14 Best Voice Over Services and Tools for Your Product in 2022

Looking for Voice Over Services? When making a video to promote your product or business, audio voice-over is just as crucial as the video quality. Voice-over should be a part of your branding and marketing plan because it aids in capturing the audience’s attention and conveying your message.

For a variety of brand awareness materials, such as captivating explainer films, instructional videos or how-to guides, presentations, persuading videos for brand promotion, social media advertisements, and radio or TV commercials, businesses need voice-over talent.

What Is Human Voice-Over Services?

An artist who provides a voice for audio-visual content is a human voice-over service. The voice-over actors adopt a personalized tone and style to make the sound vibrant and convey your message to the audience.


  • Give your promotional, educational, or marketing video the appropriate amount of emotion and personality.
  • Gives your brand a distinctive voice with a special tone, personality, and adaptability.
  • Strongly communicate your point so that the audience will comprehend it.


  • It is more expensive to engage a professional voice actor for a high-quality outcome.
  • Hiring a person and getting their voice-over recorded takes time.
  • To record it yourself, you’ll need to buy the necessary tools or pay extra to rent a studio.

Best Voice Over Services and Tools

Here are a few of the most prominent sites offering human voice over services.

1. Upwork

Thousands of expert voice-over services are available on the freelancing website Upwork. You can find human voice-overs for voice narration, audiobooks, eLearning materials, podcasts, video games, and TV commercials.

Leading languages like English, Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Korean, and Turkish are spoken by artists on this platform. You can learn about a voice actor’s tone, language, age, costs, services, biography, and reviews by visiting their profile.

You can filter the artists based on your business’ choices for talent caliber, region, client ratings, and skill level. Upwork also enables you to employ artists according to your budget and delivery deadline.

2. Fiverr

One of the best sites for finding talent to perform voice-over for your product is Fiverr. Using the many choices to narrow your search, you can use this website to discover a voice-over performer for your business.

Voice actors for more than 50 languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Japanese, and Portuguese, are available here. To contact the appropriate person, you can specify your business goal, age, tone, gender, accent, and extra services.

Your search results can also be sorted by top sellers, new releases, or recommendations. Additionally, you can select them based on factors like seller experience, price range, and delivery schedule.

3. Voices

Voices should be your first stop if you’re looking for a marketplace specifically for voice-over and audio production. From a pool of more than 2 million skilled voice-over actors from 160 different countries, businesses and marketing firms can employ them here.

You can select the voice actor from this website depending on the language, accent, age, style, and role. Before making a choice, you can also use skills to sort the results and check the demo.

By hiring artists from Voices, you may streamline the process and receive your audio file more quickly than on other freelancing websites. Additionally, the same platform offers extra services like translation and audio production.

4. Voyzapp

Indian language voice-over actors can be hired through the Voyzapp platform. Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, and other languages are among them. Additionally, you can locate musicians who speak English with a neutral US, UK, Indian, Thai, or Japanese accent.

No matter which artist you choose to work with, all recordings are made in Voyzapp’s hi-fi audio/video facilities under the guidance of a skilled recording technician. You will receive the highest-quality voice-over thanks to the newest technology.

Voyzapp offers voice-over services for various video types, including explainer videos, commercials, animation, documentaries, podcasts, announcements, and corporate films.

5. Voice Crafters

Employing voice actors for commercials, explainer videos, IVR, audiobooks, eLearning, corporate videos, and video games is possible on Voice Crafters. You receive the greatest outcome for your project because the market only provides artists with legitimate commercial VO experience.

Post the specifics of your project on the website, and it will contact qualified voice actors so you may receive direct quotations from them in your inbox. Additionally, you can check out samples and ask actors for suggestions.

For languages like English, Spanish, German, and French, companies may discover actors who speak more than 50 languages and have various accents. You can quickly arrange the actors based on language, style/tone, and type of work.

6. Voice 123

Another marketplace specifically for voice actors is Voice 123. Businesses can submit their ideas here and get a custom audition from up to 50 artists to directly hire an artist. Alternately, you can look through the list of actors and examine their samples to choose the best fit.

On this website, you may locate voice actors with experience working on commercials, documentaries, and podcasts. There are artists here of all ages, dialects, and languages. Filtering them by geography, timezone, a form of payment, or gender is simple.

Each artist on Voice 123 has a detailed profile with a brief bio, information about their training and background, reviews and ratings, and payment options.

7. Voicfy

You can engage qualified voice actors on the native voice-over marketplace Voicfy for corporate narration, explainer videos, commercials, phone IVR, and product descriptions.

More than 10,000 native speakers of more than 100 languages, including English, German, Russian, French, and Spanish, are available to you through this platform.

Sorting actors based on the voice-over services they offer for various solutions will make it simple for you to find one. Voicfy displays whether a musician records in their home studio or at an outside studio.

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You may either build a project and ask them to respond to it, or you can listen to the samples and ask them to collaborate with you.

8. Murf

Murf, an AI voice-over producer, is an alternative if you want to avoid the effort of manually making voice-overs. Turning your written scripts into audio files streamlines the voice creation process for your explainer movie or tool description.

It also gives you complete control over the procedure. Using our AI voice generator, you can obtain the studio-quality voice of a marketer, author, educator, podcaster, customer support executive, and career coach.

Without ever engaging in any training, all of these are feasible. Additionally, you may use it to add voice-over to PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations.

More than 100 voices in more than 15 languages are available here. Users can also alter the tone, stress, pitch, and punctuation to guarantee that the voices convey their message effectively. Additionally, you can convert your recordings to appear as professional voiceover actors in the videos.


LOVO is the ideal platform for obtaining the latest human-like voices, thanks to its robust text-to-speech technology. This software can create explainer videos, marketing campaigns, or e-learning materials for your business or group.

You must pick a voice from the 180+ voices in the library which can speak more than 30 languages. You can choose the voice that best suits your needs because each of these voices has distinctive qualities.

Next, type or submit a script to get a professional voice-over immediately. Real human emotions will be there, and the voices will seem lively. With LOVO’s voice cloning technology, a target voice can be converted into a unique voice skin for your product in about 15 minutes.

10. Notevibes

Do you want to avoid spending the time and money on hiring real voice actors? If so, it’s time to employ Notevibes to acquire an AI voice-over for videos that sounds like a human. It has 200+ realistic voices and supports 25 other languages besides English.

This programme offers a powerful yet straightforward text to the audio editor that can quickly turn your text into voice. After selecting text from the editor, choose the language and voice to access a customization menu where you may change the emphasis, loudness, rate, pitch, and pause length.

All audio files created using this platform are completely yours to use. To prevent data leaks, Notevibes employs cutting-edge technologies. Thus, it can be used for various purposes like YouTube videos, company broadcasts or announcements, in-game chat, and much more.

11. VoiceOverMaker

Use the AI voice-over generator VoiceOverMaker to produce natural-sounding voice-overs for explainers, product overviews, YouTube, and podcasts. The script is transformed into a spoken language using this online Tex converter.

This website offers more than 600 voices, including English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Portuguese, Hindi, Norwegian, and Turkish, in more than 30 languages and dialects. You may easily use your browser to access this Saas platform.

It uses the WaveNet model to produce high-quality audio or voice, and you can save the files in MP3 or WAV formats. The powerful video and audio editor can be used to edit video files, time-stretch videos, adjust pitch, and regulate speech speed.

A word can also have a new accent, and you can make the voice breathe or whisper.

12. WellSaid Labs

Spend no more time creating a voice-over for your audio or video content. Use WellSaid Labs to produce an engaging AI voice-over for any digital material that represents your brand. Pick the perfect voice for your project from its extensive collection of voices.

Using the same voice for all your material when using text-to-speech technology can speed the entire process and ensure brand consistency.

Your audience will have an interesting experience thanks to the realistic-sounding voices produced by this product. With it, you may lower the price of producing voice-over services without sacrificing quality.

13. Resemble AI

Choose Resemble AI if you want to produce dynamic, distinctive speech content that stands out from the competition. This platform is ideally suited for creating distinctive voices for promotional content.

Using Resemble AI, you can produce your own AI voice and choose from a variety of domain-specific AI voices. You can post the voice-over script here in text or raw audio formats.

14. Replica Studios

Replica Studios is a text-to-speech conversion tool for your product or marketing materials that creates a believable AI voice-over. It has a script writing tool with which you can import or type content. Start by selecting a voice from this platform’s voice library.

In the editor, you can select the voice-over that best suits your preferences based on gender, voice age, accent, quality, and style.

Additionally, on this platform, it is possible to change the emphasis, volume, speech rate, and pitch. You may develop a distinctive voice for pod casters, advertisers, and musicians to use in audio advertisements.


Voice-overs or audio in your product’s instructional or how-to films is crucial in getting your point through to viewers.

It serves as an identity in the marketplace and represents your business and brand. Get high-quality voice-over services if you want the company or product videos to have the greatest possible impact.

The top markets for human voice-over services and applications that provide AI voice-over using text-to-speech technology are covered in this article.

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