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Dog & Pet Water Bottle – ASOBU: is not limited to pet gifts; it also offers high-quality gifts for everyone (yes, even non-dog owners).

As a result, the company’s name, Asobu, which means “joy and fun” in Japanese, reflects the spirit of each product. Aesthetically, they are simple and lovely. Like ours, the brand’s color is orange since it represents enthusiasm, happiness, and creativity.

We enjoy it!

Their items include lifetime warranties, straightforward returns, and free delivery (for orders over $50).

Dog Owners’ Favorite Gift: Asobu Dog Water Bottle & Bowl

The water bottle has a convenient 33-ounce capacity. The base acts as an ideal water bowl for your most cherished pet.

Remove the bowl from the bottom of the bowl and pour the water from the bottle into the bowl. Then, pour water from the bottle into the container. After your pet has finished drinking, you should shake the access water and attach the bowl to the bottle.

Does the water remain cool within the Asobu Bottle? Yes! Vacuum insulation keeps the contents chilly for several hours.

What else is amazing about this product that is perfect for dog lovers? assured that the dog’s nottom is slip-resistant and has an easy-to-grasp handle. It is great for lengthy walks with your dog, as well as for trekking and enjoying parks. It is a fantastic pet to bring everywhere!

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Dogs are our closest relatives and most dependable companions. In our life, they provide us with solace. No matter what happens, our canine companions will always be by our side. In addition to water bottles and bowls, custom dog challenge coins are unique and valuable dog owner presents. A unique challenge coin can have images of the dog, its owner, its name, and even the dog’s date of birth. The gift will be unique and a valuable keepsake. See more at

Asobu Bottle Colors

Dog water bottle The colors are vivid & resistant to fade. You can pick between:

  • Aqua Pink Marble
  • Black
  • Mint Green
  • Blue
  • Midnight Marble
  • Pink
  • White
  • Wood
  • Smoke

Questions Dog Owners Ask About Dog Water Bowl and Bottle

If you are purchasing a gift for a dog lover, consider the following: When purchasing a present for a dog lover, you must check that it is in good condition. Review some of the most often-asked questions regarding the gift from dog owners.

Are the dog drinking water bottle and the bowl in the dishwasher secure?

It is safe to place the water bottle on the rack’s top shelf.

A delicate cycle with no heat dry is recommended, but several dog owners assert that the usual cycle did not harm the Asobu Bottle.

Does there contain glass inside this piece?

This double-wall insulation is constructed of plastic, not glass. Thus there is no glass present.

Is the storage area insulated copper-lined similar to others Asobu products?

Yes, however, the outermost layer is constructed of stainless steel.

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Are smaller sizes available?

Currently, Asobu Bottle only comes in 33 ounces. However, there are other sorts of bottles that are smaller, such as the Asobu Urban bottle and the Orb Bottle. They are also excellent presents for dog owners.

The location from which the item is produced?

The item was manufactured in China.

Can dog meals be stored inside the removable dog bowl?

The dog dish is connected to the bottle within it. The bottle is empty; there is no more room. However, dog food can be placed in the bottle and poured into the bowl after the screw is removed.

What Do Dog Owners Consider the Asobu Bottle?

Amazon reviews are positive, averaging 4.7 stars out of five. Many pet owners believe that the product’s durability and style make it an excellent travel accessory for when they travel with their dogs. However, certain pet owners believe that other pet owners believe that the filled bottle weighs too much.


This bottle is comparable to both at 33 ounces and the same weight as a Yeti and a Hydroflask. bottle.

How Do I Buy This Gift for Dog Lovers

Through, you may purchase this gift for dog lovers. The current price is $34.99 (normally $36.00). Amazon sells the Asobu Bottle for $29.99. Prime members receive free delivery and simple returns. Asobu Bottle is the perfect present for dog owners.

Not only is it the most sought present for your pet, but it also makes your dog tremendously happy. It is why Dog Ownership Guide strongly recommends it. Happy owners equal happy dogs.

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