Best Event Rental Software to Rent Out Your Venue on Autopilot

Are you trying to rent out your house and generate additional income? Not sure how to do it properly? This guide best Award-Winning Event Rental Software is for you.

Event rental software may simplify your rental space’s listing, promotion, and maintenance, promoting your time and effort. In this post, you will learn why event renting is on the rise, why you should use software to rent out and manage your space, and the best Party and Event Rental Software you can use to make a lot of your idle equipment or space.

Why is Event Renting On a Rise, & How is it Lucrative For Venue Owners?

After suffering from the Covid-19 outbreak, the rental business is optimistic about future expansion.

Globally, the number of live performances and concerts is on the rise. With the advent of technology, however, rental organizations’ demand and supply variables have shifted, resulting in a revised business model.

There are two primary reasons consumers choose to rent rather than purchase specific items.

First, around 55 percent of consumers rent temporary solutions. Whether renting a bicycle for a day on vacation or furniture for a short-term stay, rental provides versatile options.

Second, renting makes more sense because it is less expensive and more convenient than purchasing the item itself.

For instance, hiring a space for an event alleviates clients’ burdens by providing comprehensive options, such as online booking and marketing.

With the increasing commitment of free zones across the globe, renting allows you to obtain products and services with minimal obligations.

Consider another illustration. Couples are eschewing massive, traditional wedding celebrations in favor of smaller, more personalized events.

Personality-wise, they favor tiny, idyllic properties for their weddings. It is a lucrative opportunity for venue owners who own hidden and rustic venues which can host their weddings.

Patrick owns the chalet in Easton, Washington, Cabin Creek Lodge. It is the ideal location for a wedding ceremony, as it is situated in a lovely location.

The nightly rates begin at around $2400 and increase based on the event’s number of guests. Imagine how much money you could earn if you owned a home like Patrick’s that could host weddings and boot camps.

But would you knock on people’s doors and ask if they are interested in renting your property? Of course not. It is where the concept of Event Rental Software free comes into play.

Why Use Event Rental Software?

Best Rental Software 2022 assists event rental businesses with handling various business operations, including inventory and order administration, invoicing, and CRM (customer relationship management).

Here are some key advantages of using event rental software.

Easy Inventory Management

An effective inventory system enables the business owner to monitor every item in the store.

The event rental software assigns a unique identification number to each item, making it easy for the management to keep track of what’s present and missing.

Effective Order Management

Managing orders can be a laborious chore, mainly when there are many. Improper order handling can be detrimental to your business and brand.

The Event Rental Software is designed to effectively track and handle rental orders, storing order information and client invoicing.

Increasing Online Presence

Event rental software increases your online visibility, making it easier for clients to find you. It expedites the business’s expansion by recruiting more customers.

Integrated Payment Options

Event Rental software simplifies the payment process for customers. In addition, they offer convenient payment alternatives, such as credit cards, checks, and cash, from which customers can choose.

It facilitates a swift and efficient business operation, which benefits the client and the owner.

Features To Look For In An Event Rental Software

Instant Inventory Management

A rental software must have the capability to track and visualize inventory quickly. It provides exact information on what is entering and leaving your inventory.

Suppose you received an order from a client. The rental software’s rapid inventory management system should notify you of the availability of a certain item requested by a client.

It prohibits you from accepting an incorrect order or double booking.

Easier Website Integration

A well-designed website is the soul of an online business. It also applies to the event rental software.

An event rental software must have the essential internet plugins to link to your website, where you may beautifully display pertinent information about the product or service.

Payment Integrations

Giving customers numerous payment choices enhances the shopping experience by streamlining the checkout procedure.

Moreover, if someone books an event, they should be capable of immediately finishing their rental checkout with the integrated payment options on your website.

It even relieves you of the burden of tracking your money, allowing you to concentrate on upgrading your product and services.


Additional features such as automating the signature and transmission of contracts can save time and expedite the legal procedure.

By signing the contract, the client and the owner enter into an authentic legal agreement outlining the rental event’s terms and conditions, which can be printed afterward.

6 Best Event Rental System to Rent Out Your Venue on Autopilot

Now you understand what to look for in party rental software for small business, let’s examine your possibilities.

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1. Sortly

Sortly is the best event rental software that provides efficient inventory management solutions for party rental businesses.


  • The free event rental software is intuitively designed and can help you get started quickly without formal training.
  • QR label-backed inventory search enables effortless inventory management, allowing you to devote more time to the business.
  • Automatic notifications and reminders save you the time and effort of regularly monitoring the inventory, keeping you abreast of current events.
  • It is simple to generate inventory reports detailing the inventory’s current status.

This party equipment rental services provides a limited version available for individuals and businesses. In addition, it offers economical rental business solutions for Advanced and Ultra plan upgrades. If you are a huge business, you can discuss with customer support what best suits them.

2. Event Rental System

Event Rental System is a cloud-based, all-inclusive party rental software that enables users to handle diverse event-related operations.


  • Has integrated a 24/7 working site that assists you in ordering online with real-time inventory management.
  • Automated marketing & reporting tools can save time and enhance total income.
  • Integrated digital signature eliminates the need for paper documents.
  • A robust CRM provides email and text marketing capabilities to acquire more customers and promote expansion.

Event Rental System’s Standard pricing plan includes fundamental features such as digital signatures and WordPress plugins. Depending on the quantity of stuff, you can further upgrade to Pro and Elite.

3. Good Shuffle

Next in our list of the highly-rated best event rental systems is Good Shuffle. It is a robust event rental software that offers intelligent solutions to businesses with extensive inventories.


  • Smart inventory management technologies allow you to manage an unlimited inventory by tracking every component to prevent double bookings.
  • Customized quotes with e-signatures and photo-driven proposals enable your brand to communicate, improving your sales effectively.
  • The auto-payment mechanism monitors and pays the outstanding debt, saving you the trouble of tracking it down.
  • A few clicks will give you information about inventory, clients, and billing, among other things.
  • Integrated thorough tax reports enable you to make more informed tax and accounting decisions.

Depending on the number of users, the Goodshuffle Pro cost includes unlimited support and training, contract, and inventory features. However, integrations with your current website may appear to be somewhat costly.

4. EZ RentOut

If we talk about the best party Event Rental Software, EZ RentOut is a construction equipment rental software that lets you to save time with its intelligent features and helps your business advance.


  • The order tracking feature lets you monitor the order’s draught, rental, and return status.
  • B2B customer management provides insight into prospective clients, promoting revenue growth.
  • The sub-rental function enables you to manage objects borrowed from partners.
  • Comprehensive POS technology and payment tracking facilitate order payment.
  • Smart analytics allows you to anticipate future trends better and comprehend customer preferences.

This best rental inventory app allows you to select the optimal pricing based on the size of your rental firm. In addition, you can test the models for free and upgrade them to gain access to features such as GPS integration and support for various construction rental sites.

5. Booqable

Booqable is the best cloud-based event rental software that facilitates the business of rental businesses.


  • Smart inventory management enables you to track your orders and inventory, exchanging information regarding the equipment’s availability.
  • The online rental store lets customers book online directly from the website.
  • Accepts all major payment gateways, such as PayPal and credit cards, and local payment options, such as Giropay and iDEAL.
  • A robust support system improves the overall customer experience by reaching out to assist customers in the event of any problem.
  • Multi-location inventory management permits you to monitor your inventory across all sites.

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This rental business inventory management provides numerous pricing choices, in addition to the 14-day free trial, for new rental organizations, mid-sized teams, and large enterprises.

6. Rentman

Are you still seeking the top-rated rental scheduling software for 2022? This party rental app is an all-inclusive event rental solution that helps event companies increase their revenue by managing their operations.


  • The project management function provides project tracking and facilitates team communication.
  • The analytics report enables you to analyze data to make informed decisions and prevents unintended loss.
  • Rental inventory management software allows you to organize, schedule, and constantly monitor your equipment to plan.
  • Provides seamless communication with your staff swiftly and effortlessly, saving time and enhancing job clarity.
  • Create a straightforward and accurate financial quote in a matter of seconds, which your client can then review and convert into proposals.

Standard and Pro pricing plans for Rentman’s smart inventory solutions. Standard users can upgrade to Pro to access services such as Subrental management and equipment reports.

Final Words

Event rental software empowers you to take charge of your event business. The automated functions free businesses from the complexities of order and inventory management, allowing them to manage your order while you sleep. It expedites business expansion while simultaneously ensuring consumer happiness.

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