11+ Best Drifting Games For PS4/PS5 To Play

Motorsport, off-track courses, and lengthy championships should be the focal points of PS4 and PS5 drifting games. These are unique racing games, but they are not a subgenre. Many racing video games have drifting mechanics. Others, though, are extremely invested in drifting matches. Regardless, let’s search for the best PS4/PS5 drifting games. A couple of options are platform-exclusive.

Choosing Drifting Games For PS4/PS5

Each year, new racing games give more realistic and adrenaline-filled experiences. In addition, they deliver a larger assortment of cars, tracks, and competitions. The roster is exceptional, especially on PlayStation platforms. However, only some games may provide the desired result: drifting.

Drifting involves deliberately oversteering each turn. It balances the loss of traction with the control required to drive the corner. In terms of gameplay, you would enter a corner at great speed. Then, when you begin steering, you would need to use the handbrake and brake. It accelerates the car’s spin when the wheels begin to slide. However, it permits you to enter the following track segment at full speed. There are a few games that feature drifting races. That would consist of the following:

1 – Motorsport vehicles. 

2 – Rally competitions. 

3 – Heavy tuning abilities. 

4 – Racing tire customization. 

5 – Handbrake with brake-specific buttons or a drifting-specific button.

6 – Off-road races (settings like dunes, mountains, jungles, etc.). 

7 – Realistic driving mechanics. 

8 – Immersive sound and visuals. 

9 – Tracks full of curves and wide roads.

Other racing games could also have optional drifting mechanics. It indicates that you may use it or not, as its usage will not impact whether or not you win. Overall, we’re seeking racing games featuring drifting mechanics or dedicated drifting racing games.

11+ Best Drifting Games For PS4/PS5 To Play

Drifting Games for PS4/PS5 to play in 2022.

1. Dirt 5

Drifting Games

Dirt is among the top driving franchises. The latest installment in the series focuses on off-road driving and circuits. The tracks are extremely difficult and need you to master drifting and drive to win matches. There are almost 70 routes in 10 sites worldwide. Well, there are tundras, dunes, mines, and convoluted favelas. In addition, there are variable weather conditions, dangerous terrain, and other environmental obstacles.

You have access to a huge assortment of vehicles and the opportunity to customize them. However, you cannot modify the aesthetics. Completing races earns in-game cash, allowing you to buy cars and car components. The primary gameplay of play is a story-driven campaign. Renowned voice actors Troy Baker (TLOU’s Joel) and Nolan North (Uncharted’s Nathan Drake) serve as narrators. The plot revolves around establishing one’s value and gaining sponsorships in a global off-road racing tournament.

2. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Drifting Games

CTR is widely considered to be the best racing game for PlayStation consoles. It approaches the genre using the extremely enjoyable Mario Kart formula: karts, random objects, acceleration pads, and off-road tracks. You pick a character from the Crash Bandicoot franchise and navigate through difficult tracks. Also, you will dodge obstacles, pick boosters, slide on pads, use power-ups, and hamper your opponents as you play.

You may play through the Grand Prix circuits and conflict modes by yourself. It also supports local play with up to four players. You may also play online with up to eight other players. Regarding drifting, it is optional. However, you must master drifting if you are to have any chance of winning. These are karts and cartoons, therefore driving will not be realistic.

3. Absolute Drift: Zen Edition

Drifting Games

It is an overhead drifting game. Driving skills are honed and mastered through basic experience. Due to a scoring system that assesses your drifting performance, this is the case. The track layout is great. You can play on docks, airports, mountains, and floating cities. You would play different cars in each area to fulfill a certain objective.

There are two primary modes of the game. Ascend the ladder by drifting against the “ghosts” of the top players. Or you must drift against your own “ghosts” eternally to surpass your maximum score. The title also has five free-roam sections and 34 tracks. In the open world zones, the purpose of the gameplay is to complete tasks to unlock cars and stages. You must also achieve tasks while racing on tracks for first place.

4. Gran Turismo 7

Drifting Games

Gran Turismo is a driving simulator unique to Sony. Its realistic mechanics generate more than 400 cars. The assortment includes rally vehicles, historic automobiles, and high-tech supercars. In addition, there are realistic features on the vehicles and tracks and dynamic weather conditions. Nevertheless, there are over 90 tracks worldwide, most of which are roadways rather than off-road tracks.

The primary mode of gameplay is GT Sport Mode. It’s a tournament for offline and online play (up to 10 people in multiplayer). In addition, there is the GT Simulation Mode, a campaign in which you may earn income through races to purchase and customize vehicles. These are only two possible game modes; there are many more. Each mode provides precise drifting controls, although they are difficult to learn. For instance, the excessive tune will cause the car to lose control.

5. Need for Speed Heat

Drifting Games

Need for Speed Heat is an open world racing video game. You play Palm City, a fictitious representation of Miami (Florida) and its environs. It is the most recent installment in the Need for Speed series. The game’s topography includes mountains, crowded metropolitan centers, vast fields, and expansive motorways. You may discover races, events, challenges, and other activities on this site.

The primary gameplay of play is a story-driven campaign. You are a street racer whose popularity is growing. Your occupation takes you into a confrontation with the city’s police. Therefore, the police may pursue you at any time, and the ferocity of the pursuit relies on the “Heat” you acquire. Now, the title offers intuitive and simple drifting mechanics. You do not require it to win, but it enables you to perform daring movements to avoid the police and defeat your opponents. You may play offline online with up to sixteen players.

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6. Wreckfest

Drifting Games

Wreckfest is a racing game that combines Destruction Derby with street racing. Specifically, it features locational body damage, which impacts your vehicle’s dynamics. As a result, the gameplay is comparable to Gran Turismo’s realistic mechanics and robust modeling of drifting. In addition, it has ABS, an automatic or manual gearbox, and a variety of AI challenges.

The primary game modes consist of banger racing and a destruction derby. In derby matches, the objective is to make it to the finish line. Therefore, vehicle warfare is crucial; ramming, dodging, and blocking is essential techniques. The matches are epic, ferocious, and extremely challenging in any mode. This is because a realistic physics simulation affects many tracks and vehicle features.

7. Burnout Paradise Remastered

Burnout Paradise Remastered provides races on narrow streets, unpaved roads, and off-track locales. All game modes feature crashes and numerous types of derbies. This open world driving arcade game was initially released in 2008. The remaster includes up to 4K graphics, 60 frames per second, and all accessible content for the title. It is also rather inexpensive and bundled with the EA Play service.

The location of the gameplay is “Paradise City.” Different races, events, challenges, and game modes, such as “Cops and Robbers,” can be discovered by freely exploring the area. In addition, there is a day/night cycle with significant drifting mechanics. Without a campaign, you may play the title at your leisure. Nevertheless, completing races and events unlocks additional cars by granting rankings. Lastly, you may play online with up to eight other players driving around the city.

8. WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship

WCR10 is a rally racing-focused racing video game. It features four globe venues, six historical rallies, over one hundred stages, twenty renowned car manufacturers, and fifty-two official teams. These are based on reality, which is why the driving mechanics are realistic. The game’s physics engine provides realistic gameplay mechanics. It examines the mechanics of aerodynamics, turbo, brakes, surface, and friction. A sound design gives an additional element of immersion.

The primary mode of gameplay is Career Mode. It takes you on a long journey throughout all of these destinations. The campaign offers an editor for personalizing your driving time and vehicle’s looks. In addition, the editor allows you to build your competition. Finally, the title concludes with a History Mode that takes you through 19 great racing events. You must modify your abilities to manage the circumstances and vehicles of each era. Other game modes include weekly challenges, special events, and clubs.

9. Drift Zone

Drift Zone, as its name suggests, focuses on drifting races. It is all about burning rubber at fast speeds with a wide variety of vehicles and cars. The game has two game modes or competitions. The first one rewards cash that may be used to buy and improve cars. The second mode offers reputation points that may be used to climb the Championship ladder.

The title lacks online capabilities but supports split-screen play. Three other players can join your console on each of the two modes. The game’s style is furious, its visuals are of the highest caliber, and the driving is fluid. The images of burning tires, which are very prevalent in matches, are great.

10. CarX Drift Racing Online

CarX Drift Racing Online focuses only on drifting and is one of the best games. In addition to top-tier drifting mechanics, it has respectable customization options and realistic systems. Despite being labeled “online,” multiplayer is optional. If you do not have a PS Plus subscription, you can play it offline. Up to 16 players can participate in a single multiplayer match.

The title features sports cars and a difficult handling controller. It is all about curves, handbrakes, tire smoke, and clouds. All of this is possible with an extra steering wheel controller. Finally, the title includes more than 50 sports cars and extensive personalization and color options. Tracks have various surfaces, including sand, grass, and asphalt.

11. ATV Drift & Tricks Definitive Edition

The gameplay of ATV concentrates upon rally competitions, stunts, and drifting, despite the game’s eight modes. Here, you play in a series of single-player, split-screen, and online races with up to 10 other players. The game’s soundtrack is diverse. There are woods, lakes, rivers, deserts, jungles, and oasis regions. In addition, the environments offer high-quality visuals, an immersive sound design, and different surface physics.

Playtime places a great focus on stunts and drifts. You may jump, backflip, and spin for stunts to gain an advantage over your opponents. As for drifting, the tires and your opponents will suffer the price. Finally, the title is compatible with VR headsets and PlayStation Remote Play. Regarding the split-screen option, competing against another player on the console is possible.

12. Trackmania Turbo

The arcade racing game TrackMania Turbo focuses on off-road courses, rally competitions, and drifting mechanics. VR headsets are supported. It has four unique gameplay modes. Magnetic tracks defy gravity, a world champion, drift races on tiny tracks, and acrobatic challenges, including jump pads.

The campaign mode features 200 unique tracks and five degrees of difficulty. As you play, you will climb the ladder to the top. And you may compete with up to 32 other players online. The title concludes with “Trackbuilder,” a generator or randomizer for tracks. You may play and share your creations and play with others. Online functions, however, need a PS Plus membership.

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This is the list of the best Drifting games you can play in 2022. If you know of Drifting games, please let us know. And have an excellent day.

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