CartoonCrazy Not Working? 19 Sites like CartoonCrazy

Looking for websites like CartoonCrazy where you can watch cartoons online? If you are familiar with the website, you are aware that it contains a wealth of useful content in Japanese anime. In addition, you should be able to find different sections and genres (Comedy, Horror, Family, Adventure, and so on) in this location.

Why Should You Be Aware Of CartoonCrazy Alternatives?

Well, if you’ve gone through the lists of contents and you’ve run out of options, then going to alternative websites can provide a great opportunity to improve your entertainment quality and options. Furthermore, if the site is down, going to the alternative website will ensure that you can still enjoy free anime streaming online.

What Happened To CartoonCrazy?

If you are familiar with but find yourself unable to access it, the site has been closed. However, CartoonCrazy sites with different domain names can be found on the internet.

Is CartoonCrazy Safe?

CartoonCrazy is a safe website that offers free anime and cartoon content, but beware of the advertisements! Also, don’t download software from unknown sources because it could contain malware or a virus.

is CartoonCrazy Shut Down?

CartoonCrazy has been shut down due to illegal content issues, so the site has been officially closed by a third party, but it continues to operate under a different domain name.

19 Best CartoonCrazy Alternatives – Sites like CartoonCrazy

You can watch high-quality cartoons and anime online. Full episodes can be viewed online at CartoonCrazy. Here’s a list of sites like CartoonCrazy that you should check out!

1. Animelab


If you want to watch high-quality original Japanese videos, this website is the place to go. You can not only use the service for free, but you can also gain access to thousands of titles and episodes. Animelab is always updated on a weekly basis, so you can be confident that you will receive the most recent and up-to-date content on a regular basis. Finding your favorite movies is simple because the library is divided into several categories such as Genres, New Series, and Popular Shows. There will be different options in each category as well.

Another cool feature of the site is the lack of registration. Yes, you will not be required to create an account or register in order to watch the movies. However, if you want to receive updates, you must register and provide your email address – that is how they will contact you. Blue Exorcist, Sword Art Online, Gangsta, Dragon Ball Super, and other titles are among the most popular. This site is regarded as one of the best websites like CartoonCrazy due to its combination of high-quality videos, large libraries, and user-friendly interface.

2. WatchCartoonOnline


WatchCartoonOnline is an excellent companion for children. The reason for this is the abundance of cartoons, anime, and manga on it. When you use this best website to watch cartoons online FREE, you will forget about CartoonCrazy or any other platform.

Another advantage of watching cartoons online is that you can download an unlimited amount of anime. Not only will you be able to make your kids happy with online streaming, but you will also be able to view their TV shows offline with this feature.



Looking for the latest and the newest anime series or movies? This would be an excellent location for it. Please feel free to stream the contents; the streaming speed is fast, and the movies are of high quality. Many people who have used the site claim to have had a fantastic time in terms of online ease and convenience.

This site was largely inspired by, so don’t be surprised if the interface looks similar. The administrator is determined to provide high-quality anime content while also ensuring that users enjoy the site. As a result, they have useful categories such as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Land of the Lustrous, Eureka Seven, Dragon Ball Super, and others.

4. KissAnime


If you’re looking for cartoon sites like CartoonCrazy, KissAnime might be worth a shot. Here, It allows you to watch your favorite anime without having to download anything. In addition, this website offers several categories of the world’s most popular anime and animation. Aside from that, KissAnime offers an HD quality format in which you can watch anime in high definition.

5. JustDubs


JustDubs, another dubbed cartoon website, caters to those who are unfamiliar with the Japanese language. You can watch all of the website’s content for free. The website’s user interface is brilliant, and you don’t have to do much to find the cartoon you want to see.

You can not only watch your favorite cartoon online, but you can also download it. The website includes not only full episodes of the cartoon or anime series but also HD content. Whatever you select from the website will be in high definition. The website is ad-free, and the website’s stream speed will provide you with everything at a faster rate. Another CartoonCrazy alternative.

6. NarutoGet


NarutoGet has established itself as a leading and popular online anime collection website. Anime fans will enjoy visiting this site not only for the extensive and impressive collections but also for the user-friendly interface and simple operation. Further, Feel free to use it whenever and wherever you want – users from all over the world can easily access it.

The site was created with the intention of providing the original version of the Naruto Shippuden series, which has been dubbed in English. Thus, you can enjoy manga, movies, and series of collections in addition to movie series. But, since then, the website has grown and expanded, and its primary goal is now to provide a convenient platform for those who want to gain access to the anime world collections without spending a dime. Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?

7. Horriblesubs


This is yet another platform that provides free anime streaming. This website like CartoonCrazy, is relatively new, but it has an impressive collection, despite the fact that the majority of them are hosted by other websites (third-party providers). They provide not only a free service but also high-quality videos that can be useful for your entertainment needs. The website is attractive and user-friendly, and you will enjoy visiting it.

8. Netflix


Netflix, the world’s largest online content streaming website, has everything. All of the content is available in HD quality and with subtitles in the language of your choice. Furthermore, the website is available as a mobile phone application.

Simply because Netflix is not free, you must purchase a low-cost subscription through the website. So, go ahead and try the world’s most popular online streaming platform right now.

9. GoGoAnime


GoGoAnime is one site that claims to be one of the most trusted CartoonCrazy alternatives, owing to its simple operation and ease of use. Here, You can use the site without being bothered by annoying advertisements or anything of the sort. The operation is simple, and the loading time is quick, making it enjoyable to navigate your way around. You can also be sure to get the most recent episodes or series because they like to add new content on a regular basis.

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Everything on this website is neatly divided into sections. Feel free to peruse the Popular, Movies, New Season, and Anime List sections. Each section contains sub-sections and various options. It’s a lot of fun and free to explore the site, and the design makes it visually appealing as well.

10. DisneyNow


DisneyNow is the best website that not only encourages you to stream free cartoons online but also allows you to browse the entire website in order to watch cartoons, Disney movies, videos, and play with a significant amount of fascinating games.

The website offers some free animations to view online. All movies are listed on a landing page, making it simple for you to watch free Cartoons online with the expectation of being free using DisneyNow. Here is the best website like CartoonCrazy you should try right now!

11. AnimeShow


Another CartoonCrazy alternative is AnimeShow. This website is very popular among anime fans who have been watching Japanese anime for many years.

This anime streaming platform is well-structured with anime shows of various genres such as comedy, action, horror, adventure, drama, fantasy, echo, school, shoujo, mechanical, romance, space slice of life, vampire, mystery, and an endless list of others.

AnimeShow’s database contains an enormous number of anime show collections. It provides a variety of options for young adults and newcomers. Furthermore, when compared to other related sites, this website has the fewest display ads.

12. Crunchyroll


This is yet another website like CartoonCrazy with a quick route of new releases, English subtitles, HD, famous, development appearance frame to search movies by type, star, and that’s just the beginning.

You’ll find almost every recent anime here; just make sure they’re available in high definition to watch on the internet. This is an American popular site as well as a licensing company for online Anime streaming. So you can watch anime or cartoons whenever you want for free. If you’re thinking about watching animations online illegally, only try this because Crunchyroll shares everything entirely legally.

13. Masterani


MasterAni is a fantastic platform for watching free cartoons and anime online. It also provides you with a section, or should I say a category, where you can find the latest anime of the day. MasterAni has an excellent interface; here, you get the homepage without advertisements, which is the best aspect of this website. Users can run this website effectively because almost everything is categorized best CartoonCrazy alternative.

14. Anime-Planet


In terms of smooth online anime streaming, Anime-Planet is the best anime site. As the name implies, you will find a large collection of anime series on this website. As a result, it is primarily a website for anime fans.

You can easily navigate this site to find anime episodes of your choice. Simply open the website, navigate to the search dialogue, and type the name of the anime show you want to watch into the search bar.

Overall, it allows you to select your favorite anime videos from a library of over 40,000 legal streaming anime clips. In addition, it has a broader selection of anime series and episodes for adults, children, and people of all ages.

15. 9Anime

CartoonCrazy is down? CartoonCrazy is no longer available on the internet? Don’t worry, 9Anime may be the best alternative you should try!

9Anime is one of the best websites for watching anime online. There are numerous collections of anime series with English subtitles available here. You might also be able to search anime orders alphabetically from A to Z. If you’re looking for a site like CartoonCrazy to watch cartoons and anime online, I highly recommend 9Anime.

16. AnimeHeaven

Another anime website, AnimeHeaven, is truly heaven for anime fans. The website is divided into categories, allowing you to search for anime by category. In addition, the anime can be shared, downloaded, and streamed for free. All you have to do is create an account, and you’re ready to go.

The website’s search box is powered by a fantastic search engine that provides you with all of the relevant options you search for. So you can watch cartoon crazy wherever you want, on whatever device you want.

17. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is heaven for true anime fans. It’s also a good substitute for cartoon sites like CartoonCrazy. In addition, Anime Freak has an inexhaustible selection of anime series.

Rainbow, Naruto, Hero Mask, Goblin Silver, Haikyuu, Pokemon, Dragon Ball, One Punch Man, One-piece, Queen’s Blade Unlimited, and many other animes are included in this collection.

Aside from the free dubbed and subtitled anime series, you can browse through a massive category of anime shows. Among these categories are newer and more popular animes, various genres, and so on.

18. AnimePahe

Why is AnimePahe the best CartoonCrazy alternative? Because this website is frequently updated. If you enjoy anime, Japanese animations, you should consider downloading AnimePahe, which allows you to watch movies and series stored on their servers.

Do you want to watch free anime with English subtitles? This is the best place that few people are aware of with a relatively simple user interface.

All you have to do is circle the main screen to find a variety of titles. There is also the option to use its built-in finder, which can be accessed by unfolding the menu on the right side of the screen.

19. Youtube

YouTube is another platform for online streaming. It is incredible. It cannot be that the new material is not available on the online platform. YouTube is used by everyone who enjoys videos, and the same is true for those who enjoy cartoons.

You can use YouTube not only to view content but also to upload content. You can either watch the cartoons on the channel or make one yourself. Youtube is the home of dubbed, original, and other cartoons uploaded by the creator, channel, or ordinary people. It is entirely legal to watch the cartoons directly on the platform.

The Bottom Line:

That concludes our discussion of websites like CartoonCrazy, and we hope you found what you were looking for. There are numerous great free anime streaming sites available, but if you are specifically interested in cartoon streaming, you should consider using the CartoonCrazy alternatives listed on this page.

If you use any anime or cartoon streaming sites, please let us know about them in the comments section below. If you’re having trouble accessing the websites listed above, consider using a VPN.

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