11 Best AirDroid Alternatives You Can Try

The AirDroid is one of the best apps for accessing Android devices from your desktop or laptop. If you are new to the digital world and looking for the best apps to help you work more effectively, AirDroid is one of them. You may use the app to react to messages, manage files, check notifications, and do anything else with your phone. There is no question that AirDroid is the best app to use. However, users have recently complained about the app, including bloatware. As a result of the problem, many users have been exploring for AirDroid alternatives. If you are one of the users seeking an app similar to AirDroid, don’t worry since we have shared the 11 best free apps like AirDroid that you may use. So, without further ado, let’s go through the list of apps and look at their details.

11 Best AirDroid Alternatives

We’ve shared apps similar to AirDroid that you may use to use your smartphone on your laptop quickly.


1. Pushbullet

AirDroid Alternatives

Pushbullent is one of the best AirDroid alternatives. It offers all of the features seen in apps like AirDroid. You can effortlessly send messages, check alerts, and exchange links, files, and other documents with the app. In addition, the app includes end-to-end encryption to provide the best protection for all of your data to offer ahead of the market. Unfortunately, the app lacks Wi-Fi file transmission, including the AirDroid app. However, the company has created a new app called Portal to assist you with all local file transfers and Wi-Fi file transfers. This app will provide you with all of the features you need to offer files quickly. Overall, the combination of Pushbullet plus the Portal app is the best AirDroid alternative to utilize.

2. Vysor

AirDroid Alternatives

The AirMirror function on AirDroid is excellent, but because it is wireless, the quality of the mirror is heavily dependent on the Wi-Fi connection. You can use Vysor to mirror your Android device’s screen to a computer. You can control the Android device using the keyboard and mouse on your PC or Mac via the mirrored interface. The app is free, but you can upgrade to the Pro version if you want features like Wi-Fi mode, full screen, higher resolution mirror, drag and drop files, etc.

3. Snapdrop

AirDroid Alternatives

Snapdrop is next on our list of the best free alternatives to AirDroid. This app is one of the quickest and easiest ways to share files. The app allows users to exchange files across several platforms without downloading an additional app. This is a web-based open-source app that does not require any installation or storage space on your computer. Snapdrop is one of the best AirDroid alternatives because of its rapid transfer speed and consistent user experience. There are no commercials to obstruct your transfer; click the button to begin, and it will be done in a few minutes. Aside from that, all data and transfers are encrypted using the TLS protocol. So you do not have to worry about anything while using an app like AirDroid.

4. Your Phone Companion

AirDroid Alternatives

As the name implies, this is a one-stop shop for utilizing your smartphone on a PC or laptop. Microsoft developed this AirDroid alternative to bridge the gap between cellphones and Windows PCs. Like any other app similar to AirDroid, this app allows you to receive notifications, browse photographs, send messages, and accept calls. The company is putting in a lot of effort to make it the best free AirDroid alternative. This AirDroid similar app provides some of the wonderful features of Samsung flagship phones. So, if you have a Samsung phone, this is the app to use. The app has yet to be released for iOS devices, but it is expected to be released shortly so that all users may experience this fantastic AirDroid alternative.

5. Scrcpy

AirDroid Alternatives

Scrcpy is another excellent open-source screen-mirroring app that is accessible on a variety of platforms, including Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS. While you’ll need some technical knowledge to get the app up and running, it is strongly suggested that you do so. You will get access to various fantastic features that are often accessible in premium versions of apps. For example, you may control the Android screen from your PC with virtually no latency. You may also record the screen in different resolutions, utilize keyboard shortcuts on your Android device, push audio over the computer, transmit files, etc. If you’re seeking a free alternative to AirDroid, there isn’t a better alternative than Scrcpy.

6. ShareMe (MiDrop)

AirDroid Alternatives

You may also use ShareMe as an alternative to AirDroid. Though not as feature-rich as the AirDroid, this app offers an ad-free experience, making it a viable alternative. Aside from that, when we compare ShareMe to any other file-sharing app, the results are far superior, as it provides some of the fastest file transfers without interruption. Using the app, you can easily build a local FTP URL on your phone that can be used to exchange files via a web browser. The great part about this app is that there are no in-app purchases or payments. It is completely free to use, so you may download it and use it to transfer files effortlessly.

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7. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is the third app on this list that offers screen mirroring, after AirMore and Your Phone Companion. It’s a dedicated screen mirroring app developed by the same company as AirMore, so you can anticipate high dependability while managing the device from your PC. The best part of ApowerMirror is that it does not require root privileges or any ADB commands to enable screen mirroring. Well, similar to AirDroid, all you need is its desktop client, and you’re similar to go. Aside from that, Android and iOS screens may be streamed to a Windows PC or Mac. It also allows you to remotely control Android devices on the computer with a mouse and keyboard. So I can say that ApowerMirror is a wonderful app if all you want is a screen mirroring alternative to AirDroid.

8. AirMore

The next software on our list is fairly similar to the AirDroid app. This AirDroid alternative is suitable for both Android and iOS devices. Unlike other AirDroid alternatives, it offers all of the features found in AirDroid. You may use the app to transfer files, play media, sync apps, and perform all your PC or laptop mobile tasks. Aside from that, it offers a ‘Reflector’ capability that allows it to mirror the device interface to the computer’s screen quickly. The best part about this AirDroid similar app is that it is completely free. Overall, it is one of the best alternatives to AirDroid because it is free and works on both Android and iOS.

9. Xender

If you’ve been using AirDroid to transfer files from your computer to your smartphone, you should give Xender a shot. It’s a popular file-sharing app accessible on numerous platforms, but what makes it a wonderful alternative to AirDroid is its web app. Users may drag and drop files from their Windows PC or Mac to an Android smartphone or iPhone/iPad using the web app. While a Windows app is available, the web app may be used on nearly any platform.

10. MightyText

The MightyText is similar to AirDroid in terms of wireless data transfer between phone and PC and instant texting from the desktop. This app allows you to communicate directly from your computer and includes call notifications, phone battery alarms, a power viewer, and a photo editor. The best part is that MightyText is completely free and works on Windows and Mac. The only limitation is that this app only works with Android devices.

11. Join

Join has acquired a lot of traction in the Android community as a Pushbullet alternative, making it a viable AirDroid alternative. While Join does not have the refined UI of AirDroid, it does allow you to share files, links, and locations across numerous devices. In addition, it reflects your alerts and messages, and you can send messages from your computer using the app. If you use Tasker, you will love the app’s Tasker connection. While it lacks device management, screen mirroring, and other features of AirDroid, it is still a worthwhile app to try.

Final Thoughts: Free AirDroid Alternatives

Well, using a mobile phone through your PC or laptop is becoming increasingly simple as the market expands and competitive apps proliferate. You may switch to another app if you want to, as thousands of apps are in the same category or genre. AirDroidlike apps, like every other category, have a similar amount of them. We’ve listed the 11 best alternatives for you to consider.

After reading this article, you should be able to choose software that meets your needs quickly. We hope that we were able to assist you in locating the best AirDroid alternative. If you have any questions or comments about this article, please leave them in the comments box below. We will do our best to assist you with any questions. In addition, you may subscribe to our newsletter for more technical articles and never miss an update.

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