EZTV Proxy & Mirror Sites + 12 EZTV Alternatives

EZTV is a well-known torrent streaming site that has been satisfying people’s streaming needs for many years. However, the company has struggled in recent years, causing serious concerns among torrent fans and harming the company’s reputation. In addition, some critics have gone so far as to say that EZ TV has become a significant security risk.


1- Links to other good torrent sites. 

2- Not too intrusive advertising. 

3- Has been working since 2005. 

4- A large number of own torrents. 

5- Sorting and filtering by the video quality.


1- Contains only video content. 

2- No categories and no filter by genre. 

3- Not too visual.

Has EZTV Been Shut Down?

Well, Yes, It was dissolved back in April 2015, after it was taken over by EZCLOUD LIMITED.

Is EZTV Illegal?

Yes, EZTV is illegal, which is one of the primary reasons it was dissolved. The content on its platform violated numerous copyright laws, and the service owned nothing.

Working EZTV Proxy List

Some of the EZTV proxy sites that are currently active are:

This is EZTV’s primary domain. It was last modified in November of 2020. New domains typically work for a year or more. As a result, I recommend using this URL. You can use any of the following proxy/mirror sites at any time because they are 100% identical to the original.

The primary EZTV proxy. It has been at the top of the list of mirror sites for over a year. It could be assumed that it should be the torrent giant’s next main domain, but it isn’t. When the primary URL is unavailable, EZ TV adds a new, previously unknown domain while the proxy URLs remain available.

The domain is registered in the French Southern and Antarctic Lands. This “jurisdiction” ensures the proxy’s longevity. As a result, it is one of the best alternatives to the main URL.

An uncommon domain zone that is an extension of the .fr zone. It has been operational since 1997. The mirror has also been working for a long time and has not been blocked until now.

A good domain for accessing from networks where other URLs may be inaccessible. Switzerland owns the CH domain zone, which is generally available everywhere. This domain’s proxy operates with minimal DNS ping.

12 Best EZTV Alternatives – Sites like EZTV

EZTV Alternatives – Sites like EZTV that you can use.


1. 1337X


1337X is a one-of-a-kind and one-of-a-kind torrenting site that is by far the best EZTV alternatives, allowing you to download your desired torrents in a matter of minutes for free. Whatever torrent piques your interest, 1337X is bound to have it. Well, They never let you down when it comes to entertainment, whether it’s the latest movies, documentaries, music, or TV shows.


2. YTS


This torrent site receives four times as much traffic as EZTV. This isn’t because it has more and better video materials, but because it’s much easier to work with them. Well, Its functionality is similar to that of a streaming site. It is very convenient to find the required movies. Large previews of search results are displayed. There is also some basic information, such as the name and year. Today, YIFY is the most convenient alternative to EZTV.


3. The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is the best EZTV alternative on this list, and it consistently receives the best reviews – it is the one-stop shop for all your torrenting needs. This torrent-based site has made a huge name for itself since its inception. With millions of users worldwide, you can be confident that they have your every need covered, thanks to a plethora of features such as an appealing user interface and torrent availability based on various genres. The PirateBay is a one-stop shop for all of your torrenting needs.


4. Toorgle


Well, This EZTV alternative is the place to be if you ever need to use mirror torrenting sites. Toorgle is a torrenting website that has been purposefully designed to make your user experience as memorable as possible. Their website includes features such as a torrent search bar, providing convenient access to all of your favorite TV shows, movies, and songs with the click of a button.

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5. KickassTorrents


We don’t think KickassTorrents require an introduction, whether you’re new to the world of torrents or a seasoned player. Well, As one of the best EZTV alternatives available, we don’t believe there is anything you won’t find here. If you can’t, they most likely don’t exist. The site makes it simple to find what you’re looking for, thanks to a clean interface and a powerful search engine. This site, which boasts vast collections in many categories and genres such as entertainment, personal growth, professional growth, and even the e-book and comic categories, will more than makeup for EZTV torrents being down—any day.




Next on the list of EZTV alternatives is RARBG, which was built with the goal of allowing you to meet your media streaming needs quickly and easily, no matter where you are in the world. The site allows users to explore their favorite high-quality torrents at their leisure. RARBG has it all, whether it’s your favorite TV show or movie.


7. TorrentDownloads


Well, It is by far the best torrent site on this list of best EZTV alternatives, whether you want to download your favorite TV show, movies, music videos, games, or software torrents. TorrentDownloads is certain to have what you require. Also, They ensure quality service and standards wherever you are in the world, thanks to millions of users worldwide.


8. ExtraTorrent


ExtraTorrent allows you to discover new series, movies, TV shows, recently released music, and movies, among other things. It enables you to download the most recent music, movies, files, and games via the peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing method. This website is fully capable of allowing you to surf whatever you want. The website has distinct features that allow you to enjoy it without difficulty. Overall, ExtraTorrent is one of the best sites like EZTV.


9. LimeTorrents

One of the best sites like EZTV is LimeTorrents. It is the most trusted indexing torrent for free content downloads. This is the largest File Sharing network and an excellent alternative site for EZTV. LimeTorrents also debuted a newly redesigned homepage with a great look and a plethora of category options. They have the best content, but their website isn’t well-designed because the content is far more important than the user interface. It features a plethora of movies, games, and anime shows.


10. Torlock

Torlock has always been one of the most reliable torrent sites. The site is simple to use and offers a wide range of new movies, TV shows, eBooks, Apps, Videos, and other content for download. Well, The best part is that you can find anything that is popular on the market today without having to go anywhere. They have over 5 million verified torrents, so you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. It is not difficult to find various torrent files on this platform, but you can find the most popular torrents, over 4,8 million of them.


11. TorrentProject

Because it is difficult for most users to find torrents online, the TorrentProject was created. With the TorrentProject available, they can easily find torrents for movies, games, TV shows, and even software. Torrent projects make it easier to find torrents on the internet.


12. Torrentz2

The last on our list of the best sites like EZTV is Torrentz2. It is a relatively new website. It is still in active development because it is new, and the developers are constantly adding new features. Torrentz2 enables users to easily find and download torrents without having to worry about anything. You can almost completely worry-free download movies, games, TV shows, software, and other content.


Wrapping Up:

We anticipate that you will be interested in our guide to the best EZTV alternatives. As a result, you can instantly access your favorite TV shows, movies, documentaries, and much more. However, you should use a VPN to protect your torrent downloading activities. As a result, you can take spoofing your online locations from ISPs and copyright holders to the next level. This is how you can conduct P2P activities anonymously from anywhere.

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