16+ Best High Demand Cloud Computing Jobs

Cloud computing jobs need specialized cloud computing skills from job-seekers and cloud architects alike. Cloud computing jobs have become the highest-paying career in the digital world in the twenty-first century. A cloud architect must have cloud computing skills to obtain profitable employment. Cloud computing jobs include cloud app developer, CRM developer, and cloud storage service provider. The cloud skills include software development, cloud storage, cloud services, and pertinent cloud industry knowledge. Cloud Certifications provide an added edge when applying for cloud computing jobs. The cloud architect is the cloud developer in this essay.

16+ Best High Demand Cloud Computing Jobs

As a result of technological progress, the profession is evolving. As a result, the cloud computing job is becoming increasingly specialized. Some of the most demanding cloud computing jobs include:

1. Cloud Computer Systems and Network Administrators

Cloud Computer Systems and Networks administrators are responsible for providing operational support, optimizing network software, hardware, and communication links, implementing cloud infrastructure, and maintaining cloud infrastructure. In addition, System administrators assist and manage virtual systems. His responsibilities include developing, designing, and maintaining internal systems and networks. Checking the effectiveness of the company’s cloud system regularly and assuring the backup and recovery of cloud data may be another duty. The essential skills for cloud computing include a computer science education and network engineering experience. The candidate must have in-depth knowledge of NAT, DNS, DHCP, routing, Layer 2 network protocols, Layer 3 IP routing, TCP/IP, and scripting skills in Perl, Python, or Shell. In addition, the job requires possessing Cisco certification. The annual salary may range between $100,000 and $110,000.

2. Cloud Software Apps Developer/Engineer(s)

As Software Apps Developers/Engineers, the task of the Cloud Computing Jobs is to develop the cloud-related app. They design, develop, and integrate the cloud computing system. They must foresee future trends and modify data requirements. This job requires a bachelor’s or masters in cloud computing technologies. You may obtain a master’s degree in cloud computing. You must have knowledge of Linux/Unix OS and compiled-code programming language. The annual salary range is $12,000 to $130,000.

3. Cloud Systems Engineers

A Cloud systems engineer’s responsibilities include creating and designing a virtual system and interface to enable cloud operations. Cloud system engineers develop the majority of cloud computing-supporting technologies. These jobs’ essential cloud computing skills include a CSE degree and relevant technological experience. Other skills include knowledge of network layers and cloud hosting environments. Experience with configuration management, clustering, scripting, monitoring tools, Drupal, etc., is required. Knowledge of software development languages such as C, C++, Java, and PHP is fundamental. The annual salary range for this job is around $135000 to $150000.

4. Cloud Architects

Cloud Computing Jobs must develop and implement a cloud-based task as a cloud architect. The cloud architect assures cloud systems’ scalability, dependability, supportability, and security to maximize business and IT performance. The essential cloud computing skills include a computer science academic background. Possessing experience in VBScript, Shell, and Python may be advantageous. In addition, the job seeker in cloud computing must be familiar with Windows and Linux. The salary range will be between $140000 to $150000.

5. Cloud Sales Managers

The job defines the cloud sales manager’s duties. He is responsible for cloud service and marketing, storage, database relationship, and client customers. A cloud sales manager is also responsible for contract negotiations and renewals based on the company’s task. The essential cloud computing skills for these positions are a solid academic background in any field, sales and marketing experience, and IT knowledge. The salary range is around $120000 to $140000 per year.

6. Cloud Computing Security Analysts

As Cloud Computing Security Analysts, it is the task of Cloud Computing Security Analysts to ensure the organization’s security and to advise on security necessities. In addition, Cloud Computing Security Analysts investigate the security requirements while moving huge amounts of data to the public cloud. The needed cloud computing skills for these positions are academic background in CSE. The experience of cloud service services such as Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, and AWS will bring an added benefit. Also necessary is knowledge of the most recent security standards, authentication, and certification. The annual salary range for these jobs in cloud computing is around $120000 to $135000.

7. Non-retail Sales Supervisors

Non-retail Sales Supervisors for Cloud Computing Jobs oversee all cloud computing companies. They are the observer of the cloud computing sales executive. They are responsible for the sales of cloud computing storage, data centers, servers, etc. Cloud computing requires a background in sales and marketing, human skills, or management. Experience in fostering and fostering teamwork is required for this post. Effective communication skills are required. Approximately $80,000 to $90,000.00 per year is the salary range for this Cloud Computing job.

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8. IT Project Managers

As an IT project manager, coordination is the task of Cloud Computing Jobs. He manages all cloud-related efforts, IT infrastructure, and corporate engineering. In addition, he manages cloud computing and information technology for the company. The IT project manager’s cloud computing skills must have IT or CSE knowledge and a networking background. Knowledge of cloud industry leaders such as MS Azure, AWS, and IBM is required. Implementation and management of a project are equally essential. The salary range is from $110 to $130,000 per year.

9. Cloud Marketing/Cloud Computing Product Manager

The Cloud Computing Product Manager is responsible for the planning and marketing cloud-based solutions. His responsibilities include marketing strategy, concept creation, product positioning, customer satisfaction, pricing, and licensing. Experience is required for this cloud computing job. Academic background and relevant knowledge are considered. The salary range for this cloud computing job is between $110,000 and $125,000.

10. Cloud User Support Specialists

The Cloud user support specialists guarantee that the user fully comprehends cloud computing’s benefits. They are responsible for the data center, business-critical operations, and corporate management. In addition, they assist customers with the operational challenges of cloud computing. Customer relationship management and computer science knowledge are fundamental cloud computing skills. Experience in software development companies and effective communication is advantageous in gaining a job in cloud computing. This job’s salary range is $50000 to $65000.

11. Cloud Computing Consultants

A cloud computing consultant is responsible for analyzing and evaluating a business’s technological needs. Then, following an investigation, he would provide the most practical solution to his clients. The skills required for cloud computing include a background in IT, skills, IT consulting experience, a job, or a related industry. The salary range is around $90000 to $115000.

12. Cloud Sales Representative

Assisting the sales manager of a cloud computing company is the job of the cloud sales representative. He maintains the database, develops relationships with customers and clients, and establishes new ones. The cloud sales representative’s primary relationship is identifying prospective clients and cultivating long-term relationships with existing clients. Cloud computing requires academic knowledge of business administration’s sales and marketing skills and sales and marketing experience. The salary range is around $80000 to 120000.

13. Senior Solution Cloud Architect

A Senior Solution cloud architect’s task is to give technical assistance and direction. They transform business needs into cloud business solutions. The essential requirement for this job is five years of experience and a bachelor’s degree. In addition, the role calls for exceptional monitoring and leadership skills. The annual salary range is around $110000 to $130000.

14. Cloud Enterprise Architect

Analysis of technological needs and apps is the task of the cloud enterprise architect. They report their results to business stakeholders. In addition, the cloud architect estimates the budget, cost, and maintenance method. The essential cloud computing skill is related to academic background and at least ten years of job experience in relevant industry; the annual salary range for this job is between $140,000 and $160,000.

15. Information Technology Cloud Architect

An IT architect’s job is to oversee the business’s technological operations. The information technology cloud architect is also responsible for managing the cloud computing security platform. In addition, they are responsible for implementing the upgraded systems and verifying compliance. The academic requirement is a degree in computer science. It is a sensitive position that may require a security clearance.

16. Solutions Cloud Architect

A cloud solutions architect is the most important member of the cloud computing team. He is responsible for various activities, including recognizing the issue, achieving the objectives, and collaborating with a team of specialists. The most important cloud computing skills are academic credentials and IT knowledge. The salary range may be between $80,000 and $100,000 per year.

17. Senior Systems Engineer

The senior systems engineer controls and observes the business-critical cloud computing systems tools. They must be familiar with the automation framework. Database, cloud architecture, and web server knowledge are required. Bachelor’s degree or above is necessary, along with five years of job experience. The annual salary may range between $100,000 and $120,000.

Conclusion: Cloud Computing Jobs

Cloud computing skills are required for a job in cloud computing. Cloud Computing Skills encompass cloud web hosting, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (SaaS), database, cloud operating knowledge (OS), cloud antivirus, etc. Bachelor’s degree is required for cloud job applicants. A Master’s degree might provide him with an added advantage. He is fortunate to have related job experience in the same sector. Luck is a crucial aspect of landing a job in cloud computing.

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