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10 Free Best Game Boosters for Android and PC

Game Boosters: Fast, Reliable & Safe Game Boosting: Modern PCs and smartphones are capable of many tasks, but gaming is unquestionably a resource hog. Best Game Boosters ensure that additional performance is obtained from the same hardware.

Furthermore, your smartphone or computer treats a game as a simple activity, although games need more system resources than basic tasks. Even with a competent device, a lack of optimization may result in a sluggish gaming experience. Best Game Boosters enhance your smartphone or computer for gaming and ensure the device is pushed to its capabilities.

What is a Game Booster?

Game Boosters are software that optimizes your system’s resources for a lag-free gaming experience. A game booster will improve its performance even if you believe a game is operating smoothly. Some boosters improve your network connection, while others allocate extra memory to games; however, they all ensure that your gadget performs optimally.


How do game boosters work on Phones?

Better SOCs (System-on-Chip) and the emergence of graphically complex games have contributed to a recent explosion in the smartphone gaming market. As a result, game boosters are becoming necessary to play heavy games on low-end smartphones. Booster apps perform various duties, including notification management for concentrated gameplay, background app management for enhanced optimization, battery management, and network management.

Some Best Game Boosters optimize network connectivity to improve server response time and reduce pings in multiplayer games. Call blocking is another wonderful feature that ensures no phone calls will interrupt your game of choice.

How do game boosters work on PC?

The primary goal of PC game boosters is to free up memory for enhanced performance. Additionally, some software adjusts the game’s settings for optimal performance on the specified hardware. There are numerous background programs on PC that are difficult to terminate manually. Best Game Boosters terminate unnecessary programs and processes until the gaming session begins. In addition, they block notifications and allow you to focus on the game.

Pros of using a Game Booster ๐Ÿ‘

Using a Game Booster has numerous advantages, including enhanced game performance and system optimization. The prices of GPUs and other PC components have increased in recent years, making using a Game Booster the least expensive method to enjoy a quality gaming experience. In addition, online multiplayer games offer more focused gameplay and improved communication.

Cons of using a Game Booster ๐Ÿ‘Ž

Not everything about Game Boosters is green, as they are infamous for causing devices to behave unexpectedly. Occasionally, they eliminate essential system processes, destabilizing the system and resulting in frequent system failures. The notification and call blocking options help maintain concentration while playing, but you may miss important notifications. In addition, they stop all unneeded background apps, preventing downloads, uploads, and other operations from running unless the game booster is disabled.

Nevertheless, Game Boosters are a substantial gameplay enhancement unless their maximum settings are used. Most system faults occur when you use a game booster to overoptimize your system. So, let’s examine some of the most effective Game boosters for Android and PC:

10 Best Game Booster Apps for Android and PC

1. Razer Cortex

This Best Free Game Booster For Android is leading and well-known in the gaming community for its extensive selection of gaming products, including laptops, RGB lighting, and mobile phones. Razer Cortex game booster is a gaming-centric product that ensures your system is in the optimal state for playing games. The app Game Booster restricts all superfluous background processes and frees up memory for your games.

Due to Cortex’s micromanagement of the Windows Operating System and other non-essential processes, you can anticipate higher frame rates. It employs a two-core mode that inhibits the CPU’s sleep state and improves the CPU core’s performance. Additionally, you have access to an in-game FPS counter that allows you to monitor your gaming performance during the game.

It is one of the popular and Best Game Boosters and Optimizers for Android and PC. In addition, you do not need to manually activate Razer Cortex while playing a game since the intelligent solution automatically activates when a game is launched. You also receive additional remarkable optimization features in games such as Valorant, Fortnite, and others. While playing any game, this best game booster for mobile legends provides a huge boost; however, its effect is altered when playing the previously indicated games.

2. Wise Game Booster

It is among the Best Game Boosters and Optimizers for Android and PC. The entire Wise Cleaner product line comprises popular PC-centric items, but the Wise Game Booster is an exceptional addition to your gaming PC. The simple yet effective method optimizes the system and clears the memory to enhance the gaming experience. Rarely do PCs become unstable following optimization with Game Boosters, but Wise’s System Stabilizer feature ensures that your computer will continue to function normally even after a lengthy gaming session.

You can add your favorite games to the My Games section so that Wise optimizes them automatically when loaded on your PC. Although Wise includes a superb optimization system that eliminates only extra programs, the platform also provides manual optimization opportunities. You can select the programs you wish to terminate, and the Wise Game Booster provides ideas if you choose the manual configuration.

Not to worry! If you ever encounter problems after terminating a vital system process, you can always revert your PC to its original state. In addition, the Wise Game Booster’s backup feature functions as an Undo button if you make a mess while manually optimizing your PC.

3. WTFast

Surely you have heard of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It is crucial for ensuring network security because it masks your IP address, but VPNs are not typically renowned for increasing network speed. When using a VPN, network lag is typical; therefore, WTFast developed a separate product, a GPN (Gamers Private Network). It is one of the Best Game Boosters and Optimizers for Android and PC.

This game booster Android asserts that its GPN does not hide your IP address or slow down your connection; instead, it reroutes your data via the shortest way. The simplest method is using the quickest route to improve server response times and ping in online multiplayer games. While using WTFast, you can choose the data path you choose.

In a fast-paced FPS shooter, WTFast’s GPN greatly lowers server latency and ensures that you eliminate foes before they can detect you. Using the GPN app, you can monitor your network connection using data points such as real-time ping, connection speed, and server route.

Numerous popular games, including Swords of Legends, Madden NFL 22, F1 2021, and others, are available to play directly with WTFast.

4. GG Boost

Are you seeking for the top-notch and the Best Game Boosters for 2022. This best game booster 4x faster is an additional fantastic League of Legends boosting service with improved customization options and a high victory percentage. In addition, this game booster apk enables you to select your preferred Champions and Roles before handing over your account to a booster. This feature ensures that your account retains a personal touch even using a booster service.

Because GG Boost appreciates the security of your account, they assign you boosters from the same region as you. The site encrypts all account information for comprehensive protection using the most advanced encryption techniques. In addition, boosters adhere to rigorous rules of disabling chat while playing on your account, making them appear offline to all your friends.

GG Boost boasts an astounding 87% victory rate. It is simple to purchase, and the platform’s live customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing you to feel safe when transferring your account to the platform. Query resolutions are reasonable, and the chat option is accessible from the multitasking dashboard.

5. Game Boost

Next in our list of the Best Game Boosters is Game Boost. Especially if you play League of Legends or Teamfight Tactical, Game Boost is a treat for you. The platform is not only a performance enhancer but a whole bundle for League of Legends (League of Legends). Account boosting services, LoL coaching, and accounts for sale are provided. This app’s boosting service raises your account’s standing and places you among the elite. Depending on your account type, you can also access Solo Boosting and Duo Boosting.

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Boosters from Game Boost leverage your account to boost your rank while ensuring that your bank risk for all TFT and LoL orders remains at zero percent. In addition, the Smurf Shop offers a variety of rated accounts for a modest price. Finally, the Coaching tool is another amazing feature that appoints a League of Legends or The International coach to improve your skills.

Game Boost’s packages include VPN protection, Order Tracking function, and 24×7 customer service. In addition to company support, you can communicate with your booster through the app.

6. Elo Boost

It is among the Best Game Boosters & Optimizers for Android and PC. Well, Elo Boost is the longest-running LoL boosting service with the most loyal fan base among all the LoL boosters. The platform is ideal if you play from a server in Europe, North America, or Australia, as they provide six-day, round-the-clock assistance for these regions. They use a VPN to conceal your IP address and disable the chat feature for safer gameplay. Elo Boost asserts that its strict data policy and encryption measures have never led to a client account being banned.

Moreover, you can expect the best boosters to assist you in your League of Legends journey with faster goal completions at a competitive price.ย For example, Elo Boost guarantees seven wins out of every ten games the booster plays. For tailored account boosting, you can select the booster’s roles. Additionally, you can select from various boosting services that offer varying boost speeds.

7. BGNmobi

If you are looking for the Best Game Boosters and Optimizers then BGNmobi is a perfect choice. The Game Booster app is a simple yet powerful performance-boosting service for Android devices.ย  In addition, the platform provides abundant useful gaming tools that will give you the edge you need to excel in all competitive games.

Game Booster offers an exclusive function that adds crosshair to fast-paced FPS shooters, giving you an advantage over other players. The crosshair function lets you eliminate your foe more precisely and without wasting ammunition. If you are accustomed to playing without a scope, you also save considerable time by avoiding opening the scope.

This Best Game Booster app has fantastic performance-enhancing functions, such as managing background apps and services. Furthermore, the one-click method allows you to engage boost mode with a single tap and improves gameplay with little tearing. You can also observe the enhanced performance in benchmarking apps such as Antutu, Geekbench, 3DMark, etc. In addition, this app’s Booster mode locks the CPU at its highest frequency for improved game task management and frame rates.

Moreover, the app features a real-time Frame monitoring system for measuring the device’s performance in various game segments. Further, the app lets you monitor your device’s temperature, which is crucial when the CPU’s frequency is locked at its maximum.

8. Photo Tools Lab

If we talk about the Best Game Boosters, Game Booster is a simple and beautiful approach to improve your gaming performance and eliminate game lags in heavy games. The app allows you to optimize your smartphone’s RAM, CPU, and GPU settings for maximum system performance. In addition, the Game Booster’s GFX capabilities are the icing for the already potent Game Play Mode.

While playing various games, you can access multiple play profiles, such as Play Offline Mode and Long Play Mode. Furthermore, using the system tray, you may immediately modify system settings such as Mobile-Data, Brightness, Screen Orientation, and Data Auto-Sync. Additionally, you can toggle the Game Play Mode with a single press. Importantly, Game Play Mode clears system RAM to improve resource usage when playing hardware-intensive games.

Additionally, the GFX settings allow you to modify your favorite games’ resolution, HRD, and FPS. The finest aspect of the HDR function is that it enables fantastic HDR gaming on low-end devices. You also have access to anti-aliasing in the GFX options, which reduces the hardware requirements of a game by smoothing the edges of distinct objects, thereby considerably improving speed.

9. GFX Tool

It is among the Best Turbo Game Booster apps and Optimizers for Android and PC. The Game Booster 4X Faster app from G19 Mobile Tools is an all-inclusive gaming solution. The Android-centric solution allows you to customize your gaming experience and device in various useful ways.

Game Turbo, GFX Tool, HUD Monitor, Zero Lag Mode, and many features are included. The app ensures you never harm your hardware when pushing it to its limits.

Game Turbo is the memory optimization feature that clears RAM by terminating unused apps. The best aspect of this function is that it uses artificial intelligence to optimize background processes based on the game and current system conditions. In addition, this function provides HDR image quality and extra effects in games with a single swipe.

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This app’s GFX Tool is a crucial USP that allows you to customize the device’s graphic settings. For example, changing game resolutions on smartphones is typically impossible, but the GFX tool allows you to do it for enhanced gaming. You can also enable HDR capabilities on low-end devices that do not natively support HDR. In addition, you receive the Extreme FPS option, which boosts your games’ FPS significantly.

Zero Lag Setting is the most extreme optimization mode available in Game Booster 4X Faster. It enables hardware-accelerated rendering by allowing VULKAN and OPENGL 3.1+ support. Zero Lag Mode will ensure that you have the best gaming experience possible.

10. Gaming Mode

The Gaming Mode- Game Booster PRO rating of 4.4 stars validates the efficiency of this gaming solution. The program resolves any glitches and lags you encounter when playing a game on your smartphone. The Gaming Mode program stands apart from other game boosters due to its impressive array of functions.

If we talk about the Best Game Boosters for Android 2022, the best aspect of the method is that it only requires a one-time configuration; you may preset the settings for a game, and the app will make comparable optimizations each time you play the game. Additionally, you may link your game settings to your Gaming Mode account and copy those settings to all your logged devices. The app offers a variety of features, like Auto Call Rejection when playing games, blocking notifications, and optimization of background apps, among others.

The Gaming Anti-lag tool is a one-click solution for switching to severe mode to eliminate stuttering or frame drops. You can also make widgets of your favorite games using the Gaming Mode app, enabling you to explore a game while the game booster is running. In addition, the auto mode automatically detects a game and applies the optimal settings.

Final Note – Free Game Booster Apps

Best Game Boosters are essential for every gamer, as they maximize the performance of your hardware. Boosters enhance the gaming experience in various ways; some improve network connectivity, some provide rank bonuses in games like League of Legends, and others optimize system resources for PC and Android.

Razer Cortex and WTFast are great Game Booster apps for system efficiency and connectivity improvement. In addition, Best Game Boosters for Android can also be used to enhance the mobile gaming experience. We are confident that you wish to evaluate the performance of your device after installing Game Boosters.

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