Blu of Earth Biography – Real Name, Net Worth And More

Blu of Earth, whose real name is Charlotte Brereton, is a blogger, music artist, and social media celebrity, among other things. She is a native of the United States of America. According to the sources, the celebrity’s popularity is significantly higher when hosting podcast shows. According to Charlotte’s Instagram profile, she is currently serving as the presenter of the DeJa Blu Podcast Show.

Who’s The Rumored Girlfriend Of Aaron Rodgers?

Blu of Earth

Blu is a popular artist, according to sources. Charlotte’s spiritual podcasts about devotion are immensely popular. Blu, linked to American football player Aaron Rodgers in June 2022, rose to prominence that month. The rumor that the Blu is a sorceress is another fact that helped make Charlotte popular. However, she refuted each of these accusations via her podcast series. According to some of the anecdotes she shared, her name is Blu, but not Blu of Earth.

Charlotte’s Age & Childhood Facts

More information is needed concerning her date of birth. She must be between 30 and 35 years old if, based on an estimate, she was born between 1987 and 1992. Her birth date, however, was disclosed to be 9 November 1990 by some sources. Consequently, she is 32 years old and was raised in the United States. She is of the White ethnicity and possesses American citizenship. Her official website indicates that she commenced her academic career at a British boarding school. Her Instagram profile indicates that she has a strong religious conviction. Charlotte Brereton is her assumed name. To complete her baccalaureate degree, she enrolled at a prestigious university. She ultimately achieved social media celebrity status. She is an additional motivational speaker who specializes in spiritual topics.

Charlotte’s Family & Parents

Blu was basically from a settled household, according to the sources. Despite the Christian faith of her family, she adheres to the Hindu faith. However, the speaker refrained from disclosing confidential information, including her parents’ occupations, siblings, or other details. It is evident from the Instagram post that Blu prefers to spend the majority of her time with her companions. There is an absence of any additional data about Blu.

What’s Charlotte’s Profession?

Blu of Earth

Charlotte is a podcaster who hosts the DeJa Blu Podcast on YouTube, as was previously stated. She regards herself as both an artist and a practitioner of medicine. From her perspective, the program serves as a pristine reservoir for individuals. Spirits yearning for solace, purity, and affection may draw sustenance from this immaculate reservoir. She is also a co-founder of the contemporary mystery school Florescence, primarily for the women’s rediscovery and reconstruction of themselves. As well as being a pupil at the “Earth Temple Center of Prayer and School of Shamanic Arts,” Blu is a facilitator. Her Instagram profile reveals that she has amassed over one hundred thousand followers. She shares a variety of content on her social media website, including.

  • Motivational messages
  • Lifestyle
  • Spiritual devotions
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Also, she has published several compositions as a music artist, including

  • From The Head to the Heart
  • Angel Song
  • Thank You Mama

She recently began the second season of Deja Blu. Popular for working with spiritual leaders such as Sadhguru, the celebrity. Furthermore, she is responsible for disseminating devotional messages through her social media platform. In addition, she maintains a YouTube channel that boasts a subscriber count exceeding 23.2 thousand. Her podcast series and travel videos were previously uploaded to the same channel. Additionally, she appeared on the Ted X program.

Charlotte’s Dating History

Her Instagram profile indicates that she was previously involved with Andre. In addition to being a social media influencer, Andre is the founder of the company Meraki Media. In addition to this, KnowThySelf was developed by Andre. Later on, Charlotte and Andre nevertheless severed their relationship. Charlotte was the subject of a rumor in 2022 that she was in a relationship with Aaron Rodgers. Charlotte and Aaron were reportedly spotted together, and their photo was shared on social media, as the New York Post reported. After Rodgers and Shailene Woodley ended their engagement two months prior, they were spotted together. Following this incident, the media and admirers began circulating rumors that they were in love. Charlotte did not, however, disclose her romantic status on any of her social media platforms.

Charlotte’s Physical Appearance

Charlotte has a height of 5 feet 9 inches in height. She weighs about 59 kilograms. Regarding her physical dimensions, they read 36-24-36 inches. Her hair is blonde, and her irises are dark brown.

What Is Charlotte’s Net Worth?

Charlotte has an estimated net worth of two million to one million dollars. By way of her career as a musician, podcaster, and social media celebrity, she amassed an immense fortune. By pursuing multiple professions, she can support an extravagant lifestyle.


Who’s Blu of Earth?

A well-known entrepreneur, social media influencer, lifestyle blogger, and motivational speaker, Blu of Earth is an American podcaster.

Why Is Blu of Earth Famous?

For her incredible social media content.

How Old Is Blu of Earth?

As of 2022, Blu of Earth is approximately 30-35 years old.

How Rich Is Blu of Earth?

Blu of Earth amassed an estimated net worth of $1 to $2 million.

Who Is Blu of Earth’s Boyfriend Or Husband?

Her name was linked to quarterback Aaron Rodgers of the American football team.

What’s Blu of Earth’s Real Name?

Charlotte Brereton.


Thus, you may better understand who Blu of Earth is and her current endeavors. Furthermore, peruse the article for intriguing details such as Blu of Earth’s career, courting background, height, and weight.

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