CarynAI – How To Make Chatbot Your Virtual Girlfriend?

AI has progressed to the point where you can now acquire a virtual companion. Influencer Caryn Marjorie has launched her artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that, for a fee, can pose as your companion. The chatbot, CarynAI, can respond like your girlfriend for any inquiry or query you ask. The chatbot is modeled after the 23-year-old social media influencer. Marjorie asserts that she devised the AI platform to combat loneliness. So, how does one acquire a virtual companion via CarynAI? Find out by reading on.

Caryn Marjorie Launches CarynAI, A Virtual Girlfriend Chatbot


Marjorie claims she uploaded more than 2,000 hours of her voice, content, and personality to create the AI, allowing millions of people to converse with her simultaneously. This is Caryn. Forever Voices has developed AI using OpenAI’s GPT4 technology. The chatbot purports to be a “virtual girlfriend” that enables “private, customized conversations.”



How To Make CarynAI Your Virtual Girlfriend?

Follow the procedures below to receive responses from your virtual girlfriend, CarynAI.

  • Register for the platform by clicking the Telegram link.
  • You can request to join the group, but there is a lengthy waiting list, and new members are chosen randomly by the group’s administrators.
  • Once your membership request has been approved, you can pay $1 per minute to communicate with CarynAI. The chatbot will reply to your communications as if it were your girlfriend.
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At the time of writing, the group has over 12,000 members. The current membership waiting period is 96 hours. With this level of demand, CarynAI is anticipated to generate approximately $5 million in monthly revenue.

Users Flag Off Sexually Explicit Responses By The AI

Marjorie stated that the virtual companion is not intended for sexually explicit interactions but to alleviate men’s feelings of loneliness. Several users, however, have reported that the chatbot provides NSFW responses.

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