6+ Best Cloud Certifications To Help You Perform Cloud Jobs Effortlessly

Cloud Certification is required for any cloud computing job. IT employees go for Cloud Certifications to bolster their cloud computing skills. Nonetheless, these skills are highly valued in the job market. Therefore, as a cloud computing professional, you must be armed with certification of important cloud certifications.

What Exactly Is Cloud Certification?

Cloud computing has attracted significant investment and interest over the past several years. As a result, it has become an integral component of many personnel. Cloud computing certification consists of cloud computing courses such as (ISC)² CCSP, CompTIA Cloud+, Cloud Platform, AWS Certified Architect – Associate, AWS Certified Architect – Professional, Google Professional Architect, Microsoft MCSA: Linux on Azure, Cisco CCNA Cloud, Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, and Cisco CCNP Cloud.

Why Are Cloud Certifications Necessary?

The correct response is to obtain a job in Cloud Computing. However, the need for cloud computing professionals is increasing daily as skills seek cloud-savvy IT professionals. These Cloud Certifications will increase your prospective earnings. A survey reveals that cloud computing experts’ average global wage range is $180,000 per year. Job security is assured for cloud-certified professionals. The cloud specialist can provide impartial consulting. This Cloud Certification establishes your credibility with employers and colleagues. Well, it increases the likelihood of being selected for an interview.

6+ Best Cloud Certifications

Cloud Certifications to help you perform Cloud jobs effortlessly.

1. (ISC)² CCSP

The (ISC)² and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) established the Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) credential to validate cloud security professionals’ knowledge, skills, and abilities regarding cloud security design, architecture, implementation, controls, operations, and compliance with regulatory frameworks. This demonstrates proficiency in cloud security design, architecture, operations, and service orchestration by applying information security knowledge to a cloud context. Successful (ISC)² CCSP candidates demonstrate proficiency in the following six domains:

1 – Architectural Concepts & Design Requirements. 

2 – Cloud App Security. 

3 – Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security. 

4 – Cloud Data Security. 

5 – Operations. 

6 – Legal & Compliance.

Jobs Of CCSP

1 – Enterprise Architect. 

2 – Security Administrator. 

3 – Systems Engineer. 

4 – Systems Architect. 

5 – Security Architect. 

6 – Security Consultant. 

7 – Security Engineer. 

8 – Security Manager.

Regarding The Exam 

This CCSP exam lasts 4 hours. There are 125 questions in all. Well, the minimum passing score is 700 out of 1000. Pearson VUE Testing Center in English administered the exam.

2. CompTIA Cloud+

CompTIA Cloud+ certifies technical technology in the methodology required to create and manage cloud computing security. In addition, it guarantees that IT practitioners operating in a cloud computing environment know best practices.

Jobs Of CompTIA Cloud+

1 – Project Manager. 

2 – Cloud Computing Services. 

3 – Business Analyst. 

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4 – Manager And Cloud Computing. 

5 – Cloud Engineer. 

6 – Data Center SAN.

Target Audience 

Those interested in cloud certification, including IT professionals and practitioners, students, and others. CompTIA Cloud+ addresses cloud models, infrastructure, security, virtualization, resource management, and business continuity.

Regarding The Test 

CompTIA Cloud+ manages cloud technology in conjunction with border systems. It addresses cloud computing models, business continuity, security, cloud infrastructure, and visualization. The exam comprises 100 questions and lasts for 90 minutes. The price is $319.

3. Microsoft MCSA: Linux On Azure

This MCSA certification verifies the ability to design, implement, architect, and maintain cloud-enabled Linux® solutions that control Microsoft Azure open-source features. In addition, it verifies Linux system administration services to demonstrate cloud-native proficiency. Linux on Azure certification grants a path to the over one million Azure servers running Linux and enables Linux experts to transfer their skills straight to Azure.

4. Microsoft MCSA Cloud Platform

This MCSA certification demonstrates your expertise in Microsoft cloud-related technologies, allowing you to reduce IT expenses and increase company value. Cloud Platform provides the foundation for a path as a cloud administrator or architect and is the initial step toward becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

5. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

AWS Certified Solution is an excellent course. It can alter your way of living. This is an innovative open-source cloud solution. AWS-certified professionals get very high compensation.

6. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is firmly established as the market leader in the cloud and has extension plans for 2018. AWS started in 2013 with Architecting, Developing, and Operations certification. The first level of the Architecting track, AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, is designed for professionals who must design and implement AWS-based apps and services.

7. Google Cloud Certified

A Google cloud certified professional cloud architect helps any business to manage Google cloud technologies. The certified individual can design and build secure, scalable, robust, dynamic solutions and objectives. The Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect exam evaluates the following skills:

1 – Confirm design and plan a cloud solution architecture.

2 – Verify that the cloud solution infrastructure is managed and provisioned.

3 – Ensure Design for compliance and safety. 

4 – Verify, Analyze and enhance business and technological processes.

5 – Ensure Manage cloud architecture apps. 

6 – Examine the solution and action’s reliability.

Conclusion: Cloud Certifications

This list of the best Cloud certifications will assist you in completing your cloud-based tasks efficiently. If you enjoy these courses, please share this information on your social media accounts. And please share your suggestion in the comment section below.

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