Best Carrd Alternatives to Create and Design Your Website

Carrd is a one-page website builder that simplifies the creation of landing pages for entrepreneurs. It provides mobile-friendly free templates and allows you to establish a business page.

Carrd is user-friendly and provides extensive customization options. With a variety of templates, you may quickly establish a website. Even while it sounds fantastic, only some things about Carrd are great. Certain functions are unavailable to free users. You must purchase a Pro account to access them.

However, expensive options such as Pro Standard and Pro Plus may need more functionality. For example, it needs SEO, and plugin possibilities are limited.

Therefore, it makes sense to investigate Carrd alternatives. I will be discussing several of them in this piece. Unfortunately, only some of these are free. Most are free, but their commercial versions include something Carrd still needs to do.

Best Carrd Alternatives & Competitors

Here is the list of the popular and best Carrd Alternatives for Web Designers 2023.

1. WebStarts

If you also want to create a blog, WebStarts is a fantastic alternative to Carrd. Additionally, you can construct an online store.

Here are some of WebStarts’ coolest features:

Automatic domain – Your domain is automatically pointed to your server. This procedure is automated so long as the domain is obtained from WebStarts.

HTML – If you wish to code your website, you can do so using the HTML or CSS pages on your site.

CDN — The system uses a content delivery network, or CDN, which lets your website’s pages load faster based on the visitors’ location.

Image Editing – You no longer require photo editing software such as XnView or its alternatives. The website builder includes an integrated photo editor.

It gives additional design options than Carrd, distinguishing it from Carrd. In addition, webStarts provides you with more than 700 typefaces to select from, making it easy to share your website with a distinct personality.

Live Chat is another feature that WebStarts has that Carrd does not. With WebStarts, you can install a chat widget that allows users to your website to send you immediate messages. If you are then available, you can respond immediately.

2. Weebly

Weebly is comparable to Wix because it is a website builder, and you may convert your site into an online store. However, unlike Carrd, the free Weebly account includes default SSL security and 500 MB of storage space.

Here are the best features of Weebly:

Site Search – A site visitor can enter a keyword into a search box to quickly locate the desired content.

Shopping Cart – You can include a purchasing cart widget that allows site visitors to add items to the cart and check out when they’re shopping.

Payment Gateways — You can process credit card payments using Square’s payment gateway or third-party solutions.

Weebly has a discount and coupon program, but Carrd still needs to. Here, you can produce discount vouchers for distribution to your target consumers. Then, if they redeem the coupon on your website, they will receive a discount according to its terms.

Weebly also includes a feature for integrating shipping labels. Shipping labels may be printed easily from your backend dashboard. Carrd does not provide this service.

Weebly also offers automated tax calculators, site analytics, forums, pop-ups, and notifications, among many other features.

3. WordPress

There are two distinct sorts of WordPress, as illustrated below:

The .org version is free but requires a web host to function. domain is already equipped with a web host and a free plan. WordPress is the most famous website builder in the world, accounting for 43.2% of all websites.

Plugins are the one area in which WordPress shines above Carrd and many other website builders. You can enhance your website with one of the more than 55,000 WordPress plugins available.

Plugins are apps that are not included with a website builder or standard CMS. Instead, software developers create these apps that expand the functionality of your website. The majority are free.

In addition, WordPress includes an integrated SEO tool. It allows you to standardize your URL and add meta titles & meta tags to your posts.

Although you can add widgets to Carrd, the number of widgets is limited. Most of these widgets focus on email capture and payments, yet they need more for a fully functional website.

4. Mozello

It is one of the best and leading best Carrd websites in 2023. Mozello provides both a website and a store builder. Similar to Carrd, you can create a website in only minutes without coding knowledge.

Here are Mozello’s best features:

Domain name – You can personalize your domain name and direct Mozello’s servers to your domain.

Marketing – You’ll have access to several marketing options to increase your sales. processes. Examples include Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, social network integration, and SEO.

SSL — SSL security is automatically included in the free Mozello plan, while it is a premium feature in Carrd.

Mobile-ready — All Mozello templates and websites are suitable for mobile deployment. There is no need to modify the website’s code to make it mobile-friendly.

In contrast to Carrd, you can either convert your site into an eCommerce store or build it this way from the beginning.

In addition, Mozello websites are available in multiple languages, whereas Carrd websites are not. Because there is no language barrier, you may reach specific markets or audiences more broadly and extensively than with Carrd.

5. SITE123

You can use templates with SITE123, a free website builder. The company offers only one subscription plan with significantly more storage and bandwidth for enhanced functionality.

Here are some of its capabilities:

Use templates –  There are several pre-built websites available. Choose the one you like best and modify the text to fit your business.

eCommerce – Your website can be converted into an eCommerce store, allowing you to add product pages, checkout pages, and shopping carts.

Multiple languages – You can create a website accessible in multiple languages. The user only needs to click “translate” for your website to be shown in his language.

The app market is something that SITE123 has that Carrd does not. Like Shopify and WordPress, the app store allows you to browse, download, and install programs.

Additionally, SITE123 has SEO standards that you can use to make your website more search engine friendly and crawlable, particularly by Google.

For instance, you can use meta tags, sitemaps, and 301 redirect tools. These capabilities allow you to regulate numerous factors that search engines consider.

6. Leadpages

Leadpages is not free, but it does offer several features that Carrd does not. Like Carrd, Leadpages is a one-page builder, but it is a far more capable tool.

Here are some of the most appealing aspects of Leadpages:

Lead capture – The entire foundation of Leadpages is based on a single objective: capturing leads. As a result, you have the means to give opt-ins and no longer need to connect additional programs such as Aweber.

Sales – The website builder is not only a landing page expert, but you can also create a page to sell digital or physical products.

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Pop-ups and alert bars — You may personalize the pop-up windows and notifications your site visitors see if you wish to make an important announcement.

The split test is a Leadpages feature you will not find in Carrd. It is a procedure that allows you to produce two copies of the same page and then analyze which version generates the most sales.

GDPR compliance is another important element of Leadpages that is absent from Carrd. All Leadpages systems are compliant with European and American privacy legislation.

7. Webflow

Next in our list of the highly-rated Carrd alternatives free reddit is Webflow. It combines a website builder, web host, and content management system. You can create a free website with submission forms and upgrade to a paid plan if you require additional capabilities.

Here are the top Webflow features:

Workspaces – If you have a workspace, you can appoint someone to work alongside you on the website.

Guest Editors – Guest Editors are individuals you can add to your website and let make changes to the material.

eCommerce – it enables you to transform your website into a store, sell products, collect payments, and employ marketing tools.

The permission setting is a feature of Webflow that is absent from Carrd. Here, you can configure the website’s toggling options.

For instance, you can provide select individuals’ billing capabilities, so they can view and handle financial transactions. In addition, you can grant publishing authority to others, allowing them to contribute and change content on your website.

There is also a feature called Advanced Permission that allows you to provide someone control over global modifications to your website’s design.

CSV reports are another area where Webflow outperforms Carrd. Although Carrd allows you to record email addresses and site visitor information, Webflow is superior since it will enable you to export this information in CSV format, which can be used in Excel or any other spreadsheet app.

8. Google Sites

Because it works best in the Google environment, Google Sites is one of the top free alternatives to Carrd. Here, you may create both a single-page and a commercial website.

Here are the top Google Sites features:

Basic elements – You can select from predefined templates and then replace the text with your own. Additionally, you can embed photos, HTML, and content blocks.

Table of contents — If you’ve a blog, you can design it so the reader can tap on the desired section of the page.

Image Carousels – You can add a carousel to your website to display your products or any other images you deem essential for your site’s visitors.

Since it is from Google, it can integrate with certain Google Apps, something Carrd cannot accomplish. For example, you may combine Google Drive and Google Maps with Google Sites. You may even include YouTube.

Google Sites may also be used for collaborative processes, although Carrd cannot. Using Google Sites, for instance, you may organize activities & publish content for your internet team.

9. Wix

Wix is a website builder that includes hosting by default. It provides a free website, just like Carrd, but it has restrictions.

Wix features a true drag-and-drop website builder, which is the primary distinction between Wix and Carrd. It implies that beginning with a blank page, you select the desired part or function from a control panel and then drag it to the blank page.

You can create a website from scratch with the drag-and-drop website builder. However, you are dependent on templates when using Carrd.

Wix allows you to convert your website into an online store, whereas Carrd does not offer this capability. Of course, a Wix online store is not free, but it provides you with limitless bandwidth and the facilities to handle payments, sell on social platforms, and sell in several currencies.

Carrd permits the creation of payment forms; a website cannot be transformed into a store with several product pages.

Lastly, Wix allows you to leverage various SEO tools and marketing solutions to generate sales. They offer product review apps, subscription payment systems, dropshipping tools, and interaction with social media channels such as Facebook, through which you can sell your items or services.

10. Squarespace

Although Squarespace is primarily designed for eCommerce, it may be used to create a single-page website, similar to Carrd. However, Squarespace does not offer a free account.

Squarespace’s website is already mobile-optimized, just like Carrd. So, with Squarespace’s basic package, you already have access to limitless bandwidth, and you can use its vast statistics to determine how your business is performing.

Squarespace, unlike Carrd, allows you to convert your website into an eCommerce site. However, this does not imply that you must sell things, as you can also sell services on this website.

Moreover, Squarespace supports subscription sales, but Carrd does not. You can change your site users’ monthly fee for the products or services you’ve offered them through subscription.

11. Strikingly

If we talk about the top-rated Carrd alternatives reddit, Strikingly is a free website builder with paid plans available. Its primary strength is that website hosting is already included, and you can save money if you wish to develop many websites.

Here are the capabilities of Strikingly:

Unlimited sites – With this program, even the free plan, you can create unlimited websites.

Big bandwidth – You can get up to 5 GB of bandwidth monthly.

Multiple pages — The free plan allows you to create up to five pages per website, whereas Carrd allows you to create one.

Strikingly provides the capability to add colleagues, whereas Carrd does not. Similar to WordPress, you may add users with website access, allow them to make changes as needed, and manage their permissions.

Additionally, Strikingly allows you to convert site visitors into paying members. Besides, you can convince them to subscribe and pay a monthly fee to access unique website content.

12. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is primarily an email subscription and lead creation platform, but it has expanded to provide its subscribers with additional services. Now, you may construct a website for free on this platform.

Here are a few of its finest qualities:

Pre-built templates – You can choose from various pre-designed layouts to begin, but you can also modify the sections, contents, fonts, and colors.

Real-time view — You can view your web page edits in real-time. There is no need to save and preview your work in a separate window.

Free media – Mailchimp offers more than two million photographs that can be used without copyright concerns.

Mailchimp offers eCommerce functionality, whereas Carrd does not. Consequently, establishing a free internet store will be simple. You only pay when a sale is made.

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Mailchimp is superior to Carrd in that it enables online appointment scheduling. As a result, it is an excellent tool for service providers.

Summary – Free Carrd Alternatives

While most of the options described above perform adequately, if you want a reliable alternative, I recommend WordPress.

Not only is it straightforward and incredibly user-friendly, but it also provides you great versatility to rapidly create your website and landing pages.

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