also the skill system. You install gems on your gear, either active skills or modifications to active skills. To fit gems in your gear, you must have the appropriate gem slots and linkages between the gems to employ their modifiers. Then, when the skills are used, they level up. Insanely, you find gems through questing but primarily from loot. Regarding this, the final system consists of loot and money. You trade using crafting items instead of coins, although hundreds of crafting items exist. As with every other system in the game, crafting is a highly complex topic that revolves around random mechanics. Each update introduces additional currencies, random mechanics, and ways to get loot. All of these characteristics make PoE very replayable, time-consuming, and challenging.

5. Grim Dawn

Games Like Diablo

Grim Dawn is a classic hack&slash RPG. It’s one of the games like Diablo that fans consistently compare to Blizzard’s series. For example, the combat is fast-paced, with visceral images and terrifying sounds. This originates from a tiny independent firm, with Titan Quest’s designer serving as the principal programmer. You play in a post-apocalyptic dark fantasy world. The human hero is on the edge of extinction, and you are the only one who can rescue the world. You join the world as one of six classes and encounter a nonlinear story with choices, repercussions, and complex RPG mechanics.

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In essence, any classes may be combined, and each class has around 25 skills plus skill modifiers. There are hundreds of random items for a loot fest, and your objective is to acquire more valuable items. Finally, there’s the Devotion system, supplementary boosts for skills. The best part of the game is the quest. Your choices influence the world, NPCs, and villages during critical periods. There are both neutral and hostile factions. You may acquire favor with each character to advance the story in numerous ways. The ultimate objective is to restore the world by rescuing survivors, restoring structures, and acquiring essential items. It may be completed single or with part of four players.

6. Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition

Games Like Diablo

Titan Quest is a 2006 classic in the role-playing title genre. The Anniversary Edition sheds new information on the cult-favorite video game. Specifically, this package contains Titan Quest with the Immortal expansion Throne. Then, it updates its systems and graphics to provide a contemporary experience. Brian Sullivan, co-creator of Age of Empires, devised the title. The story is set in ancient Asia, Egypt, and Greece. Here, the Titans have escaped their endless prison, and you are the only one capable of preventing their destruction of the planet. It is a quest with mythical adversaries and settings.

A customizable character accompanies the journey. There are 28 classes and hundreds of items with varied classes. Then, you travel through a 3D world with realistic and intricate settings. If you prefer to avoid playing the story, you may construct your maps for unique adventures with the World Editor. Well, the game may be played solo or cooperatively with up to six players. The Anniversary Edition also restored multiplayer functionality. Furthermore, it introduced voice chat, performance enhancements, and more. In addition, the edition offers larger resolutions, a greater camera distance, and mods.

7. Death’s Door

Death’s Door is a 3D action-adventure game combining action RPG and hack&slash elements. It includes isometric graphics and a generally gloomy atmosphere. Consequently, this is a basic game. Its gameplay mechanics, narrative, and combat are simple yet well-refined. You play the role of a little crow employed by the “Reaper.” The job entails collecting souls for an office in the hereafter. However, a new assignment will soon need you to reclaim a stolen soul. As a result, you travel to a realm filled with power, greed, and gigantic, powerful creatures.

Here, you will learn the game’s mechanics. You employ melee weapons, arrows, and magic to defeat creatures and demigods. Combat is straightforward, but this is a double-edged sword. Your faults are punished severely. However, you may get an edge by personalizing your stats and abilities. The setting is gloomy, melancholy, and magnificent. Well, Beyond the Doors, the land is full of surprises and engaging NPCs. In addition, there is a memorable mystery to solve and a captivating story that will keep you back to the title.

8. Hades

Diablo II began with a tough mode, which resulted in permanent character death. So naturally, many viewed the title as a commercial rogue-like game, despite the genre’s lack of popularity. Then comes Hades from the acclaimed independent developer Supergiant Games. This rogue-like dungeon crawler features fast-paced action, isometric graphics, hand-drawn backgrounds, a magnificent soundtrack, randomized instances, randomized “loot,” and a wealth of lore to explore. And I say “loot” because there is little to collect. Instead, you may find random Boons, which are divine powers, in instances. Alternatively, you may find random items that might permanently improve your character.

As a rogue-like, the game focuses on runs. You play as Zagreus, the son of Hades, who attempts to escape Tartarus and find his mother. The Gods of Olympus aid you with their boons, but the journey is hazardous. To leave Tartarus, you must traverse four acts of progressively tough instances, each guarded by challenging boss battles. When you die, you return to the hub and start the run from the time. These elements are combined with beautiful music, many voice lines, and plot points for exploration. After expanding Tartarus for the first time, the story continues to develop. However, even after overcoming Hades for the initial time, the difficulty continues to increase. Due to the Boons, weapons, and weapon adjustments, each playthrough of Hades might feel distinctively different.

9. Lost Ark

At the time of writing, Lost Ark has yet to be released. Nevertheless, based on what we’ve seen, it’s on its way to becoming the best ARPG of our time. Lost Ark is another massively multiplayer online game that enables solo play in isolated instances. You explore a huge and dynamic open world and develop your combat style. You must pick an advanced class, level your skills, and employ skill modifiers. There are seven explorable continents where the main quest takes place. You may play in PvE, co-op PvP, and team PvP in the land of Arkesia. Each of the five starting classes is capable of acquiring mastery. Numerous design options provide compelling incentives to rerun Lost Ark several times.

The combat is smooth, swift, and delicious. It’s action bar-based ARPG hack&slash combat. In addition to combat, you may harvest resources globally and use them to craft items at a hub. This is part of the third Like Skill, and it is simple to advance in any of its options, even if you play lazily. Overall, Lost Ark offers simple features on the surface, yet several customization levels. It is a high-action “point-and-click” RPG that has the potential to become the genre’s next game.

10. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity II is the sequel of a prestigious role-playing RPG. Most fans agree that the sequel is superior, as it expands on the original mechanics and adds substantial new features. In essence, you travel the world as the captain of a ship. The region is the archipelago of Deadfire. A lengthy single-player campaign using D&D systems will allow you to explore its depths. You make decisions, experience repercussions, and freely explore the open world.

Then, you play one of the eleven classes available in the game. You also construct a party of allies whose members may be customized by adjusting and selecting their abilities. In addition, you may interact with your companions to form bonds. Similarly, you can enhance your ship to improve your overall chances of survival. Finally, there is combat. It features a turn-based combat system with classic RPG mechanics and isometric graphics. Each character has various available skills, and there are several levels of complexity for diehard fans. Playing Pillars of Eternity is similar to playing Diablo at a slower pace.

11. God of War

Our next choice is different from Diablo on the surface. However, it takes from Blizzard’s dungeon crawler in several elements. In essence, the story of Kratos is a gruesome, violent story told via action, cinematography, and settings. The narrative then progresses through a linear progression of enemies, loot, hack&slash combat, and character advancement opportunities. The God of War abandoned his vendetta against Olympus. As a father, he has a new existence in the domain of the Norse Gods. Nonetheless, his history comes up with him. It takes father and kid on an action-adventure journey throughout Northern folklore.

The game is the latest part in the God of War series, but even newcomers may play it. You have the opportunity to play as Kratos, father, and mentor, as well as the angry God of War. The gameplay is violent, quick, and violent. Boss battles are full and scripted with expertise. The new PC edition features improved graphics with real 4K resolution. In addition, it offers a vast array of graphic settings to tweak your experience. Lastly, it supports Ray Tracing, Reflex, and DLSS from NVIDIA.

12. Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise isn’t exactly a game like Diablo. However, Diablo fans will enjoy the latest Monster Hunter series. It is memorable, features satisfying combat, and is extremely replayable. Well, it is one of the most popular single-player games on Steam. In addition, Rise’s gameplay cycle will seem familiar to Diablo fans. Given that characters cannot level up, the power level is determined by loot. So, gamers are on a never-ending quest to find ever-better gear. Consequently, you battle monsters, obtain loot and defeat larger, more dangerous monsters.

You play as a Monster Hunter, whose job is self-explanatory. However, this is a 3D action-adventure hack&slash title set in a vast open world. You employ several weapons to combat enemies and progress through a lengthy plot. Monsters have diverse habits, levels of fury, and skills. The game features both new and returning creatures for series fans. The new enemies are influenced by Japanese legends, such as Magnamalo the wyvern. Every enemy you encounter necessitates distinct methods and offers unpredictable rewards.

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This is the list of the best games like Diablo that you can play in 2022. If you know of games like Diablo, please let us know. And have an excellent day.

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